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If it was usual for Lieyuan Shen to do so, He Wanshuang had long avoided it, but until she couldn't hold her body in front of him, she still remained stiff.

    He sneered and didn't know what he wanted to prove. He picked her up and put it in the bathtub.

    He hugged like this, and he realized that she was chilling out all the way.

    This woman!

    He gritted his teeth a little bit, but he still stood by the bathtub in line with the idea that ‘people ca n’t die in his house’.

    He Wanshuang only felt that she seemed completely numb until she felt a little coldness eroding her senses. Gradually, she found that it seemed not cold but warm.

    However, she was so cold that the warmth was simply not enough. Later, when she felt colder and colder, He Wanshuang even started to tremble.

    She began to tremble, her teeth tremble, her mind recovered a little, she held her arm and trembled, "Cold--"

    Lie Yuan Shen reached out to try the water temperature, and added some more hot water to He Wanshuang.

    How cold was she, how long did it take to realize the chill in her body?

    Feeling that it seemed to be finally warmer, He Wanshuang turned her head, only to realize that she was brought back by Liyuan Shen.

    Suddenly, there was a feeling of indecision and unclearness in the heart, which together with the ginger soup in the stomach radiated heat, was not obvious, but it was also difficult to ignore.

    She soaked in the water for a long time, until she finally sweated, and then she felt that the whole person seemed to be collapsed, and her whole body softened.

    He took her out of the water, wrapped it in a large bath towel, and walked aside to blow his head.

    In the mirror, the man's three-dimensional body and mixed appearance made her feel strange and strange, but she was very familiar.

    Counting it, she married him for a month!

    He Wanshuang had short hair and soon dried her. Lieyuan Shen placed her on the bed of the master bedroom and pulled up the quilt, and she would be covered.

    She suddenly grabbed his hand: "Thank you."

    He ignored it.

    She said again: "I can just go to my room."

    He suddenly pulled his hand out of her palm and pressed her to the bed with one hand: "If you don't want to die, just stay with me!"

    He Wanshuang's eyes flickered, and he didn't refute.

    He pulled the quilt to her indiscriminately: "I'm going to take a bath." He said, and took off his clothes directly in front of her.

    He Wanshuang turned her head to not look at him.

    He Wanshuang didn't relax until he heard him enter the bathroom.

    At this moment, she was exhausted, and the diarrhea of ​​her abdomen was still invading from time to time, draining all her strength.

    Originally thinking, what does it mean that Lieyuan Shen let her lie here? After a while, he took a bath and wondered where he would be, but he unknowingly lost his mind.

    When Li Yuan came out, it seemed that He Wanshuang had fallen asleep.

    His bed was grey, and she slept quietly on it, the only bright color in that grey.

    Lieyuan Shen lifted the quilt and lay down.

    He was awakened suddenly by the man in his arms.

    She lifted her head to meet his eyes. Amber eyes reflected her consternation.

    "Sleep." He said nothing and turned off the lamp.

    She was stiff and she breathed extremely lightly.

    They haven't been so intimate since that night. At this moment, she didn't wear anything and was so hugged by him, only thinking that his breath seemed to be her clothes, completely covering her.

    She breathed hard, but still couldn't escape his shackles.

    Seemingly feeling her stiffness, he pressed her tighter into his arms, his voice low, with a little mocking: "Why, now he is holding back again?"

    She listened to his sarcasm, and her already fragmented heart became heavier: "I'm sorry."

    Li Yuanyuan froze: "Huh?"

    "I don't know how to wrestle." He Wanshuang suddenly felt a sour nose, and the voice suddenly cried a bit: "I didn't want the baby, but he still left me, sorry ...

    Lieyuan felt that his chest was a little wet. The tide seemed to pass through the flesh and blood of the chest and fell to the bottom of my heart.

    His tone was cold and hard: "He Wanshuang, you say sorry to me is useless, he can't hear!"

    He Wanshuang felt that her heart was torn. She cried low in Lieyuan's arms. For a long time, she said in a dumb voice: "Baby, sorry."

    She should be careful, she should not be so panicky.

    Now that the wood has become a boat, it is too late.

    Moreover, she didn't know what happened to Gong Lingye. She didn't dare to ask, and she felt that she had no position to ask anymore.

    "Okay, he knows it." Lieyuan Shen rubbed He Wanshuang's hair: "I'm tired, I need to rest."

    Then, he never heard the woman humming again.

    The place where the heart was full of fire was miraculously healed slowly, and Li Yuan thought, maybe, he could be seen in her attitude of admitting wrong, and he did not care about her like this.

    However, Gong Lingye, he will not let go!


    Over the next two days, several directors of Star Night Group were almost crazy!

    They can't contact Xuanyuan Che, let alone Bae Jun.

    Before that, the company was preparing to list in country M. If nothing unexpected happened, Gong Ling Nightclub applied for listing in late March this year.

    Everything is ready, but at this juncture, the big order just signed suddenly has a problem.

    This project is a major project prepared by Starry Night for a year, but it was crushed by the L group with the power of the entire group!

    What's more, the L Group did nothing like this, because they totally hurt their enemies by one thousand and damage themselves by eight hundred!

    Starry Night was founded by Gong Lingye two years ago. Although it has developed rapidly, after all, its establishment time is short, and its foundation cannot naturally be compared with a group company that has been founded for 100 years.

    However, Starry Night's strength in the professional field cannot be underestimated.

    Gong Lingye ’s earliest plan was to leave Starry Night to his future wife and children. At that time, he had not known the Song Yi people yet, so he made a five-year plan to prepare for his wife and child after he was 32 years old. Use a mature company as a gift.

    It is only two years now, half of the plan is carried out, plus the L group ’s crushing, Gong Lingye himself did not appear, and Pei Jun ’s loss of contact, all things seem to be together.

    Suddenly, there was a panic in the company, and even rumors began to spread, saying that Gong Lingye's 32-year-old curse was ahead of time, so he may no longer be dead.

    Often, attacking the mind is more effective than attacking anything.

    Therefore, when the internal confidence of Starry Night has been blown into jeopardy, but no one has come forward to stabilize the military heart, only someone needs to push it, and it will be lost!

    However, Gong Mochen didn't know about Gong Lingye's industry, so when the senior executives of Starry Night ran away and the door of the group was full of suppliers, he had just brought the Song Yi people back to the Imperial City. Know, something went wrong!