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#52 Get news from my brother

Back at the dormitory, Song Yiren found several messages on his mobile phone. When he opened it, he discovered that Yu Ruonan's fourth brother Yu Xingfan had sent a message.

    Yu Ruo Nuan ’s mother divorced Yu Chengzhi only two years after Yu Ruo Nuan was born.

    And Yu Chengzhi just slept with a nightclub girl outside. At night, someone gave birth to a son. The gene identification is really Yu Chengzhi, Yu Xingfan in front of him.

    So, Yu Chengzhi married the woman named Fang Lingyi back home.

    At this moment, Yu Xingfan excitedly said to Song Yi on the Internet: "Sister, remember that I gave you the game last time on your birthday?"

    He said with excitement: "I met a hand-made modeler abroad today, and I was the same age as me! The hand-made tools he made are great, I will show you!"

    Immediately afterwards, Song Yiren's mobile phone screen kept flashing, which was a picture of many hand-made models.

    She twitched her lips, almost thinking about the expression of Yu Xingfan, a 14-year-old or a 15-year-old kid.

    Involuntarily, Song Yi's heart reappeared as his brother Song Ziheng three years ago. With a sigh in her heart, she felt a little closer to Yu Xingfan in front of her.

    In my memory, Yu Ruo Nuan was often troubled by her stepmother at home, but her fourth brother never teased her.

    Yu Xingfan sent a bunch of model drawings and then took a group photo: "Sister Sister, look, this is what he sculpted! He is simply my idol! I will also be a modeler in the future!"

    "Okay, I support you!" Song Yiren replied while looking at the picture.

    When I saw the last photo, Song Yi's pupils tightened sharply, and the whole person shivered uncontrollably!

    On the other end of the network, Yu Xingfan apparently did not notice the abnormality of the Song Yi people, and was still excitedly explaining: "Sister Sister, seeing the last picture is not there, I said he is the hand model model! It's a pity that he can't speak! But he is super strong, and one of his hand-made model exhibitions has been sold at a high price ... "

    Song Yiren's eyes locked the handsome boy in the picture.

    That's her brother Song Ziheng! I have n’t seen him for three years. He has grown up a lot. Although he is still a little bit naive, it can be seen from the fact that he and Yu Xingfan are standing together and they are almost the same height. Too.

    However, his shoulders are still thin, his cheeks are pale and thin for a long time without sunlight, and his eyes are the kind of complete silence, as if he is outside the world, and nothing can affect his death.

    A sharp pain rose from the bottom of my heart. Song Yiren's eyes were hot and his fingers trembled. "Where did you know him? What's his name?"

    Yu Xingfan saw that Song Yi was interested and immediately said happily: "Oh, a game conference in Ningguo! It's a pity that I don't know his name. I asked him. He only showed me his English name, called Sands. I do n’t know the rest. "

    It's a pity that he said: "Everyone said he was a friend, but he didn't give me his contact information ..."

    Song Yi people are already in tears.

    Was her Ziheng closed her all emotions because her loved ones were no longer there, and devoted all her life and enthusiasm to the carving master?

    No wonder she could not find any information on Song Ziheng, no wonder Chu Mingyao did not restrict his freedom, just because he did not threaten him now?

    Song Ziheng, who can't speak or communicate, has no interest in business and wealth, what can Chu Mingyao worry about?

    What's more, even if the exhibition is held by hand, Song Ziheng uses the English name, and no one knows his true identity.

    After all, the media said that Chu Mingyao had “protected” Song Ziheng very well, and had always attended school in closed schools and never appeared in the media.

    Song Yiren's fingertips rubbed Song Ziheng's face on the screen, his heart rolled with hatred towards Chu Mingyao, and he shivered!

    She opened the search bar and got a hand-off transfer site.

    After entering the keyword ‘Sands’, she really saw many works by Song Ziheng.

    Staring at his brother's hand-cut work, Song Yiren's eyes gradually turned red.

    Finally, she focused her attention on a model.

    It was a model of a girl, some resembling a cute version of bellflower, a girl with long hair flying in ink, wearing a white top and a red long skirt, and holding a delicate bow in her hand.

    The silver light on the girl's hair reminded Song Yiren of years ago, she and Song Ziheng went skiing together, and the snow fell on her hair, refracting the sunlight.

    Nine-year-old Song Ziheng said with a smile: "Sister, there are a lot of elf spots on your hair! Waiting for me, I will do a hand job, just like my sister, with such beautiful hair!"

    The past is like the wind.

    Song Yiren clicked on the transfer link below and submitted the transfer application.

    A week later, the robot was mailed to her, and she named the robot Zahara.

    hara, in Arabic and Hebrew, has a bright meaning.

    Hara is also the name of her first robot.

    For several days in a row, Song Yi people were almost immersed in the programming of Zahara, while at other times, they were preparing for the robot competition.

    At this moment she recharged the little guy and rubbed its hair.

    Suddenly, Zahara was awakened by the touch device installed in her hair, and her hair began to glow with bright light. When you look closely, it is all like a snowflake-like six petals.

    Its eyes are black and its pupils are brightened, and it opens: "I'm back."

    Song Yi looked at Zahara, and his throat seemed to be blocked by emotions.

    It was just then that her cell phone rang, which Yu Xingfan called.

    Song Yi people picked up the phone to answer: "Xingfan."

    Yu Xingfan's voice was full of excitement: "Sister, I will tell you good news! On the 18th, there is a private exhibition held by a hand in Ningguo. My friends who play games with me told me that Sands will also go!

    Song Yiren's breath tightened at once, and her vocal folds slightly tightened: "Can you get the ticket?"

    Yu Xingfan proudly said, "Hey, I must have gotten the ticket when I called you! Three sisters, your brother, am I right? I got two tickets, shall we come together at the time?"

    Song Yi was almost breathless by this surprise, her eyes were red: "Okay, you sent me the address, I booked the ticket and the hotel in advance."

    "Yes!" Yu Xingfan said, knowing that his father was not there, and lowered his voice deliberately: "But I was skipping class, and if I was found by my dad, it would be finished! He will definitely deduct all my living expenses by then!"

    Song Yi's lips and lips raised, but there were tears in his eyes: "It's okay, sister, I will raise you!"

    "That's all right!" Yu Xingfan said: "I will introduce you to a few powerful players by then!"

    "Well." Song Yiren responded.

    She categorically did not expect that she would have the opportunity to meet with Song Ziheng so soon, it seems that she can plan that earlier!