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Putting away his phone, Gong Lingye asked Dr. Tan: "What's the matter?"

    Dr. Tan's expression was solemn, and he took Gong Lingye to the laboratory window and pointed to one of the utensils. "I received alarm data this morning and found that this plasma had a lesion."

    Gong Lingye stared at it, with the number and date on it, which was blood drawn from his body two months ago.

    He breathed slightly, pointing at the row of data above and turning his eyes, "What is this?"

    Dr. Tan explained: "Mr. Gong, I will simulate your plasma in several metabolic environments. This diseased lesion is simulating twice the metabolic rate of the human body."

    He lifted his eyes: "That is to say, my simulated environment has accelerated the cycle of disease occurrence. If it is a normal human metabolism, it is estimated that the disease will occur in two to three months."

    Gong Lingye breathed and condensed, but there was not much expression on his face: "Then tell me, once the lesion occurs, is it a sudden occurrence, or is it a chronic disease?"

    Dr. Tan said seriously: "It is sudden. My data shows that in just over ten seconds, all the blood has suddenly changed. Mr. Gong, you know that the body needs nutrients and oxygen in the blood, but, if What will happen if you cut off everything suddenly within ten seconds? "

    Gong Lingye felt his heart hit the chest cavity hard: "So, it will die in a few minutes? Acting, is there no difference from sudden death?"

    Dr. Tan nodded: "This is it."

    Gong Lingye instantly understood how his brothers died.

    Everyone said that it was a curse, that was sudden death, but in this back ground, it was such a big conspiracy! "

    He asked: "Do you know the cause of the disease? Or, is there any medicine to fight the disease?"

    Dr. Tan shook his head: "I just extracted the lesion today, so if you want to study, it will take time."

    Gong Lingye patted his shoulder: "Dr. Tan, since there are still two or three months, then I believe you can find a solution during this time. If you need any support, please let me know!"

    Dr. Tan seemed to think of the scene when Brother Gong Lingye died suddenly a long time ago. "At that time, if you have the current medical equipment, you won't even be able to find out this point!"

    Gong Lingye said easily to him: "So technology is developing fast, and I believe we will find a way. You don't need too much pressure, life and death, I have already prepared!"

    Dr. Tan is ten years older than Gong Lingye, and he is considered to have grown up. He does n’t know what to say. He can only reach out and hug Gong Gong Lingye: "Take care."

    Gong Lingye nodded: "I'm leaving now."

    He returned to the car, and the heavy weight that had just been deliberately pressed hit him.

    In two or three months, the time is too short. Even if he is a distrustful person, he has almost no confidence.

    Last night, the Song Yi people told him that she could no longer afford to lose anyone.

    And what should she do if he really can't hold on?

    My heart seemed to be tightly gripped by something, and my chest was so tight that I couldn't breathe fresh air.

    Gong Lingye turned on her phone and tapped on WeChat just sent by Song Yiren.

    He read it several times, and then drove home.

    The Song Yi people did not expect that Gong Lingye came back.

    She rushed into his arms with joy, and didn't think he was a little cold, rubbing his cheek on him, as if Awen rubbed her look: "How did the brother of the president come back? Did you forget to take any documents?"

    Gong Lingye looked at the blooming smile in front of him. He stretched his arms to hug her with a low voice: "Come back for breakfast."

    "So good?" Song Yiren smiled and saw Gong Lingye holding her tightly for a long time. She couldn't let go for a long time. She couldn't help but looked up at him: "Ling Ye, did something happen?"

    Gong Lingye had already let go, and his tone was smooth and relaxed: "No, I just want the milk fragrance on you."

    Song Yiren wondered: "How can I smell milk?" She is not a baby.

    "You can't smell it yourself," Gong Lingye said meaningfully: "In the future, our babies must be able to smell who is the mother and find who can eat milk with this taste!"

    "Wow, you even said such a ridiculous piece!" Song Yi people jumped up and went to scratch the flesh of Lingong Lingye. He is stiff everywhere, but the armpits are itchy.

    Gong Lingye sat on the dining table and chair and took the Song Yi people into his arms: "Who doesn't eat milk? We all grow up with milk. So, in the future our baby ..."

    As soon as he said this, he suddenly thought of what Dr. Tan said today.

    Breathing suddenly coagulated, Gong Lingye suddenly didn't know what to say.

    If he really has only two months to last, how can they have a baby? There is already a problem with his blood, so naturally she cannot be pregnant.

    And two months later ...

    Song Yi suddenly stopped when he saw Gong Lingye, thinking he was a little embarrassed, and suddenly smiled.

    She leaned into his ear and asked, "Do you like a baby boy or a baby girl?"

    Gong Lingye's nose was a little sour, and she said, "I like it as long as you are born."

    Song Yiren didn't notice his strangeness, and deliberately took Gong Lingye's earlobe: "The desire to survive is strong! Emotional intelligence is so high, which training class did you graduate from?"

    Gong Lingye was tickled by her, and the uncomfortable fermentation of his heart was brewing. He grabbed the Song Yi people and put her on the table.

    "Nuan Nuan, I'm coming home. The breakfast I want to eat is you." He squinted and put his hands on her side.

    Song Yi giggled, thinking Gong Lingye was joking, and also deliberately scratching his abdominal muscles, fingers gently stroked, innocently raised his eyes and asked him: "Oh, is this the Mermaid line? Keep going down, it will pass Where is it going? "

    Gong Lingye asked: "How about your brother?"

    "Go upstairs to read again!" Song Yiren whispered: "How many tasks did you give him, I feel like he is a nerd again!"

    "Upstairs?" Gong Ling Ye narrowed her eyes, then walked to the door of the restaurant and locked the door.

    "Hey, what are you doing?" Song Yiren smelled an unusual breath.

    "You." Gong Lingye said concisely.

    The next second, he had taken off his jacket.

    Song Yi was anxious: "This is the day!"

    "Yes, I did not eat supper." Gong Lingye said, pressing down directly.

    Song Yiren was eaten on the dining table for the first time. She hummed and begged for mercy, but the man in front didn't hear it at all.

    Today, his body is extremely hot, and his eyes seem to carry a deep vortex, making her unconsciously melted into his offensive completely.

    Outside the window, I don't know when it was snowing again, Gong Lingye was holding Song Yi people, and then went to the hot spring.

    The top of the head over the hot spring can be telescopically controlled. After the two men soaked in the warm water, Gong Ling opened the ceiling at night, and suddenly, snowflakes fell around them, like a fairytale dream.

    He looked deeply at her underneath. His eyes were nostalgia for her, and his voice was low and deep: "Song Yiren, I really want to be with you all my life."