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#430 Hold on!

"Master, please hurry up!" Bei Mingshen urged the taxi driver while dialing Bei Mingmo's mobile phone.

However, the phone rang a lot and was not answered.

At the moment, in the apartment, Bei Mingmo heard the ringtone of the mobile phone and was looking for an exit in the thick smoke.

However, there was fire all around, and the fire was so fierce that she felt burning pain in every breath.

Just ten minutes ago, she received a courier.

It happened that she bought some tampons online to show delivery today, so she didn't think much about it.

The courier arrived, and after signing, she took the box into the room.

She did not open it immediately, but went to the bathroom first.

However, before she finished the bathroom, she felt something was wrong outside.

When she came out, she was shocked to find that the room was on fire!

I didn't know what was in the package. At that time, she picked it up and found nothing strange, but within two minutes, the box had been burned and a large amount of flammable materials had been scattered.

The room was originally a wooden floor, and that kind of thing could ignite the wooden floor very quickly, and then let the flames in sight.

Bei Mingmo was so shocked that he quickly returned to the bathroom, poured himself through, and took a wet towel to cover his mouth and nose.

However, just as she was about to rush out, a huge blast suddenly sounded outside.

Then, there was fire light in the air, as if any flammable dust was on fire, all Mars in sight.

Bei Mingmo tried it and wanted to go out, but found that there was no way to go!

The door of the bathroom was also on fire, even if she kept spraying water, the fire did not mean to be extinguished.

Moreover, with a subtle sound, the bathroom was also cut off.

Suddenly, she fell into flames, can be said to be all around.

Just then, the phone rang.

I don’t know where the phone is, but I sing songs tenaciously.

Bei Mingmo suddenly realized that when she just entered the bathroom, she seemed to put the phone on the flower shelf at the door of the bathroom.

So she wrapped her hands in a wet towel and quickly touched her phone.

Bei Mingmo returned to the bathroom again. Only the three tiles here seemed to be the safest place in the room.

The phone didn't know if it was broken, it didn't ring anymore, Bei Mingmo picked it up, was about to call for help, and it rang again.

She was in the thick smoke, and saw the vague words above: Bei Mingshen.

Thinking of what Song Yiren told her on the phone, Bei Mingmo hesitated for a moment, but still slipped to answer.

Bei Mingmo has never heard Beiming Shen so anxious, he quickly said: "Momo, I saw the community is on fire, are you okay?"

Because of his sentence, the mustard originally seemed to have disappeared for the most part. Bei Mingmo's voice was panic: "Shen Brother, it's on fire! Someone sent the courier, and the house exploded suddenly. I'm in the bathroom now. Don't go..."

At this time, the sound of explosion was heard outside, and the black smoke became stronger and stronger.

"You are in the bathroom, wet yourself with water, don't go anywhere!" Bei Mingshen said quickly: "I'll pass right away! The firefighter should arrive soon, Momo, you insist!"

He said nothing and said: "Don't hang up, we will keep talking!"

Bei Mingmo pinched his phone and looked at the thick black smoke outside, his heart settled a little bit: "Okay."

"Master, use the fastest speed!" Bei Mingshen said, pumping out the cash in his wallet.

The driver accelerated the throttle again.

In the room, Bei Mingmo heard the sirens from outside. There seemed to be Beimingxiao at the door, but it was hard to hear.

But over the phone, Bei Mingshen's voice was particularly clear: "Momo, you listen to me, you immediately lean on the corner of the bathroom and squat slowly, because the smoke and harmful objects are all above. Inhalation may be poisonous. "

"Relax and breathe slowly, just like when you practiced yoga before."

"Try to slow down your heartbeat, don't move against the wall, and reduce oxygen consumption."

"Although I want to relax, I can't sleep over, no matter what the situation, I can't sleep over..."

His voice was low, and a little relieved her gradually.

At the door, Bei Mingxiao seemed to be dragged away, and no longer shouted, Bei Mingmo was finally relieved.

The sound of the alarm was getting louder and louder, and a water column was sprayed upstairs on Beimingmo's side, but because her floor was too high and the water pressure was not enough, she was at a loss for a while.

The fire area began to spread from the room where Beiming Mo was located. For a time, from the 23rd floor up, there were strong black smoke and flames, and all the people upstairs quickly fled down the safety stairs to escape.

Bei Mingshen pulled open the taxi door and strode forward.

In front, the fire warning line has been pulled up, and the fireman saw him rushing over, and quickly stopped: "Sir, there is suspected chemical inflammable and explosive products here, it is dangerous, you can't pass."

"My friend is inside, I have to save her!" Bei Mingshen said, rushing to the side of the water pipe, wet all of his clothes, and went on running.

"Big Brother!" Bei Mingxiao listened to the nurse and said that Bei Mingshen was coming, and could not help shouting: "Momo is still on it!"

"A Xiao, you are here to stay, I will take Momo down!" Bei Ming said deeply, and continued on.

Bei Mingmo was shocked, and quickly shouted: "Shen Brother, don't come in!"

Bei Mingshen has rushed into the corridor: "I'll be here soon, Momo, don't move."

Some firefighters are also going up the stairs, but because of the large area of ​​the fire, and the door of Beimingmo has been deformed, it could not be opened for a while.

Bei Ming ran for more than 20 layers in one breath, and his breath became very unstable. He covered his mouth and nose and rushed to North Ming Mo: "Momo, I'm at your door."

After all, he put the phone in his pocket.

At the door, the anti-theft door was locked tightly, and some firefighters were trying to find a way, but it could not be opened for a while.

Beiming couldn't care about anything else and rushed directly into the next room.

There is also smoke here, Mars falls on the hand, but Beimingshen seems to feel no pain.

He ran to the balcony quickly, picked up a flower pot on the ground and smashed it towards the balcony glass.

Soon, the glass shattered, he turned directly to the balcony, and with all his strength, he jumped over to Beimingmo.

The glass of her balcony had already shattered in the previous explosion, but there were still a lot of debris around him, and he quickly scratched his skin, and suddenly, bright red blood flowed out.

After Beiming fell to the ground, she was also stunned by the scene in front of her.

If the room next to Beimingxiao only has fragmentary fire, the Beimingmo rooms are almost all sea of ​​fire.

The moment he jumped from the balcony, the heat wave swept through his body, and he felt his eyebrows suddenly become a bit scorched.