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At this moment, Gong Ling Yezheng and Song Ziheng were swimming in the sea, while Song Yi people were holding a waterproof camera and lying on the water to take pictures of the dives.

    These days, they are almost soaking in the water during the day, and at night, Gong Lingye took out the materials that had been prepared for a long time and explained Song Ziheng about the management of the company.

    Although Hai Sheng has not recaptured it, Song Ziheng, as the sole heir to the Song family today, inherits all his mother's shares in Hai Sheng, so he is actually the majority shareholder of Hai Sheng. Sooner or later, he is going to inherit the family business.

    Therefore, Gong Lingye has prepared a lot of materials for him long ago. This time, I will tell him from the most basic level, so that he can have a basic concept of the management of the entire company. .

    The two were tired from swimming, so they lay on the water and chatted.

    Seeing that Song Yiren was still taking pictures, Song Ziheng did not disturb her, but said to Gong Ling Ye: "Brother-in-law, have you been in business since you were a teenager?"

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Well, my brothers left early, and my nephew was a few years younger than me, so some things had to be touched."

    "I think you know a lot!" Song Ziheng's eyes are full of admiration: "I will learn well after I go back, you can rest assured! My sister likes research and development, she is not interested in management companies, so I don't like it. it is good……"

    Gong Lingye patted Song Ziheng on the shoulder: "Well, let her do what she likes."

    What Song Ziheng thought of, joined together with Gong Lingye and asked, "Brother-in-law, you took me to that place before ... I think you look familiar, have you been there before?"

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes, and the little guy really dared to ask!

    Song Ziheng glanced at the Song Yi people who were two or three meters apart, and lowered his voice again: "Brother-in-law, I mean, before you met my sister, did you find ... Have you ever found a lady?"

    Gong Lingye: "..."

    He looked at the curious teenager in front of him, crying and laughing, so he raised his hand and flicked his head: "Why, regret that the cliff was ruined that day?"

    Song Ziheng immediately blushed: "No! How could I think ..."

    He anxiously rebutted, but realized what: "Brother-in-law, you change the subject!"

    Gong Lingye put her arm on Song Ziheng's shoulder and leaned in: "Okay, let me tell you--"

    However, before he finished speaking, the sound of splashing water came.

    In the blink of an eye, Amian had swam over.

    Recently, he was basking in the sun every day. His complexion seemed to be darker than before, and his arms were covered with water. Instead, he seemed to be coated with bronze salad oil.

    "Amian, why is it so fast?" Gong Lingye had just asked, and Amian had already opened his mouth: "Emperor Young, Master Gong has an accident."

    Gong Lingye's pupils tightened suddenly: "Mo Chen? What's wrong?"

    A Mian said: "I just received a phone call from Pete, saying that there was an explosion at the country F base. Master Gong was injured in the explosion and is now being rescued in the hospital!"

    Gong Lingye's face changed: "Book an air ticket now and go to country F!"

    There, the Song Yi people also noticed the movement, but did not know what it was. She lifted her eyes and said to Chong Gong Ling at night: "I just saw an eel!"

    Gong Lingye said in a solemn tone: "Warm warm, Mo Chen is injured, I must rush to country F!"

    Song Yi people's hearts murmured: "How could it be hurt?"

    "An explosion occurred." Gong Lingye already took the Song Yi people's hand and took her to the bank: "I suspect that the so-called 32-year-old curse is not a pointer to our generation! Aftermath! "

    Song Yi shook all over, and could not help tightening Gong Lingye's hand: "Well, what would you do in case of danger?"

    Aside, Song Ziheng also felt a tense atmosphere and couldn't help worrying: "Brother-in-law, are you going to go soon? If you have to go, bring more people!"

    Gong Lingye comforted him: "It's okay, since the opponent has already started once, he won't start again for the second time. I will be cautious, don't worry."

    Soon, the four had landed.

    Gong Lingye and Amian first ran over to arrange things, while Song Yiren and Song Ziheng were slightly slower and walked behind.

    "Sister, don't worry, the brother-in-law is very powerful, he will be fine!" Song Ziheng took Song Yiren's hand forward.

    Song Yiren said not to worry about being fake, but she nodded: "Well, I believe he is fine!"

    After talking about it, I thought about it again, and I didn't know what happened to Gong Mochen. The other party wanted to kill someone, so naturally the injury would not be light.

    Suddenly remembering what Gong Mochen said to her that day, Song Yiren felt a little sad in her heart. The feeling that her loved ones left enveloped her, and the gloom in her heart was long gone.

    In the room, Gong Lingye had arranged for Pei Jun to book all the trips, and he picked up his mobile phone and called Zhang Mingyu.

    The phone was quickly connected, Gong Lingye asked: "How is Mo Chen?"

    Zhang Mingyu's voice was a little trembling: "We have been on the notice of critical illness, we are all outside, and the medical conditions here are like this ..."

    Gong Lingye pondered for a moment, saying: "You let the doctor delay as much as possible, I will arrange the experts and instruments in place immediately!"

    He said nothing, and told Pei Jun to say: "Deliver the special plane of Tiangong Group, arrange surgical experts and instruments, apply for the fastest route, and fly to country F!"

    Song Yiren just happened to come in. She thought of something and said: "Yes, my dad had a friend before. The technology is actually no worse than my dad, but he is not willing to show up because of his personality. I think I can contact him."

    Gong Lingye turned his eyes: "Will your identity be revealed?"

    "I can't take care of that much, but I'm 'dead', so let Ziheng fight!" Song Yiren turned on the computer: "I contact the old ghost and check his contact information!"

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Okay."

    Because his scheduled flight will take off in six hours, he still has some scheduled time.

    Gong Lingye changed clothes, dried her hair at will, and began to arrange the layout.

    The Song Yi people also competed against each other. After the old ghost sent a message, Song Ziheng immediately called the expert.

    She was keeping Gong Lingye's computer at any time, just waiting for Zhang Mingyu to sort out the necessary instruments and medicines, and immediately sent them to Pei Jun.

    Everyone is racing against time, including the unconscious Weng Mochen in the operating room at the moment.

    When he was sent over, it was almost impossible, almost immediately pushed into the operating room.

    The clothes on his body were not easy to peel because of the sticking to the wound, so he finally got stripped after entering the operating room.

    The stripped clothes were thrown aside. Someone was dealing with the wound on his body, and a small head was exposed in the clothes pocket in the corner.

    Wa's head was already cracked in the explosion, and one of the metal arms also fell off.

    Its indicator light has been between half-light and half-dark, on the verge of scrapping.