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The frostbite on Bei Mingmo's feet recovered very well. Except that he could not wear high heels for a week, everything was the same as usual.

    The Song Yi people have also been at the base for the past two days, and their patents have been obtained. Now, all the members seem to have hit the chicken blood and lifted their arms and kept doing it.

    So the Song Yi people learned that they were on the hot search when they got off work on Friday.

    It said abruptly, ‘Ms. Li Xiaoli, Miss L Group ’s elder sister, will have a friendly match with Miss Yu Ruonuan, the unique spokesperson, at the Hongmei Villa of the Imperial City. Please invite major media to visit. ’

    Song Yiren was ignorant when she saw the report. It was then that Bei Mingmo called and said that she happened to be in the company and saw the news, and Lie Xiaoruo had a place at the manor on the outskirts of the Imperial City Song Yi people will pass tomorrow.

    Unable to describe the mood at the moment, Song Yi took a deep breath and smiled.

    The other party comes to the door, once or twice, she can ignore it; but what about the third time?

    Really thought she was afraid? !

    Song Yiren directly posted a message on Weibo: "See you tomorrow, everyone."

    That night, Gong Lingye also learned about it. He went on a business trip yesterday and went to Song Yi's house just after getting off the plane today.

    Using the key to open the door, it was found that the door was locked from the inside. He knocked on the door and no one answered.

    No way, he turned on his phone, found Arvin's program control, and sent a "help the host open the door" instruction.

    Soon, the door lock was opened, and it was warm Awen and Awu who greeted Gong Lingye.

    "What about your mistress?" He asked.

    Awen turned around immediately, and he moved him upstairs.

    Song Yiren was watching the mobile phone in bed and saw Gong Lingye coming, but ignored him.

    He took off his jacket and sat down to pull her into his arms: "Warm warm, I'm wrong, I will handle this matter."

    "You want to clear the field again?" Song Yi raised his eyebrows.

    He thought about it for a while: "L Group is not small. Clearing their elder lady is more troublesome, but it is not impossible."

    Seeing him really thinking about it, Song Yi's heart was inexplicable, and she raised her eyebrows: "This time I will come by myself!"

    Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren's war-filled eyes, and an unspeakable sense of joy suddenly rose in his heart.

    His little woman seems to be fighting for other women for him? Why the more you think, the better your mood?

    In order to let Song Yi people have a good spirit tomorrow, Gong Ling let her go at night.

    Early the next morning, the two drove to the manor's side together.

    The manor is already surrounded by the media, but Gong Lingye let Pei Jun manage everything in advance, so when he drove in, no reporter went to shoot.

    The Song Yi people got out of Gong Lingye's car and went to the manor for breakfast. Only then came alone to the place designated by Lie Xiaoruo.

    Surrounded by reporters, Gong Lingye wore sunglasses and sat on the stands in a low-key manner.

    "Miss Yu, I don't have to say more about what you meant." Lie Xiaoruo was wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes with a height of ten centimeters. At the moment, he was 182 tall, with flaming red lips. The gas field was fully open, just like a queen.

    Her tone was very weak: "Fortunately, you haven't escaped, otherwise I really look down on you!"

    The Song Yi people are wearing traditional Chinese cheongsam today, covered with a red velvet cape to the ankle length.

    On the cloaked collar and brim, there is a circle of white fox fur, which wraps her body. It seems that her temperament is gentle and quiet, and there is a kind of red plum-like elegance and holiness.

    The two stood in the center, and the reporters around them seemed to have been hit with chicken blood, locked their eyes brightly, and kept shooting.

    "Miss Lie, do you know that there is a saying in our country here," With the belly of a villain as the heart of a gentleman ", and there is a saying that" Extreme inferiority will be crazy and confident ", I think, what I said is Are you? "Song Yiren smiled:" I am standing here today, not a friendly match for you. Do you know? The more you look up at me, the more you hold me to a higher position. Because it is not only standing high Is it possible that the people in this place will be challenged by the next person? "

    Li Xiaoxiao didn't expect Song Yi people to say such a thing at all. I thought this little celebrity was really clever enough, but without real material, I should cry soon!

    She sneered: "Miss Yu, I don't listen to your hypocritical words, let's start!"

    "I don't know how Miss Lie wants to compete?" Song Yi asked with great interest.

    Lie Xiaoruo swept around and said, "There is a shooting range over there. Let's play a game of marksmanship. How about it?"

    Song Yi smiled and fluttered: "Okay!"

    Lie Xiaoran could not figure out whether the Song Yi people knew nothing, but deliberately pretended to be very good. In short, she was very confident in herself, and a pair of high heels was very powerful.

    The two arrived at the shooting range, and Gong Lingye also went. He stood behind the reporters, but they all pretended not to see him and only aimed the camera at Song Yiren and Lie Xiaoruan.

    However, in order to prevent interference with the game, everyone tacitly turned off the flash.

    Before putting on his goggles, Song Yi took a look at the corner.

    Gong Lingye hooked her lips at her, and compared her mouth: "Come on, baby."

    She couldn't help laughing, but thought of all the rotten peach blossoms caused by Gong Lingye, so she pouted uncomfortably.

    Gong Lingye was helpless at night, leaning against the colonnade and watching his 'little apprentice' play.

    The Song Yi people have now discovered that what they really learn may be used someday in the future.

    When she saw Lie Xiaoruo hit a few nine rings in a row, she remembered the main points that Gong Lingye had said in her ear.

    She could even remember that they were practicing at the shooting range. He held her half in his arms, squeezed her hand, and lowered his head to speak in her ear, breathing on the touch of her pinna.

    Then, the bullet flew out, and the osmanthus fragrans in the distance fell, and the fragrance of the garden was scattered ...

    Lie Xiaoruo played a total of 20 rounds of bullets. The score of 181 rings shocked all the reporters and praised her as a goddess shooter.

    She lifted her chin slightly, took off her goggles, and raised an eyebrow at Song Yi: "Miss Yu, it's your turn."

    The reporters gave way to the Song Yi people. Everyone looked at her soft appearance and felt sorry for her. Some people even said to Song Yi because of patriotism: "Yu Ruonuan, come on! We Chinese people are supporting you ! "

    Song Yi nodded and thanked, picked up the staff's gun and stood in front of the target.

    Everything around her seemed to be suddenly quiet. The moment she lifted the pistol seemed to go back to the place where Gong Lingye practiced.

    "Slap!" She shot cleanly.

    "Oh my god, ten rings!" Someone was surprised.

    "Miss Yu is lucky." Lie Xiaoren chuckled softly.

    The Song Yi people ignored them and continued to shoot.

    There were a lot of pictures in her mind, when he first met Gong Lingye, he took her to a dangerous gun forest and rain, and there was also a previous life. He was trapped on the cruise ship by Chu Mingyao, and the despair of the sky was not seen.

    "Ten Rings!"

    "Ten Rings!"

    "Ten Rings!"

    The electronic target keeps reporting shocking numbers ...