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#388 I never planned to divorce her

On the morning of the cruise ship explosion, Tiangong Group's new product was released in advance according to Gong Lingye's arrangement, as if it had fallen into the market as a flare.

As a result, all companies with an intention to cooperate with L Group Huaguo Branch chose to cancel the contract after a short hesitation.

On the same day, Lieyuan Shen heard the reports one after another by Special Assistant and was so angry that he smashed the documents to the ground.

At this time, the phone rang again. He picked it up and didn't look at it, then rushed into the phone and said: "Busy, if--"

"Lie Yuan Shen, our board of directors decided to cancel all your current positions." Lie Chengan said in a cold tone on the phone: "In order not to affect the fundamental core of the L Group, we will start to withdraw from the Chinese market this afternoon!"

Not to mention, he didn't give Lie Yuan any reaction time at all, he just hung up the phone!

Lieyuan squeezed the phone, and the whole person seemed to be splashed with cold water, and it was cold.

Only quickly, he smiled again.

Hehe, those things, he is not rare!

Do you want to force him to go back and apologize? impossible!

It was a big deal for him to completely give up the inheritance rights of the martyrdom, he is not incapable, can it be impossible to walk away from the martyrdom? !

He turned and walked out of the office, went to Ling Shaofeng next to him, and said to him: "Shaofeng, here at the Huaguo branch, we don't have to manage it anymore. The old man has already cancelled all my duties."

"Ah?" Ling Shaofeng also installed a grandson on the customer's phone, and closed his phone when he heard: "Third brother, I know the old man is just angry that you have never been soft with him. Dad, sometimes like a woman, both It's by coaxing, you coax him, just mouth, and don't suffer any loss..."

"No need." Lieyuan Shen interrupted Ling Shaofeng, remembering something, and said, "Do you remember my two former brothers?"

Of course, Ling Shaofeng nodded. The reason why Lieyuan Shen was called the third brother was not the third in the family, but there were two friends who were older than him. They were considered brothers.

However, Ling Shaofeng was younger at that time, only their followers.

"Big Brother said before, taking someone else's, even his own parents, is not as safe as earning it." Li Yuanyuan said: "Unfortunately, Big Brother and Second Brother did not escape the fate of family marriage. I saw this time They, they are already following the path of the old man. Before I came to the Imperial City, I asked them to sit down and drink tea together, but they found that there was nothing to talk about, and they had to end up casually."

Friendship was rare in young age, but unfortunately time is going, we are changing, and many things are no longer what they were.

No matter how good my friends are, walking and walking are also scattered, which makes people sigh.

"I married Wan Shuang, and the old man objected, but I got the certificate, and I couldn't help me. He had long disliked me in many places. This time it was just cumulative effects. He was forcing me to leave him. Road." Lie Yuan smiled and said: "I think about it, I don't want anything. Starting today, I will do it myself! Even if I only earn a hundred yuan, that is what I earned myself! He wants to regenerate one. , As long as he is moved, he will be born! Whoever loves to give property to whom, I am not rare!"

Ling Shaofeng was shocked by what he said, but he was still worried.

After all, he knew that although the parents of Lieyuan Shen were in disagreement, Lieyuan Shen also grew up with Jinyiyushi, how could he bear to start a business from scratch?

"Third Brother, if you want to do it by yourself, I will do it with you. But are you sure, have you thought about it?" Ling Shaofeng said: "Especially, the sister-in-law's side..."

"I never planned to divorce her." Lie Yuan said in a deep voice: "I work hard, I can always afford her, and not let her be wronged!"

Ling Shaofeng silently said: "Mainly, half an hour ago, I also received a call from the court side and asked me if you came back... I see you are busy, so I didn't bother to go there."

"Tell them, I'm not here." Lie Yuan Shen said straightforwardly.

"Okay." Ling Shaofeng nodded: "Let's go out for lunch, and then connect Xiaorou to get the results together?"

"Well," Li Yuan said in a deep voice, "Called Shanggong Lingye."

Ling Shaofeng responded and went to book a lunch room.

Lieyuan Shen returned to the office, just put his personal belongings in a bag, and then stepped out: "Less wind, go."

Anyway, since the old man decided, there will naturally be someone to replace him soon, and he does not need to explain anything.

After eating with Ling Shaofeng, Lieyuan Shen directly called Gong Lingye.

However, there was a prompt sound: "Hello, the phone you dialed cannot be connected temporarily..."

He was a little puzzled, but didn't think much, and then dialed up to Pei Jun.

There was a busy line there, and he was not picked up until he hit the third time.

"Mr. Lie." Bae Jun's voice was tired: "What's the matter?"

"Is Gong Lingye there? Going to get the results in the afternoon..." Lie Yuan sank.

"Oh." Bae Jun seems to have responded to this matter in general, saying: "The president is busy, Mr. Lie waits a moment, after we are busy on this side, I will contact you."

Lieyuan Shen's anger suddenly came out: "Oh, busy busy setting me up? Yes, did you Tiangong Group specifically choose to put the new product in front of us for sale? Gong Lingye was really cold-blooded, he kissed himself My sister doesn’t want to, just deal with me?"

Anyway, Pei Jun heard that without saying a word, and directly hung Li Yuanshen's phone.

I just felt like I was hitting cotton with a punch. Lieyuan almost fell down on my phone.

"How?" Ling Shaofeng asked next to him.

"Gong Lingye is really not a thing!" Lieyuan slowed down for a few seconds before he said: "He is not rare and soft, he missed this opportunity, and I will not let Xiaosoft call him his brother in the future!"

As he was saying, a message came from Lie Yuanshen’s cell phone, which was sent by Lie Xiaoren softly: "Brother, are we going to get the results? Am I going to wait for you there?"

"No need!" Lieyuan Shen directly responded to the voice: "Gong Lingye said he didn't have your sister, and you don't have to catch it up and make people wait!"

For the first time, Lie Xiaoruan heard Lie Yuanshen talking to her in such a tone. She felt sour and called the phone immediately: "Brother, what did you just mean?"

"It means literally." Lieyuan hated the iron and steel: "Gong Lingye said he was busy working and had no time to get the report."

"I know." Lie Xiaoruo said, his eyes red, "I won't take it."

She hung up the phone lonely.

It turned out that he couldn't be a lover, he didn't even want to be with her...

At the moment, Song Yiren and Pei Jun are boarding a speedboat.

Last night, she didn't sleep well all night until she was about to fall asleep.

Waking up in the morning, she called Gong Lingye and A Mian, but failed to get through.

While she was uncomfortably brushing Weibo, she saw the news of the cruise ship explosion.