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That night, it was destined to be a busy day.

    Gu Tingxue finally woke up because she was sent to the hospital in time, but because of the problems left over by the previous operation, there are still several operations waiting for her.

    Gong Lingye was still guarding her bed, and heard movements behind her.

    Immediately afterwards, the door opened and Gu Chiyun hurriedly came over: "Listen to the snow!"

    This was the first time Gong Lingye and Gu Chiyun had torn off their faces.

    Gu Zhiyun ignored Gong Lingye and went straight to Gu Tingxue. When she saw that she was sucking oxygen, she asked the doctor Gu Tingxue, and then she fell on Gong Lingye: "Listen to your How did the wedding banquet become like this? What did you do to her?!"

    Gong Lingye frowned, apparently did not want to quarrel with her father in front of Gu Tingxue.

    He was about to get up and prepare to go out with Gu Zhiyun to say that Gu Tingxue on the bed took off his respirator and his voice was soft: "Dad, it's not about Ling Ye's business."

    Gu Chiyun suddenly became angry, and her daughter could only endure the fire like this, and asked, "What else is uncomfortable listening to the snow? When you are well, dad will take you home?"

    Gu Tingxue nodded: "Okay."

    She has given up her last wish, and even if she can only die at home quietly, there will be no regrets. Now, she doesn't want to see Gong Lingye and her father hostile.

    "Dad went to ask the doctor about the operation time, you have a good rest." Gu Zhiyun softly coaxed: "The respirator cannot be taken down."

    He put on his respirator again for Gu Tingxue, glanced coldly at Gong Lingye, and turned to leave.

    Later, when Gong Lingye left, Gu Tingxue did not know. I just feel that, in a trance, everything seems to be separated by a layer of yarn.

    Her body was very weak and she didn't know what treatment she was receiving. She just felt that cold liquid had flowed into her body.

    Then, just as she was almost completely asleep, two people were talking: "The result of this patient's blood test was just amazing."


    "Her blood analysis, look at--"

    "Isn't this what my tutor has been looking for?"

    "Your mentor is looking for this kind of thing? Isn't it only in medicinal herbs?"

    "Wait a moment, help me pay attention to the patient, I will make a call."

    Soon, the man made a phone call, and his tone was quite agitated: "Teacher Tan, the kind of medicine you have been looking for before, I just found it in the blood of a patient, and the content is very high!"

    I don't know what was said there, and the man said, "It's a patient named Gu Tingxue..."

    At this moment, when Gu Tingxue heard his name and heard "Teacher Tan", his mind suddenly flashed.

    It's just that her consciousness has begun to blur, her body is getting deeper, and her hearing has become more dim.

    Until, she heard: "Where are you waiting for help? But this patient should still have a few months to live...Can I wait there?"

    Waiting for help? ! Gu Tingxue knew that Dr. Tan only did research and did not receive patients. He was just the doctor of Gong Lingye alone.

    When Gong Lingye had an accident, she also knew that he was waiting for treatment from Dr. Tan. So, everything shows that-

    She, that kind of thing in the blood, is Gong Lingye's life-saving medicine!

    Along with this thought, Gu Tingxue slept completely.


    Song Yi people are busy with the wedding, and they are again working.

    She took a memory impression software from Anic, and then put the sensor patch on her bedroom room and closed her eyes.

    She tried hard to recall the image of the flying eagle logo she saw that day. Recalling every specific detail, she saw that the logo was slowly forming on the computer screen. Finally, a tattoo with full details was outlined.

    Song Yiren slowly opened his eyes and looked at the picture. I have to say that this software has a very strong restoring ability. It is the one in her memory. Even a special symbol on it is exactly the same.

    Save the picture, Song Yiren encrypted and sent it to the old ghost, and called him: "Old ghost, I sent you a picture of a tattoo. I suspect this may be a sign of a certain force. Help me when you are free. Check it."

    The old ghost replied: "Okay, I will try to check from the network data first, if not, then think of other ways."

    After making a phone call, Song Yiren received a message from Bei Mingmo: "Baby, I am ready to return to the Imperial City!"

    "Okay, do you want me to pick you up?" Song Yiren asked.

    "Haha, no, I am not the first time to come." Bei Mingmo said: "Your two younger brothers, Wan Bi returns to Zhao!"

    Song Yiren laughed: "Okay, see you that night!"

    Everyone who participated in the wedding this time returned with Bei Mingmo on the next afternoon.

    The next day, because Beimingmo wanted to accompany her mother, so after waking up in the morning, she took her mother to take pictures in the scenic area.

    Although Xuanyuan Che wanted to be close, he had no chance. Until Mrs. Beiming flew to Ningcheng first, he only had time to get along with Beimingmo alone.

    The two can't really say what the relationship really is, although the skin's relatives more than once, but if it is a love lover, it is still a little worse.

    Because of an emergency on the Unique side, Bei Mingmo must return to his country immediately, so he temporarily put down this complicated relationship, and after arriving in the Imperial City, he immediately went on a business trip with Liyue Shen.

    Because he was tossed by Lieyuan Shen in the night for a long time, he still did not let her go when he woke up in the morning, so in fact, He Wanshuang was almost always in bed on this day.

    She took a nap on the plane again. At night, she really had no sleep.

    I remembered that the sanitary napkins at home were used up. After dinner, He Wanshuang came out of the house and went to the supermarket near the community to buy some tents.

    When she was about to cross the street, she suddenly saw a familiar figure.

    Just wondering why Gong Lingye appeared nearby, he saw him coming, and in the night, his features were obscure.

    However, when he walked in front of her, she discovered that the man was not Gong Lingye at all, only that he had a similar figure and the same hairstyle!

    She was about to turn around and continue to walk, the man in front stopped her: "Night Frost."

    He Wanshuang wondered why he knew him and could not help raising his eyes: "Are you?"

    He took a step forward, and before she stepped away, she suddenly buckled her waist.

    Immediately afterwards, his lips suddenly pressed down, with a strange breath, extremely dangerous!

    He Wanshuang was frightened that she would push him away when she raised her hand. However, her strength was too small. The man stretched out his arms and held her arms and the whole person in her arms completely. Forced to bear his kiss.

    She was terrified and rebelled, but all the struggles were useless and funny.

    In the distance, someone was holding the camera and shooting the picture all the time, with a smug smile on his lips.

    *Well, babies, there is a big plot to follow~