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#126 Strange man

The Song Yi people were on the road, piggybacked by passing people, and finally arrived at the train station.

    Sure enough, many people carpooled there, and the Song Yi quickly found a car to go to a nearby city.

    She was in the car, charged up her mobile phone, and also transferred the carpool fee to the other party.

    She opened WeChat and found that the message to Gong Lingye had been sent.

    She deleted the chat with him, put away her phone, and looked out.

    The city was in chaos, and her forehead was a little uncomfortable. After a while, she slept again.

    Waking up again, she had arrived at the airport over there.

    Song Yiren had already bought the last first-class flight ticket when she got on the bus, so she directly checked in and waited in the first-class lounge.

    She now has nothing but an ID card.

    Fortunately, the ID card was taken out of the bag because she needed to check it at the auction site. She didn't have time to put it back.

    Otherwise, when the train ticket is full, she really does not know how she can leave as quickly as possible.

    Some people are thirsty, and the Song Yi people are planning to buy a bottle of water. A male voice came from the side: "Beauty, won't you encounter robbery? There is a special medical office on the side of the airport. Your wounds are not easy to treat. Take you there? "

    Song Yiren turned his head and saw that the other party was a young man with fashionable clothes and a pair of peach eyes, which was not frivolous. Instead, he smiled and made the whole person very friendly.

    But she didn't pay attention to it at all, and the tone was faint: "No, thank you."

    "Hey-" The man sighed, and his eyes fell on Song Yiren's clothes: "Beauty dressed in personality!"

    Song Yi looked down and found that there were several openings on his skirt, and the coat was also very dirty. Although it was not exposed, it was a bit ...

    She said: "Thank you, I know."

    Let's just leave.

    She went to a shop first, bought a dress, and went to the bathroom.

    This is the first time she has seen herself after crawling out of the ruins.

    The blood stains on her cheeks were wiped off with a wet tissue before she got into the car.

    So, she only saw a big thumb wound on her forehead, and the blood had basically coagulated.

    Her face was much paler than usual, her lips and petals were chapped, and her face was haggard.

    The Song Yi people put on their clothes, hid the ring again, threw away the originally broken clothes, and walked out.

    Outside, the young man who just talked to her just now walked over to a man wearing sunglasses and said, "Third brother, the girl who just ignored my face value completely is the girl."

    The man sat on the leather sofa, most of his face hidden in sunglasses, only revealing thin diamond lips and delicate chin.

    Looking at Song Yi for a moment, his lips evoked an arc with a bit of evil energy, the voice was low magnetic, the tail was slightly picked up, and the texture was hoarse: "Interesting."

    "Third Brother, wait for me to poke around again," the young man said.

    "Going to the wall again." The man named San Ge lightly clasped the armrest of the sofa next to him, and the purple gemstone ring in his hand was striking.

    His clothes are luxurious, with a bit of the style of ancient European aristocracy, the whole person also looked at the lazy and expensive, but also revealed a kind of powerful that can not be ignored.

    For a long time, after hearing the broadcast of starting boarding, Song Yi stood up and walked to the boarding gate.

    The first-class cabin has priority, and the Song Yi people sit down and look out the window. It is early morning at this moment, because it is a cloudy day, and the whole airport looks extremely gloomy.

    Someone came by her side, and it was the 'third brother' just now.

    When he sat down, he took off his sunglasses, revealing a screaming face.

    The delicate and angular facial features, plus a pair of deep amber eyes, the mixed-race looks of him made the stewardess take a few more glances.

    It's just that the Song Yi people didn't turn their heads at all and ignored them all the way.

    The man hooked his lips, put on his goggles, and began to sleep.

    It took only one and a half hours to reach the Imperial City all the way. When the Song Yi people got up from their seats, their bodies shook slightly.

    Behind him, he stretched out a man's hand and helped her.

    She turned her head and bumped into a pair of deep eyes.

    With a completely strange face, Song Yiren glanced back and then looked away, the tone was polite and alienated: "Thank you."

    The man withdrew his hand, and the Song Yi turned around and continued to go out.

    The two no longer meet each other.

    I do n’t know why today, the airport is overcrowded, and my ears are full of things about the H earthquake.

    Some people use it as a talk, while others are full of worry.

    Song Yi people saw a long queue over the taxi, so they went to the other side and planned to make a network appointment.

    But, just walked in, I saw a familiar face.

    Gong Mochen got up early this morning and heard about the earthquake in H city.

    I don't know why. The first thing he thought of was that I was in the company yesterday and I accidentally heard that Song Yi also went to H city.

    Gong Mochen first called Gong Lingye on his mobile phone and could not connect.

    Then, he called Bae Jun again, but it was clear there, saying that he and Chi Jingyu were in the hospital, Gong Lingye was fine, but there was a slight concussion, and he had not recovered. But they have not found the Song Yi people yet, and A Mian is still sending people to search.

    Gong Mochen came to the airport without knowing how he hung up the phone. He asked Special Assistant Zhang Mingyu to book an air ticket to fly to City H. He didn't even bring the changed clothes with him, so he came.

    At this moment, when he saw Song Yiren standing and looked at him less than ten meters away from him, his pupils shrank, and there was a sense of trance in his heart, so that she withdrew her eyes and continued to move forward, he only reacted.

    She ignored him at all, and when she was about to walk past him, Gong Mochen reached out and grabbed Song Yi's arm.

    "Yu Ruonuan!" He called her by the name, only to feel that the touch under his palm was real and somewhat warm, so that the heart that had been hanging for a long time finally settled slowly.

    The Song Yi people stood still and drew their arms out, saying, "Well, Mr. Gong, hello."

    Gong Mochen frowned, and he really didn't like her so-called politeness.

    His eyes fell on her injured forehead, and he said, "Are you injured? Did you come back from City H?"

    Song Yiren nodded: "Well, your uncle should still be there, you can see them."

    "I'll take you to the hospital." Gong Mochen looked at Song Yi who was injured and always felt very uncomfortable.

    "It's okay, it's just a skin trauma, just take care of it." Song Yiren said, leaving.

    Gong Mochen grabbed her arm again and saw that she also had bruises on her hand. For the first time, he was particularly strong in front of her: "Follow me to the hospital!"

    Song Yi was surprised, and Gong Mochen had forced her to go to his car.

    After coming out of the airport, there was a traffic jam on the road, and the Song Yi people were a little groggy, and fell asleep unconsciously.

    At this time, her mobile phone rang, and on the side, Gong Mochen swept her gaze, and saw that it showed ‘Bae Jun’ above.