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Far away, I have seen the gate of the court. Before Lieyuan Shen got off, he received a multinational call.

Seeing it was from country G, he was shocked and answered quickly.

"Master, my wife is suddenly seriously ill and is being rescued in the hospital!" Lieyuan Shen said to Mi Ai's care worker in a hurry.

Lie Yuan's face changed: "Okay, I'll go back immediately!"

He hung up the phone and urged the driver: "Go to the airport!"

Aside, Lie Xiaoran asked, "Brother, what's wrong?"

"Mom is ill and is in rescue, we will return to country G immediately!" Lie Yuan sank.

Lie Xiaoyuan’s face also changed, and she began to pray that her mother would be fine.

The driver has turned around, and the court building disappeared into the rearview mirror.

More and more approaching the court time, Zhang Zixun looked at his watch and urged Pei Jun: "Mr. Bae, did the other party promise to come over?"

Pei Jun also had some doubts, and then he took out his mobile phone: "I called to ask."

But he fought over, and Lieyuan Shen suggested that the line was busy.

I tried several times in a row and still couldn't get through.

The time had come, and everyone attended, He Wanshuang's eyes subconsciously glanced at the opposite side, but there was no one there.

The judge also realized that one of the parties was absent and could not be contacted, so he announced to wait for fifteen minutes.

Because Lieyuan Shen and He Wanshuang can only be regarded as a broken relationship, so fifteen minutes later, even if no one came to Lieyuan Shen, they could not be considered as a legal absence and continue the trial.

Lieyuan Shen did not hire a lawyer, so the judge could only announce another trial.

Bae Jun and He Wanshuang came out together and were telling her something, and He Wanshuang's cell phone rang.

She picked it up and saw it was Lieyuan Shen, her face slightly changed.

Aside, Father He also saw it, and immediately frowned: "What other face does he hit?"

He Wanshuang was silent and ignored the call, but the call was automatically hung up.

On the high-speed airport, Lieyuan Shen heard the unanswered prompt inside, breathing paused, he opened WeChat and sent a message to He Wanshuang: "Shuang Er, my mother is seriously ill and I am back in country G. If I When she gets there, she wants to talk to you, won’t you hang up my phone?"

After thinking for a while, he said again: "Don't tell her that our baby is gone. She has been looking forward to this. I don't want her last days to be stable. Thank you, wife."

He Wanshuang received a reminder and never watched it.

She will also go to the psychiatrist for treatment this afternoon and cooperate with all antidepressant drugs.

Time became slow and calm. She learned to make herself forget something, not think about it, and it seemed that nothing really happened.

It was only in the evening that He Wanshuang saw the news from Lieyuan Shen.

She finished reading it quietly, and remembered that day he took her to country G to see his mother.

Is that blonde and kind woman seriously ill?

She began to feel sad in her heart, and remembered the absent baby. Suddenly, the self-reproaching emotion surrounded her again.

It was at this moment that my mother knocked on the door of her room, and then came in and said, "Xiaoshuang, Tianqi came to ask you to hang out."

"Oh." He Wanshuang put the phone away, took a deep breath, pretended nothing had happened, changed his clothes, and came out.

"Xiaoshuang, let's go, I just found a good store and take you to see!" Luo Tianqi said, pulling the person directly and leaving: "Uncle and aunt, we'll play enough and send Xiaoshuang back!"

He Wanshuang was pulled out of the door by him, and when she got into the car, she looked at the street scene that was going backwards out of the window, picked up her mobile phone, and responded to Li Yuanyuan with a word: "Okay."

No matter what she and Lieyuan Shen are, she can't make the warm elder feel sad.

At the moment, Lieyuan Shen just came out of the airport and went straight to the hospital.

In a hurry, he received a text message from He Wanshuang. Although there was only one word, he calmed his mood a bit.

Half an hour later, finally arrived at the hospital, Lie Yuan Shen saw his mother's doctor.

"I'm sorry, sir, we haven't been able to rescue your mother. Please go see her for the last time!" The doctor was also very sad.

Lieyuan Shen's heart sank into the abyss instantly.

Beside him, Lie Xiaoruo rushed in.

The ward was very quiet, and Miai was lying there alone, having removed the bottle from his body.

Lie Xiao softly plopped down beside her mother: "Miai! Mummy!"

She just touched her hair gently.

Lieyuan Shen felt that his breath was tightly choked, and in those few steps, he walked extremely hard.

Finally, he came to the window and knelt halfway: "Miai."

Miai's lips and corners overflowed with a gentle smile, and he looked at the door again.

Lieyuan Shen understood what came over and said: "Night Frost is pregnant. Recently she has reacted a little. She was afraid that she would take an airplane accident, so she was not allowed to come over."

Miai nodded and said nothing, but still didn't speak.

"Miai, I called her, would you listen to her, would you?" Lie Yuan said, taking out her mobile phone.

Seeing Miai agreed, he immediately called He Wanshuang.

When the fourth bell rang there, he answered, and He Wanshuang's calm but hollow voice came: "Hey."

"Shuang'er, I'm on Ma's side." Lie Yuan said in a deep voice: "She wants to say a few words to you."

He Wanshuang responded: "Okay."

Lieyuan Shen handed the phone to his mother's ear: "Miai, Wanshuang is listening."

"Shuang." Mi Ai's eyes lit up: "The baby is born, you must take him to see me!"

"Okay." He Wanshuang couldn't tell what was in her heart: "Miai, I'm sorry, I didn't come to see you."

"Take care of myself, I'm okay." She said, she seemed a little tired, her eyes signaled the abyss.

Lieyuan squeezed his phone and stood up: "Xiaoshuang, I haven't been able to return to China recently. You take good care of yourself... I will see you again when I come back."

He Wanshuang said lowly: "I see."

Hanging up the phone, Lieyuan Shen returned to the bed, but saw her mother holding Lie Xiaosoft's hand, and looked at her eyes deeply, her eyes shed a little tears.

He had never seen his mother like this, only thought that she seemed to be looking at another person she loved through Lie Xiaorou.

Thinking of his return from Huaguo, they all arrived at the hospital, but Lie Chengan had not yet appeared, Lie Yuan Shen felt a burst of fire!

However, when he hadn’t had time to complain about his father, he heard his mother say, "I have one thing, and I never told you..."

Lieyuan Shen's heart jumped for no reason.

Mi Ai looked at Lie Xiaoruan, and her voice became very light. At that moment, she seemed to be a lot younger: "Xiao Ruan is not a child of Li Cheng'an and Li Chengan. Her father is a man of China..."

"What?!" Lie Yuan Shen was completely shocked.

Miai seems to be unaware, she is still immersed in the memories of the past: "Xiao Ruan, your father, the surname of the palace, called Gong Renkun, is the owner of the previous generation of the palace..."