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At this moment, the Song Yi people had jumped into the sewer. She crawled forward quickly, and all her sights were pipes. She couldn't care about anything else, and she dared not stop.

    This should be a sewer that has not been repaired. There is not much water, but there are gaps in the pipes.

    People can't walk straight inside, so the speed advantage of those two men is not so obvious.

    In particular, when the Song Yi people climbed to the back and there were places where she could only pass her sideways to force her, her heart dropped a little.

    However, she has seen the heart of the people behind the scenes. The Gong family and the Song family, the two have been arranged for decades.

    Therefore, it is unknown whether the other party will bring tools over because it is too narrow.

    Therefore, the Song Yi people did not dare to stop, she still moved forward quickly until the road became wider again, and there was a fork in front of her.

    Seeing the fork in the road, she was overjoyed, at least reducing the possibility of her being overtaken.

    She chose a side according to the direction of the pipeline, and then moved on.

    I didn't expect it to look like an underground labyrinth. When the Song Yi people walked to the tenth turn, they heard a lot of running water in front of them. Obviously, there was no way.

    She stopped quickly, only to find out that because she ran too fast, her physical strength was completely overdrawn, so she didn't move at all, and suddenly felt that her legs were more heavy than the lead.

    She couldn't walk at all and could only lean on the pipe and gasp hard.

    She reached out and touched the phone, but found that the phone she was holding had no idea when it dropped, and there was no signal at all.

    Trying to calm down and listen, the Song Yi people can only hear the sound of water on the other side, except for there is no human voice.

    Therefore, she is safe for the time being, but she does not know how long it will take to leave here.

    The body consumes too much, and the Song Yi people did not plan to find a way out or draw a map, but sat on the spot and quietly waited for the recovery of physical strength.

    Time passed slowly, and when she finally got better, and when she could get up again, Song Yi pulled Zahara out of her pocket.

    She activated the communication function, but found that there was really no signal here and she could not contact Ares.

    The only thing that can be done is to draw a map.

    The biggest advantage of robots is that they can record a large amount of data in an instant and integrate them to complete the summary.

    For example, in a place like this labyrinth, the Song Yi people walked by themselves, even if they were engraved while walking, they are likely to be completely dizzy, but for Zahara, it is much easier.

    Therefore, the Song Yiren first set her current place in Zahara as the starting point, and then took Zahara to go forward. Every time a place passed, it would be a node on the map.

    As she continued to move forward, Song Yi felt that her stomach was already hungry, but she had nothing but two chocolate bits in her bag.

    She first ate a piece to replenish her energy, and then took Zahara to continue the recording.

    The hour hand on the watch has turned several scales, and the Song Yi people are thirsty and tired, so they can only follow the map and go to the place where there is an underground river.

    Although I do n’t know if the underground river is dirty, she ca n’t help it. Even if she does n’t have any tools, she can only untie her scarf and use a small corner to pour the water into a simple strainer and barely drink it.

    The water was cold and biting. After she drank it, she jumped again and again, feeling that it was not so cold, so she found a place to rest.

    Hara is also a lithium battery, which can generally be used for two weeks. However, she has just used Zahara's lighting and drawing functions, and she does not know how much she has consumed. Now if Zahara is out of power, the Song Yi people really don't know what they will face.

    Therefore, when she walked forward, she dared not turn on the lighting again, but smeared a little.

    As a result, the efficiency is reduced a lot, and even when walking to a place, the scalp is scratched by sharp objects and several hairs are pulled off.

    Resisting the pain, the Song Yi people continued to move forward, even though their legs seemed to be filled with lead, but she knew that if she stopped, because it was cold here, once she fell asleep, she might be frozen to death.

    The hands of the watch had already pointed to the night, and the Song Yiren knew that she had been missing for so long, that A Mian could not reach her, or that she had found something wrong with the person who was sent to protect her, and she would definitely search.

    There is a location on her mobile phone, but it is left in this underground passage, because there is no signal, the location of the last signal must be displayed.

    So, will he find it here?

    However, Song Yi people have experienced too much, and naturally understand the truth: never put all hope on others.

    So, she drank some groundwater again, and then, went on.

    In the dark labyrinth, she fumbled forward and kept recording every passing place. Every time she felt that she could not persevere, thinking that Gong Lingye, Song Ziheng and Bei Mingmo were waiting for her, she persevered again.

    The time is suddenly one day, and the Song Yi people are hungry and trembling, it seems that they will fall down in the next second.

    She shuddered and put the last piece of chocolate in her mouth, feeling the sweetness spreading at the tip of her tongue, as if she had found a little motivation to move forward.

    At this moment, Zahara suddenly said in his hand: "The drawing analysis is completed, find the exit!"

    Song Yi was shocked.

    She turned on Zahara's display, and saw a complicated maze map on the display. Although there was still a large area blank, she didn't need to explore, she just needed to find where she came from.

    At this moment, the Song Yi people almost wept with joy.

    She chose the shortest route from the map and hurried forward.

    Coming back to the previously narrow area, when the Song Yi people were about to turn on the Zahara lighting, they suddenly heard a grunt.

    Her nerves tightened instantly, and quickly switched Zahara to silent mode. Then, she held Zahara in her hand and quietly reached out to explore.

    Soon, Zahara gave feedback: someone outside!

    I just felt that a pot of ice water was splashing down my head, and the Song Yi people clung to the wall, trying to depress the sense of depression.

    Over there, the man's grunt is clearer, and it's really within ten meters of her!

    Time suddenly became extremely long, and it was in such a long time that there was movement.

    "Damn, what's going on with that boy? Did you die inside?" A male voice scolded.

    The snoring man seemed to be awakened by someone, and he scolded, and then asked, "Not yet out?"

    "No!" The man seemed to be sitting on the ground: "I inquired. This is the only exit. This underground evil gate was very good. At first, there were workers in it because there were too many underground rivers. The river is dry, but the underground is the same as the labyrinth, and we entered the quasi-lost way. We stayed here for three days, and it is estimated that he would die inside! "