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Chu Mingyao walked to another room. Today, he just tossed for too long, but at this moment he did not want Su Mi.

    The girl leaned back in his arms and her voice was soft: "President Chu, I recently went to a training class and learned to make clothes. I just made a set and brought it to you. You see, it fits perfectly ..."

    She never talked about the news that may have been overwhelming today, and only said something else, which made Chu Mingyao feel a little more comfortable.

    The girl in front of him was empathetic, but at the moment he had no thoughts.

    Perhaps it was really easy to get it, so there is no cherished thought. Chu Mingyao only felt that he was holding the Su Mi in his arms, but he was thinking about the girl in the imperial city.

    That day, she stooped to coax the little boy's appearance in his mind. He even dreamed that if he met her many years ago, would he be like this now ...

    The thoughts in his heart were suddenly overwhelming. Even the failures and depressions he didn't want to admit, he wanted to find a place to talk at this moment so that he could drown and catch a driftwood that could be attached.

    Therefore, Chu Mingyao didn't really touch Su Mi this time, just tried the clothes she sent, and then sent the person directly out of the door: "I am relatively busy recently, wait for me to call you, you come again. "

    Su Mi nodded thoughtfully: "Okay, President Chu, don't be too busy!"

    She said goodbye to him reluctantly, but when she walked around the corner of the villa, she saw Su Yunfei hiding in the corner.

    Su Mi walked in step by step, Su Yunfei saw her, thought she came to catch her, and immediately knelt down to Su Mi: "Su Mi, please help me! Don't give me to Chu Mingyao!"

    Su Mi stooped down and lowered her voice: "Su Yunfei, if you want me to save you, how can you repay me?"

    Since Song Ziheng was rescued, Chu Mingyao's villa has been less guarded.

    After all, what he wants to prevent is nothing more than Su Yunfei, and Su Yunfei is usually tied up and can't get out at all!

    Therefore, when Su Mi used his voice to help Su Yunfei quietly leave the villa, no one noticed.

    The camera here was originally arranged by Su Yunfei and Chu Mingyao. She knew where the camera was dead, so she quickly disappeared into the night.

    Su Mi was waiting for a taxi at the door alone. It took a long time for the taxi to come. She got on, but after not long after driving, she found Su Yunfei on the roadside.

    The blood stains on her body had dried up because it was winter, but it was invisible when she put on a coat outside.

    After getting in the car, Su Yunfei finally felt that she had barely recovered her life, so she didn't pay attention. Su Mi was sitting in the co-pilot, and she didn't seem to be worried that the taxi driver would harm her.

    The car quickly drove to Su Mi's home, but no one knew. In fact, Su Yunfei did not get off, but went to another place with the driver.

    At the moment, Chu Mingyao did not know that Su Yunfei had already run away.

    After Su Mi left, he went to the terrace, feeling that the cold wind was blowing his cheeks, the biting coldness poured into his breath, he felt the whole person seemed alive.

    He returned to the study, regardless of the fact that it was close to 11 o'clock in the evening, but still beat the Song Yi people.

    In the past two days, Gong Lingye was busy until late at night, so at this moment, only the Song Yiren's hot spring villa is she and Awen Awu.

    She was about to sleep, and she heard the phone ringing.

    When she saw the name shown above, Song Yiren felt that her sleepiness was gone.

    Today, she always pays attention to the news. When she saw the video of the interview of Haisheng Shareholders' Meeting and Wang Dong and others left the company, she felt that the long-lasting gloom finally disappeared!

    Chu Mingyao was dismissed with a 90% pass rate. At this moment, he is already determined and nothing can be saved!

    And it was Dannis, a famous professional manager who took over Haisheng. Song Yiren also heard Gong Lingye mentioned that he would not favor any party. It can be said that he is a candidate well suited to Haisheng's current situation.

    And it happened that Gong Lingye helped Dannis once a few years ago. Therefore, Gong Lingye contacted Dannis immediately after hearing that Wang Dong and others were interested in Dannis, hoping that he could temporarily act as president of Haisheng.

    Therefore, when Wang Dong went to contact Dannis, the other party responded directly.

    The former president of Hai Sheng was fired, and the new president has been selected to occupy almost all the headlines in today's pages, even in the entertainment news.

    Song Yiren saw the news at that time, and she almost did not laugh out loud—

    [The Green Hat president hat is finally taken off. Only Green Hat will be left in the future, no president! 】

    There is another one written like this-

    [It can be seen from Lord Hai Sheng's change that a man who wins eyeballs by remembering his former fiancee can only be his son-in-law. Therefore, if the door falls, he can only fall! 】

    Song Yiren really didn't know if Chu Mingyao looked at those, but with her understanding of him, even if she didn't read it, today Chu Mingyao's mood should be quite wonderful!

    It's a pity that she didn't see Chu Mingyao now, but the other party called me!

    The Song Yi people sat on the bed and put on a cushion, and they were comfortable, and then they slipped and answered: "Mr. Chu."

    "Xiao Nuan." Chu Mingyao heard Song Yiren's voice, his eyes suddenly turned red, and his voice was a little choked: "Did I disturb you?"

    "No." Song Yi said humanly: "I haven't slept yet!"

    "I called you just to hear your voice." Chu Mingyao paused: "Xiao Nuan, I'm so sad these two days."

    Song Yi people tried to suppress the disgust in their hearts, and quickly said: "Mr. Chu, don't be sad, everyone will have ups and downs ..."

    "Xiao Nuan, don't call me that. I'm not a Chu president anymore. Remember what I said to you before?" Chu Mingyao said: "You just call my elder brother!"

    Song Yiren only felt goose bumps all over her body, she said: "Zhu Chu, I--"

    "Xiao Nuan!" Chu Mingyao's tone was heavier: "You don't want to call me Big Brother, do you dislike me like others?"

    Song Yiren didn't know how to describe the mood at the moment. She felt sick in her heart, but her tone was not obvious: "Well, then I will call you ... Brother Chu."

    In such a moment, she thought of her previous life. She was also called Chu Mingyao's elder brother. Oh, a good elder brother, killed her parents, ruined her appearance, and disabled her, and finally burned her and her father to death!

    Yes, she should call him ‘Big Brother’, because she can be reminded all the time about the cruel things that this beast did to their family!

    On the other end of the phone, Chu Mingyao obviously would not know the hatred of the Song Yi people at the moment.

    He listened to her calling him like that, and even missed a beat for his heartbeat. He paused and said: "Xiao Nuan, do you think that your elder brother is useless? Now everyone is laughing at me, I feel like I have failed ... "