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#478 who's that person!

Gong Ling almost guessed before the night that the days of the drug auction should be the most difficult time for Tiangong Group.

However, he didn't expect that he just came to the waiting hall and saw the video online.

Someone even blocked the door of the Tiangong Group and made her mother suffer such blame!

He picked up the phone and called, but the phone rang. The prompt above was Mrs. Gong.

Gong Lingye thought that something was wrong with the other party and quickly answered.

Inside, there was a rather sturdy voice of Mrs. Gong: "Ling Ye, I'm fine. I'm afraid you are worried about seeing the video, so I called you immediately."

Gong Lingye wondered: "Mom, you were just in front of the company--"

"Speaking of what happened just now, I really want to beat the reporters with a walking stick!" Mrs. Gong was still filled with indignation: "But I know that I really can't do it. So I was very angry!"

She turned sharply: "I was a little bit anxious at first, but when Xiao Nuan came, I felt comfortable all of a sudden!"

There are no videos of Song Yiren appearing on the Internet, so Gong Lingye was puzzled: "Wan Nuan appeared?"

"Yeah, your daughter-in-law has appeared in time!" Mrs. Gong was very happy at the moment: "She and I played a fake fainting scene, and we cooperated well! And, she was just too domineering! I also listen to stay The next bodyguard said that those reporters were speechless by her question!"

Mrs. Gong is old. Most of the time, she is still a dignified old lady.

However, sometimes it becomes old and young.

At this moment, she almost danced: "It's a pity, I pretended to be dizzy and didn't see it!"

Gong Lingye heard her mother say this, and finally suspended her heart.

He said: "Mom, Nuan Nuan is very protective of her calves, so I have to leave for a few days, and I can rest assured that I will give it to her at home."

"What kind of calf? You, mom, am I an old lady or a calf?" Although Mrs. Gong complained, her tone was relaxed: "And, the bodyguard said, there was another girl named Lie Xiaoruo behind her, she Also on the side of Xiao Nuan. The two girls say nothing to me, leaving the reporter speechless!"

She said nothing and sighed: "Ling Ye, look, can girls now hold up half of the sky?"

Gong Lingye was surprised, but Xiao Ruo passed away?

His feeling of Li Xiaoxiao, from the beginning of the sense of responsibility to know the blood relationship, to the serious contact now, slowly feel close.

He also found that she was a simple and straightforward girl, sometimes a little dull.

So, he thought about protecting her, but he didn't expect that she would be willing to expose her scars and stand upright in front of everyone.

His heart was a little warm, and the blood-derived things were flowing in the blood vessels, making him feel that everything he did today was worth it.

Gong Lingye said to her mother: "Yeah, I feel that I can really feel relieved sometimes. Mom, don't worry, things will soon be reversed. You don't have to listen to any rumors and just rest at home. "

"Of course I don't listen to those!" Mrs. Gong said: "Like the fierce little girl said, my daughter-in-law is so good, she and her other colleagues work so hard, how can they produce problematic products? I believe in time Will prove everything!"

"Yes." Gong Ling night said: "That Miss Lie helped us, and then I invited her to sit in our house."

"Well, of course, no problem!" said Mrs. Gong, and then asked, "but they said she liked you, you are like this..."

"Mom, she doesn't know Nuannuan now, she has become a good friend. She used to play in the past, and she has forgotten herself." Gong Ling night said: "This need not be embarrassing."

"Okay." Mrs. Gong responded: "You don't mind it."

Soon, it was time to board the plane, Gong Lingye said a few words to her mother, and then hung up the phone and set off with Amian.

When he went to Ningguo this time, he only brought Amian.

Because the auction is very strict, each person can only take one companion with one prescription in exchange for one admission ticket.

The plane took off and Gong Lingye flew to Yancheng in Ning Guo.

Arriving in Yancheng, he and Amian took the car again and came to a town more than 40 kilometers north of Yancheng.


At this moment, thousands of miles away, in the Shangguan family of country J, Shangguanao finished reading the news report and frowned slightly.

"It's a pity." He sighed softly.

Beside him, the housekeeper Lao Lin asked, "Master, what a pity?"

"The fourth wife is really good," Shangguanao sighed. "Unfortunately, I still overestimated the fourth son. It has been so long. His daughter-in-law has stood up, but he has not spoken, which makes me very disappointed."

"Will the four young masters be preparing?" Lao Lindao said.

"If there is a hole card, it should be ready by now." Shangguanao sighed: "Now is the best time to reverse, but he still hasn't moved."

Lao Lin also had some doubts: "But--"

Shangguan thought proudly and looked at the calendar: "Today is the day of the herb auction?"

"Yes, the owner." Lao Lin also opened his eyes: "Are the four young masters going to the auction?"

"It seems so." Shangguan Ao rubbed his eyebrows. "Isn't his previous problem solved? Why did he go to the auction?"

"Four young masters should be prepared for it!" Lao Lin said.

"No." Shangguan squinted his eyes proudly: "Tiangong Group has been ups and downs, and the fourth son has always focused on the cause. At this point of view, it is impossible to put down the company's business and go to the auction in person."

The housekeeper puzzled: "Master, what do you mean?"

"Two possibilities." Shangguan proudly decided: "First, the situation of the fourth senior is not completely resolved, and may recur at any time. Second, the fourth senior is for whom."

"Homeowner, these two possibilities should be very low?" Lao Lin said: "The situation of the four young masters, we had already understood the situation. After Miss Gu gave him a blood exchange, his body has been detoxified and there will be no hidden dangers. "

"Yes, so the first possibility may be ruled out." Shangguan Ao lightly buckled the table and said, "That is, he went for someone!"

"Everyone in the Gong family is okay, this is also certain. And Master Mo Chen is the next generation, there is no problem with the physical examination, and there is no need to take medicine..." Lao Lin said: "Family owner, this The reason is unreasonable."

"Lao Lin, all your judgments are based on what you know about the Gong family." Shangguan Ao took a sip of tea, and then slowly said: "If, then, is there still someone outside the Gong family? And that person, Does it happen to be the same as the elders?

Lao Lin shook his head: "Homeowner, this--" Yeah, this is the best explanation!

Otherwise, nothing can make Gong Lingye put down Tiangong and go to Ningguo in person!

"Go check it now and check who that person is!" Shangguan Ao patted: "Secretly check, don't let the youngest three of them know."

"Yes, master!" Lao Lin nodded immediately and went to work.

He walked out of the room and met Shangguan Xun face-to-face, so he stopped and said: "Three young masters!"

"Uncle Lin, is my uncle there?" Shangguan Xun asked.

"The owner is in the room." Lao Lindao said.

Shangguan Xun nodded and walked in: "Uncle!"

Shangguan proud nodded and motioned for him to sit.

"Uncle, did you still count the previous bets?" Shangguan Xun didn't turn around.

"Of course." Shangguan looked forward to this nephew who had concealed his ambitions before, and said: "There is another week, the day of redemption."

"Uncle, I'm looking forward to it!" Shangguan Xun smiled and poured a cup of tea for Shangguan.