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Without the imaginary relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, He Wanshuang's original uneasy heart finally fell back into his chest.

    After being at home, Lie Xiaoruo was completely different from the outside, always sticking to her mother and coquettishly, but surprised He Wanshuang.

    In the afternoon, everyone was dining in the manor. Miai was really uncomfortable. After dinner and chatting for a while, he went to lie down.

    As night fell, the servant came to Lieyuan Shen and said, "Master, you and the young lady's room are ready."

    "Okay, thank you." Lie Yuan nodded and pulled up He Wanshuang: "We'll take a shower first."

    He Wanshuang walked in with Li Yuanyuan, only to see a large bed, and there was no sofa in the room.

    Lieyuan Shen had gone to the bathroom to take a shower. She looked at the only big bed in the room, and her heart was tense.

    When her bath was over, she looked at Liyuan, who was looking at the computer, and said, "I'll go next door ... I see there is an empty room ..."

    He lifted his eyes from the front of the screen and locked her with her eyes: "We got married and sleep in separate rooms, what do you think my mom thinks?"

    He Wanshuang pinched the corner of her pajamas and said nothing.

    Lieyuan Shen's eyes went down her clean face and settled on her abdomen. He stood up and picked up the computer: "If you are pregnant, rest first. I will sleep later."

    When he left the room, she felt a little less pressure and got into the bed and turned off the light.

    However, I wonder if he is worried for a while, He Wanshuang has not fallen asleep for a long time.

    Until the door of the room was opened softly, a figure came in. Then, there was a sag next to the bed, and then the man lay down.

    At that moment, He Wanshuang's body was tight, and even his breath lightened.

    Time suddenly became a little difficult. He Wanshuang almost stiffened her body. She opened her eyes and wanted to see if the man next to him was asleep. However, just opened her eyelids and caught him deep. eye.

    A little moonlight came out of the window, and the man's amber eyes seemed to be carrying a vortex, which surprised He Wanshuang.

    She was about to retreat, and he had already stretched out his arm and pulled her into his arms, his voice was low, with a bit of picking. Tease: "It ’s not that I have n’t slept, last time I was negative!"

    He Wanshuang's face turned red all of a sudden. It's just that the light is very dark, he shouldn't notice it.

    The man's breath completely surrounded her, his arms were strong, and she clasped her in his arms, touching his skin.

    She dared not move out of the air and stayed still.

    Lieyuan Shen suddenly felt that such He Wanshuang was quite interesting. He squeezed her earlobe: "No matter how stiff it is, I can't guarantee not to do anything."

    She was startled and quickly forced herself to relax.

    He hugged her more comfortably and said, "Sleep, take you to go shopping nearby tomorrow."

    She thought she was nervous, but for some reason, after she really relaxed, she quickly fell asleep.

    Mi Ai's body is really not very good. He Wanshuang even inadvertently saw the blood on the tissue when Mi Ai coughed.

    A thought rushed in my heart. Is it possible that Lieyuan Shen was so anxious to get married and have children because his mother could not wait?

    That night, He Wanshuang still slept with Lie Yuanshen, maybe she was really a little alert, she fell asleep faster than the day before. Pregnant women tend to get tired easily, and the next day the sun gets old, and He Wanshuang wakes up.

    They are going to see Lieyuan Shen's father Li Cheng'an today. He Wanshuang clearly sees that Lieyuan Shen and Lie Xiaoruo seem to have a normal relationship with their father, and the whole chat is very formal.

    Li Chengan did not show any emotions of likes or dislikes to her. In short, since she is already married, get along well and just get along with each other.

    Everyone had lunch together, and He Wanshuang and others went directly to the airport. This time the meeting with parents also ended.

    At the same time, Gong Lingye went to the hospital to pick Gong Mochen home.

    Although Gong Mochen still has to take a wheelchair now, he is about half better. It is estimated that he can say goodbye to the wheelchair in half a month.

    In the ward, there were only two uncles and nephews at the moment. Gong Lingye took out the Ruwa repaired by the Song Yi people these days and handed it to Gong Mochen: "It is already done."

    Gong Mochen looked at the door of the ward, but he couldn't see the figure of Song Yiren. He felt dim, took it, and looked up at Gong Lingye: "Do you think I've failed?"

    Gong Lingye sat down and said, "Mo Chen, you have done a good job in the country F project."

    "Very good?" Gong Mochen smiled ugly: "If it were you, I'm afraid it would neither encounter danger nor make the project a mess!"

    Gong Lingye was silent for a moment, and said: "Mo Chen, I don't want to tell you this now. You are not too small, there are some things, I will tell you in advance."

    Gong Mochen saw him serious and couldn't help being straight: "What's the matter?"

    "Do you know the rumor that my generation can't live up to 32 years old? This is not groundless, and the explosion you encountered is also related to this matter." Gong Ling night said: "The other party wants to destroy our entire palace family, hope palace The son of a broken son! "

    Gong Mochen looked awkward.

    Gong Lingye continued: "I have been preventing problems on my side, but I didn't expect that they will start with you first. It was also because of your accident that I determined the purpose of the other party."

    Gong Mochen frowned: "Who is the other party?"

    "All these years, I have been checking, but I have no clue. Tonight, I will talk to my mother." Gong Ling night said: "In short, I tell you this thing, I want you to be careful everywhere. In addition, tomorrow you Take time to see the lawyer. "

    "See the lawyer?" Gong Mochen puzzled.

    "Most of the shares in Tiangong Group are in my hands, but I ca n’t guarantee that I wo n’t have an accident." Gong Ling Yedao said: "Tomorrow, please ask a lawyer to come and sign an agreement. If I have an accident, all my shares will be under your name. . "

    Gong Mochen looked at him in shock: "Little Uncle, you--"

    He paused: "You don't leave it to ... if it's warm?"

    "I bought the insurance, and the beneficiary is her. Moreover, my other property is left to her, enough for her to worry about food and clothing." Gong Ling Ye said: "I know you have some opinions about me because I took her away, but in In terms of external affairs, I hope we are one mind. "

    Gong Mochen couldn't tell what felt in her heart. Some of her anger was a little touched. Her chest and abdomen were filled with dangdang. Xu Jiu sighed for a long time: "You are a moral abduction!

    Gong Lingye smiled: "Mo Chen, even if I don't need to be kidnapped by morals, you will eventually call Nuan Nuan aunt!"

    Gong Mochen suddenly jumped up, but when he moved, the whole person was in pain. He was so angry that he could only sit in a wheelchair and stared at Gong Lingye.

    "We are married, I hope to hear you call her that." Gong Lingye is still making up the knife: "After all, she is your elder."