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When Xuanyuan Che heard him say blind date, he felt a slight stagnation for no reason, and then nodded: "Well, good luck."

    Pei Junla got out of the car door, and just about to enter the restaurant, he saw the two women get out of the car behind them.

    "Mom." Bae Jun said to one of the women.

    "Ajun!" Pei mother quickly waved at him, and then introduced to Mrs. Bei Ming beside her: "This is my home Ajun ... Ajun, this is your Aunt Yi."

    "Aunt Yi is good!" Bae Jun greeted with a smile, always thinking where the woman in front of him seemed to have seen.

    "A Jun is good!" Mrs. Bei Ming was obviously very satisfied with Pei Jun's elite temperament and calm appearance.

    Several people laughed and walked to the restaurant together, but at this moment, Xuanyuan Che who was going to leave had the driver stop.

    He remembered where she had seen the woman: at the wedding of Luo Tianqi and Li Xiaozi!

    He remembered where she had seen the woman: It was on Chu Mingyao's trial seat!

    At that time, the woman was sitting in the hearing room, looking at Bei Mingmo, with tears in her eyes, he was somewhat impressed.

    So, she is Mrs. Beiming!

    Therefore, Pei Jun's blind date is Bei Mingmo!

    Thinking of this, everything makes sense.

    Xuanyuan Che didn't know how to describe the absurdity of his heart, he even sent Bae Jun to meet his parents with Bei Mingmo!

    He rubbed his heavy temple and got out of the car and walked towards the restaurant.

    In the past few days, he thought quietly in that paradise-like town for a few days, and also wanted to understand, in fact, many things do not need to be too persistent. Perhaps it is best to let it go.

    He should follow his own inner thoughts, there is no need to be arrogant or anything.

    He wanted to fight for it. If you don't want it, then you are safe.

    Now, when he sees Pei Jun go on a blind date, he finds this uncomfortable in his heart, so he went to see it.

    At the moment, in the restaurant, Bei Mingmo saw that Pei Jun and his mother came in together, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

    Similarly, when Pei Jun saw Bei Mingmo, he also realized where he had seen Mrs. Bei Ming-it was in Li Xiaozi's hospital ward!

    The two women who worry about their children's marriage are still warmly introduced, while Bae Jun and Bei Mingmo smiled at each other, and they felt a bit ridiculous.

    "We know." Bae Jun spoke first.

    "Ah?" The two women were clearly surprised.

    "Yes, I've known each other for a few months." Bei Mingmo smiled: "It's too destiny!"

    "Since you are destined, just have a good chat!" The two women didn't know whether this could be done. After all, they hadn't developed anything for a few months, and it was probably choking.

    However, Pei Jun and Bei Mingmo are both talkative, and naturally such a blind date will not be cold, so the two directly talked about all aspects of life, and the atmosphere was warm.

    Therefore, no one noticed that after the green plants not far from their table, Xuanyuan Che sat alone at the dining table, absently setting the meal.

    Because of the distance, Xuanyuan Che could only see the situation on the opposite table and heard their voices, but he couldn't hear anything specifically.

    It can only be seen through the green plants that Bei Mingmo seems very happy and has been laughing. These four people look like a family.

    Xuanyuan Che frowned, and casually pointed at the waiter with a dish: "This."

    The waiter wondered, is this gentleman asking for a big portion, is he not afraid of not eating? However, she saw Xuanyuan Che's cold profile, and did not make a reminder.

    Xuanyuan Che finished ordering, leaning on the back of the chair, looking quietly over there.

    Perhaps I really wanted the children to have a good chat, so the two women waited for the dishes and went to the bathroom together.

    At this moment, Bei Mingmo and Bae Jun looked at each other with a smile.

    "I really didn't expect it to be you." Bei Mingmo smiled bitterly: "I was planning to marry the baby."

    Bae Jun couldn't help crying either: "Me too, I was so disappointed to see you. I was fed dog food every day by my president, and I had expected the baby to get rid of it alone."

    He said, "You don't know who I came with today."

    Bei Mingmo said: "Who?"

    "Xuanyuan Che." Pei Jun wondered: "Isn't it heard that you are in love?"

    "No." Bei Mingmo shook his head: "I haven't contacted you for a long time!"

    Bae Jun was also embarrassed to ask those who were winding around, so he just said: "So you are single now?"

    Bei Mingmo nodded: "Yes."

    The atmosphere seemed awkward suddenly, until the waiter served the food, Bae Jun said: "This restaurant tastes good, especially this pre-dinner soup."

    "Okay, then I will try it." Bei Mingmo smiled.

    Fortunately, the two women came back soon, so suddenly there were more topics on the dinner table.

    Xuanyuan Che's dishes also came together one after another. When he saw the three-piece lobster noodles in front of him, he could not help frowning.

    Has he ordered this before?

    Also, what the hell is a cooked steak? When was he so bloody? !

    If you order your own food, you will have to finish it when you cry.

    He was eating one after another, and his energy was not on the food.

    Over there, everyone had a good time, especially the two women who had not seen for many years.

    Finally, with the goodwill of Bei Mingmo, all the people left together.

    Before leaving, Bae Jun arranged for two cars to come over. Because everyone was drinking, one car sent Beimingmo back home, and one car was ready to be sent to his mother.

    My mother said directly, "Aunt Yi and I haven't seen you for many years. Where does she live in a hotel? She will go home with me in a moment. Just send Momo home!"

    Everything is said about this, so Pei Jun had to ask the driver to take two women into a car, and then he and Bei Mingmo took the car behind.

    The driver was the same as before. When he saw Pei Jun, he was puzzled and said: "Mr. Pei, Mr. Xuanyuan did not come out with you?"

    Bae Jun wondered: "Isn't he going home?"

    "No." The driver shook his head. "After you entered the restaurant, he asked me to stop the car. He followed him in. Didn't you see him?"

    Bae Jun: "..."

    He seemed to understand something suddenly, so he looked north to Mingmo.

    Bei Mingmo can't describe the feeling in his heart, want to laugh, be proud? No, it seems neither.

    Sour and refreshing, and finally turned into a sigh of laughter.

    At this moment, Xuanyuan Che also just called the waiter to check out. When he paid and was ready to call for a car, he thought about it.

    Why did he forget something?

    Bae Jun, they ordered the wine, so it must be the driver. As the host, Bae Jun is sure that he will arrange it.

    Then ...

    Annoyed for a while, Xuanyuan Che squeezed his sore brow and strode out of the restaurant.