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Song Yiren said lightly on the side: "Momo told me that she wants to be with you and the name is reversed!"

    Xuanyuan Che's pupils shrank, watching the eyes on the stage become deeper.

    Song Yiren continued to make up the knife: "Momo said firmly twice."

    Xuanyuan Che: "..."

    Since the wedding site is open-air, the luncheon is a hotel in the Nirvana city area.

    After the lunch was over, Gong Lingye and Song Yi went to rest. The others arrived late yesterday, so today only had time to take photos of the ancient building.

    Gong Moyan came with everyone in the Gong family. In fact, she was looking for Xiao Pei all the time, but she didn't see anyone after looking around.

    With a sigh in my heart, I saw a familiar figure behind an ancient city wall.

    Xiao Pei took a machine pimple in his hand and was playing with it.

    He always looks casual, but when he thinks about the problem, he pays extra attention.

    In the sun, his fine hair was shredded with gold, and half of the outline was in the golden sunlight, and the other half was heavily shadowed by the shadow of the stone pillars in the distance.

    Gong Moyan felt that her breath was almost frozen, and her brother and sister were talking to her, but she didn't hear it, and her footsteps approached Xiao Pei unconsciously.

    She couldn't climb the wall, she could only stand and watch him under the wall.

    He was still playing with the things in his hand, not even noticing her approach.

    It wasn't until he changed the orientation of a piece of solar collector board above that he realized there was a person under the wall.

    The little girl had changed her skirt, and she didn't wear the bridesmaid dress, so he almost didn't recognize it.

    After recognizing, he found out that he didn't seem to know what she was called at all, only that he was a child of the palace.

    So Xiao Pei said: "Child, what are you doing here?"

    Gong Moyan's name for Xiao Pei is no longer correct, and she is too lazy to correct it, but looks at the things in his hands curiously: "Brother, what is this?"

    "I'm testing the conversion rate of solar charging." Xiao Pei said in a scattered voice: "Have you not learned physics yet?"

    Gong Moyan shook his head, and then raised his eyes again, Jingliang Jingliang: "I know you will be a robot! My little aunt used to be with you!"

    Xiao Pei nodded and said nothing.

    Gong Moyan said again: "My little aunt gave me a robot!" He said, took out the little robot that had been pinching in his hand: "Brother, look!"

    Xiao Pei took it with interest and tried it after turning on the power, saying: "It's done very well, and the function is especially suitable for children."

    Gong Moyan was anxious: "I am not a child!"

    Xiao Pei just smiled, apparently not taking her words seriously.

    Gong Moyan bit her lips bitterly, and then asked, "Brother, what major did you study at university?"

    Xiao Pei did not raise his head: "Artificial Intelligence and Microelectronics."

    Gong Moyan didn't even know what major this is, but just took it seriously: "Then I will also take this test!"

    Xiao Pei was amused and looked at her under the wall: "Not suitable for girls."

    Gong Moyan didn't say anything, but just wrote down the name of the profession. She hesitated: "Brother, I can't climb up, can you pull me up?"

    "I'm leaving, can you go down for a while?" Xiao Pei asked.

    Gong Moyan's heart was even more lost, and muttered: "Then I won't go up."

    Xiao Pei took the small solar energy machine and jumped down directly, saying, "Child, I'm gone."

    Looking at the back of his departure, she picked up the little robot in her hand and secretly took a picture.

    She had never thought about it. After many years, it was the back that was a little vaguely photographed, accompanying her through the long and boring days and nights in the laboratory ...

    The sun moved a little westward, and gradually, the ancient buildings were stained with the twilight of the sunset.

    He Wanshuang was holding a camera and was photographing the buildings everywhere. On the side, Lie Xiaoruo took Lie Yuanshen to take pictures of her.

    Men haven't had much interest in taking pictures, so when Lie Xiaoruo found that Lie Yuan's shooting became more and more ugly, he was angry and took the selfie stick.

    Lieyuan sank his phone, turned his head, and found that He Wanshuang was shooting against the sun's backlight.

    Her expression was carefully focused, her eyes narrowed, but her lips raised slightly, as if she was very satisfied with the picture just now.

    He glanced at it and didn't understand what could be photographed on a stone pillar.

    The next second, He Wanshuang put away his phone, folded his hands, closed his eyes, and seemed to be making a wish.

    Her expression was pious, as if the wish she had just made could not be more important to her.

    Hehe, silly woman, what a wish to make a broken pillar!

    Li Yuanshen thought so, but picked up his phone, and the ghost mischievously took a picture of He Wanshuang at the moment.

    As soon as he put away his phone, she opened her eyes and then turned to see him.

    His tone was low: "Is it finished?"

    He Wanshuang nodded.

    "Let's go," he said, pulling her hand.

    She was hesitant, but he still led her forward.

    Both of them did not speak, so they moved forward along the red earth. The wind in the air is dry. After the sun sets, the weather is slightly cooler.

    He Wanshuang was wearing a skirt. At the moment when the wind blew, she shrank her arm unconsciously.

    Lieyuan Shen noticed her reaction and stopped: "Cold?"

    He Wanshuang nodded. In fact, she hadn't been so afraid of the cold before, but since it was frozen outside for the night that night, now she seems to be extremely chilly.

    "Go back then," Lie Yuan said, turning around, and then, releasing He Wanshuang, putting her arm on her shoulder and taking her into her arms.

    The man was tall, she was so wrapped up, almost completely nestled in his arms, it was really not cold at all.

    There is also the last arc of light after the sun sets on the horizon, and the line of sight has become quite dark.

    The two walked forward silently, passing an ancient city wall, and heard a barking of dogs.

    He Wanshuang was a little scared and leaned back into Lieyuan's bosom.

    This was the first time she took the initiative to approach him. He gazed at the top of her head, his throat rolled gently, his arm closed a bit, and his voice slowed down: "It's okay, just a stray dog."

    She ‘um’ screamed and went on with him.

    Who knows, they only took two steps, and obliquely, suddenly a black figure emerged and rushed towards them.

    He Wanshuang screamed in fright, Lie Yan Shen pulled her behind him, and then lifted her foot and kicked at the dog.

    The dog was kicked and made a sharp noise, but rushed over after landing.

    At this moment, He Wanshuang saw clearly that he was a rather big Shiba dog.

    It's just that it may be ill, the eyes are all fierce, and in the dim light, it is particularly terrifying.

    It rushed towards Lieyuan Shen with fearless death, and moved quickly, biting Lieyuan Shen's sleeve in one bit. The next second, it seemed to be biting his arm!