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#92 Encounter

"Amian." Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes, and there was murderousness at the bottom of her eyes.

    A Mian was taken aback and carefully reflected, he seemed to have done nothing wrong! Why is the boss like this?

    While on the side, Bae Jun patted his shoulder and leaned in to lower his voice: "Brother, ask for happiness, the boss is jealous!"

    Amian with a look of brutality: "..."

    At this moment, the game in the field has directly entered the day-to-day stage.

    AnD seems to have taken a pill. After shocking everyone, he swept up directly in the opponent's battle group.

    The death scythe obviously worked well with it. After the two were almost MianD, they slapped each other, and the death scythe rushed up, hitting each other's joints directly.

    The death scythe's arm was serrated. After hitting the opponent's joint several times, the opponent's weakness was exposed. Then, MianD rushed up, jumped up and stepped on, and the action was not too rough.

    Over there, Amian, who was still unclear about the situation, looked at the "Blood and Cruel" game on the field. I didn't know why. Suddenly I thought of the words that Song Yi said to him that day--

    Your emperor is young, and when I was in the hotel, I was up and he was down.

    He thought of it, and sweated in cold sweat.

    This woman, really ...

    An indescribable picture appeared in his mind. His ears were reddish. After a moment of consideration, he was still admonishing himself: "The Emperor Shao, Miss Yu's robot is indeed not quite like a girl. I think you should control her properly."

    He was already very euphemistic, and he did n’t use the word ‘lawlessness’.

    However, Gong Lingye said chillingly: "Don't both of her robots learn from you?"

    A Mian wondered: "Emperor Shao, I won't be a robot."

    Bae Jun was already unable to laugh, but he had to try hard to hold back, and even helped his brother, stepped on A Mian, instructing him to stop talking nonsense and to recognize the situation.

    At this moment, the robots in the station of the gods have fallen and smoke is on their bodies. Obviously, they have almost no fighting power.

    Seeing this, the captain of the Zhushen station team directly issued a retreat order to the robot.

    They must lose in this round, so it is better to save their strength, but they can end up fighting to get a third. If they persist, I am afraid that these robots can only be accounted for here.

    Hearing the opponent's defeat, the Song Yi people naturally withdrew their hands.

    The four robots lined up in the middle of the game table, and then they all came to a gentleman's salute to the audience below.

    There was applause from the audience.

    The third game was a fight for three or four. In the end, the last team that lost the soldiers lost the final game. They lost terribly. The three robots were all linked, while the opponent was only one.

    The competition was fierce, and everyone was hooked.

    The final championship and runner-up competition finally arrived.

    Four people from Song Yi played again, and just as the staff announced the start, there were two more people on the guest seat on the rostrum.

    When seeing each other clearly, Song Yiren's pupils tightened instantly!

    It was Chu Mingyao and Su Yunfei!

    This is the first time since the rebirth that the Song Yi people saw Su Yunfei on TV!

    She still remembers that when the woman took a bottle of concentrated sulfuric acid and poured it on her face, it felt like a burning sensation like a fire!

    Most of her face was burned beyond recognition!

    One of her eyes was blind!

    After that, Su Yunfei tortured her again and again. The scars, blood, countless nightmares and screaming pains in those three years were deeply remembered in her soul!

    Song Yi's chest undulated, his hands clenched into fists, and all palms were sweaty.

    At the moment, Chu Mingyao and Su Yunfei have already taken their seats, and their seats are next to Gong Lingye.

    Song Yiren saw that when Chu Mingyao sat down, he smiled at Gong Lingye, then stretched out his hand and shook hands with Gong Lingye.

    With no taste in mind, the Song Yi people wanted to tear up the couple of dogs and men; she wanted to rush into the palace and attacked the night murderer, and asked him why he had to greet the clothed bird. !

    However, she couldn't do anything. She could only stand on the stage, and even desperately hide all hate and ups and downs!

    Beside her, Xiao Pei seemed to find her strange appearance, turning her head and wondering: "Are you nervous?"

    Song Yiren shook his head: "No, but suddenly his stomach is a little uncomfortable."

    "Persevere, we have a quick decision," Xiao Pei said.

    "Huh." Song Yiren responded, trying to ignore the sight cast from Chu Mingyao.

    At the beginning of the game, the opponent was obviously afraid of MianD, so as soon as they came up, two robots directly defended MianD and blocked its actions, while the other two began to concentrate on the fire to attack Caesar of Lanhaifeng.

    Lan Haifeng was originally not the main battle robot, therefore, after being siege, suddenly a little stretched.

    Xiao Pei frowned and immediately changed his tactics. Instead of helping MianD break through, he went to rescue Caesar.

    Xu Xingzhou's Night Wolf started to guerrilla and constantly attacked members of the other party.

    As a result, it seems that the two sides have reached an impasse, and no one can control anyone.

    Gong Lingye looked at the battle in the field and frowned slightly.

    In his view, Song Yi's MianD is not besieged and unable to get out, so what's wrong with her?

    He has good eyesight and can clearly see that her hands curled up, the joints are white, and it seems not very comfortable.

    Ever since she took Gu Tingxue's medicine, the official holiday has been painless, and he has repeatedly confirmed it, so what happened to her? Is it uncomfortable?

    He wanted to stop the game, but after all, there was no reason, so he could only suppress his concerns.

    By his side, Chu Mingyao had set his sight on Song Yi people as soon as he sat down.

    This girl, who he had seen at Ningcheng University before, was very beautiful. He thought he was a student of Ningda University, but he didn't expect that it was Dicheng University!

    Moreover, she is still learning artificial intelligence, which is a coincidence. The girl with whom he is destined, learns all majors in this field!

    Beside him, Su Yunfei saw Chu Mingyao looking at the Song Yi people in the field and could not help saying: "Her husband, that girl is so beautiful!"

    Chu Mingyao pays the most attention to his image outside. Upon hearing such reminder from Su Yunfei, he immediately withdrew his gaze and turned to smile: "There is no good game. When the game is over, I will see if I can dig a few to our group. Talent. "

    Su Yunfei pouted and coquettishly said: "You just want to dig that girl, don't think I don't know!"

    Chu Mingyao patted her hand: "Fei Fei, you are jealous again! It's not just that girl, there are definitely talents who want to dig!"

    He didn't care if Gong Lingye heard it, he didn't even need to hide it, after all, they all had the same thoughts. Otherwise, Da Lao Yuan laid down his job to watch the game because of the time?

    Not all want to dig a few good seedlings to their side, the potential of college students is unlimited, well cultivated, the economic benefits brought by are far more than these!

    However, Chu Mingyao found that as soon as he finished speaking, there was a burst of coldness coming from the side, and in an instant, he felt the spirit of killing.