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#47 Introduce her hair to her

The private room is on the top floor of the club building. Before the Song Yi people heard, it seems that it is only open to diamond VIP customers.

    Pushing open the door of the private room, the Song Yi people were startled by the sight of their eyes.

    In the past, when she was in Ningguo, she had been to such a similar place, but the one here was more refined.

    The 0-degree large round corner floor window, because on the top floor, suddenly, the whole night view of the entire Imperial City.

    The floor of the room is black bronzing embroidered carpet, with a low-key luxury, and the European-style large chandelier reflects the complex and gorgeous light, which plated a layer of blur to the people present.

    Two men and a woman were sitting on the big sofa leaning against the floor-to-ceiling windows. When Gong Lingye brought Song Yi people in, they all looked over.

    Gong Lingye walked in and introduced to everyone: "Yu Ruonuan."

    Then, I introduced them to Song Yi people one by one.

    The man next to him was wearing a casual shirt and trousers, his eyes deep and quiet, and his eyebrows were as if they came out of the royal painting.

    It's just that his temperament is somber, and his face is as pale as perennial blindness, giving a vampire-like feeling in Western legends, handsome, but cold.

    He stood up and shook hands with Song Yiren politely, and his voice was also cool: "Miss Yu, I am Xuanyuan Che."

    The man next to him is much more sunny than him. He was born with a handsome sun, a casual dress, and uninhibited fashion. He smiled at Song Yiren: "I am Luo Tianqi, two years younger than Yege, single, healthy and all. . Good hobbies ... "

    Song Yiren was teased: "Hello Mr. Luo."

    "Just call me Tianqi." Luo Tianqi climbed along the pole.

    "He has a good hobby, even if he has too much fertility, even if a female mosquito passes by him, he can also make a large piece of fertilized eggs!" Luo Tianqi's side, with a sharp and short hair The girl stood up, her eyebrows were clean and delicate, and she reached out to Song Yi and said: "My name is He Wanshuang, and it is also Brother Ye's hair."

    "Hey, He Wanshuang, don't think you are a female, I dare not beat you?" Luo Tianqi said: "When I first met with the little beauty, you smeared my glorious image!"

    "Cut, your image, I think it is darker than the bottom of the pot!" He Wanshuang whispered: "And the object you talked to was brought by Brother Ye, you meant to pry the corner in front of Brother Ye. ? "

    Luo Tianqi heard the words, Chong Gong Ling Ye blinked and sold Meng: "Brother Ye, let me pry?"

    Gong Lingye sat down and spit out a word: "Go away."

    On one side, He Wanshuang raised his eyebrows at Luo Tianqi.

    Luo Tianqi didn't care too, and started talking to Song Yiren again: "Beauty, do you have sisters or sisters? Introduce one!"

    Song Yiren couldn't help but say, "I have two sisters, no sisters."

    "Sister is also OK!" Luo Tianqi immediately interested: "Are there any photos?"

    "Her two sisters are already married." Gong Lingye said, dispelling all hope of Luo Tianqi.

    "Hey, why don't you meet each other when you're not unmarried." Luo Tianqi pretended to sigh, and then he ticked Xuanyuan Che's neck, who had never spoken: "Ache, come and come, single dogs drink!"

    Xuanyuan Che was very white, and the wine glass filled with red wine was even stronger in his palm. He took the glass and took a sip. Chong Gong Ling said: "Aye, you asked me to help you last time. , It's already a little bit of an eyebrow. "

    Gong Lingye heard the words and bounced: "So fast?"

    "It is also a coincidence." Xuanyuan Che said: "I will show you the report tomorrow."

    "Good." Gong Lingye nodded and asked the waiter to bring a glass of freshly squeezed juice to Song Yiren.

    "Brother Ye, why don't you let your sister-in-law drink?" He Wanshuang smiled: "I'm afraid we ate my sister-in-law?"

    Gong Lingye smiled and said: "She will have classes tomorrow morning, and she should go back to school after a while."

    "Lying trough!" Luo Tianqi put down his glass: "Yege, you are a bird, a beast. If you are a student or a student, you will get involved!"

    Song Yi's face is a little bad, just to explain, Gong Lingye said first: "Nuan Nuan, they are used to joking, you don't care about them."

    "It's really no humanity to have a surname!" Luo Tianqi covered his chest: "When I was with me to watch the moon, I called someone sweet, now the new one is replaced by the old one, you asked others to roll ..."

    Gong Lingye didn't speak, and suddenly passed with an eye knife.

    Song Yi people looked at this scene, suddenly a little trance.

    In the past, she also had a few good friends. Chi Jingyu was her comrade-in-arms. They worked together for two years, stayed up together, and watched the driverless car drive on the runway under their joint efforts.

    They also drunk together at a celebration feast, and then smiled and said they would dominate the AI ​​world in the future.

    She and Bei Mingmo, and two other children, are also playing together from childhood to big friendship, but now ...

    Gong Lingye noticed the loss of Song Yi people's eyes, and her arm fell on her shoulder: "What's wrong?"

    Song Yiren returned to his mind: "It's okay, I think you have a good relationship, why haven't you seen them before?"

    "They were responsible for other family projects abroad, but looking back Tianqi and Wanshuang are ready to return, A Che will have a while." Gong Lingye explained.

    Song Yi nodded, and suddenly felt a little warmth in the abdomen, and quickly got up: "I go to the bathroom."

    She quickly walked to the bathroom with her carry-on bag, changed the sanitary napkin, and then went to the hand-washing station to wash her hands.

    At this time, the door opened, it was Gong Lingye.

    The Song Yi people are rushing to the hands, the water is rushing to the back of the white hands, and the foam quickly dissipates. When she was going to turn off the faucet, there was more people behind her in the mirror.

    The next second, Song Yiren was hugged by Gong Lingye from behind. He was much taller than her. At this moment she was in his arms, looking very petite.

    His hand slowed down, rushed with her, and then held her hand and clasped her fingers together.

    She was unconsciously tight, but he turned his head and kissed her sideways.

    The mirrors are exceptionally bright, the crystal lights hit each other, and there are beating broken awns.

    The back of the hand is completely covered by the palm of the man, a little rough, and the fingertips are flushed with the water, which is inexplicably hot.

    Song Yi moved and failed to break away. The next second, Gong Lingye kissed her pinna and her voice was low and magnetic: "Warm warm, I haven't seen you in the past two weeks, do you miss me?"

    Song Yiren did not answer.

    Gong Lingye couldn't help sighing when she saw that she was not talking, "I've been busy recently, and you don't remember me without looking for you, so I plan to let you go to my side this weekend."

    Upon hearing this, Song Yiren immediately said: "I have to go to the laboratory on the weekend! I signed up to participate in the college robot contest, and the members of our team competition will have a meeting on the weekend."

    "I want to be the first?" Gong Lingye chuckled, and his voice went straight into the Song Yiren's cochlea: "The first three clubs were directly hired by Tiangong Group, so want to approach me?"