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#158 Knock him down

After that, Bei Mingmo appeared in front of Xuanyuan Che more and more frequently, and had to leave his phone and WeChat. Sometimes, he would say good night to him at night.

    Until, Xuanyuan Che's birthday.

    On the same day, a classmate who happened to be on a business trip to Ningcheng went to the company to find him. He was originally going to celebrate his birthday, but he pushed.

    When I went home alone, I had a simple meal. At night, there were a lot of messages, one of which was from Beimingmo.

    Xuanyuan Che opened it immediately, and there was only one sentence above: "I'm tired, and I've been disturbed in the past few months."

    He looked at the calendar and it was exactly 90 days since he first went to Beimingmo to discuss the contract with their company.

    Therefore, she really persisted for only three months.

    Xuanyuan Che returned to Phoenix, Gong Lingye ordered him a few dishes separately, and the two began to talk about the project.

    Song Yi people looked at the time and found that the invading R country network that Lao Gui said was getting closer and closer, therefore, the whole person became a little restless.

    After Gong Ling Ye Tan and Xuan Yuan Che finalized the contract details, they saw that Song Yi was obviously anxious.

    He walked over and dragged her to the floor-to-ceiling window: "Warm, why?"

    "It's okay." Song Yiren doesn't know the situation now, and can't talk to Gong Lingye. She looked around and saw that there was audio equipment in the bar in front, so she said, "I want to hear you sing."

    Gong Ling was stunned at night.

    Luo Tianqi captured this sentence, so came over and coaxed: "Ye Ge singing is very nice, if it's warm, haven't you heard it yet?"

    Song Yiren finally found a place where he could express his emotions, and quickly shook Gong Lingye's arm: "Sing a song for me!"

    Gong Lingye was helpless. He really didn't sing songs very much. On the way to work, the broadcasts he heard were all financial news.

    However, sometimes when I go home, I turn on the radio to listen to one or two songs to relax my nerves.

    He knew that Luo Tianqi deliberately pitted him, but seeing the eyes that Song Yiren looked forward to, he still said: "Well, I will try."

    Luo Tianqi enthusiastically went to turn on the audio and song system, and handed Mike to Gong Lingye: "Brother Ye, which song should I sing?"

    Gong Lingye somehow thought of the song that he and Song Yi separated for the first time on the pedestrian street in Ningcheng.

    At that time, perhaps because of her, it was particularly pleasant. So after that, he downloaded it specifically and heard many times.

    In pop songs, the only melody that can be remembered is this one. So he walked over and ordered the song.

    Luo Tianqi directly changed the lighting of the room to soft and KTV mode.

    The prelude sounded, the soft light slowly turned in the big private room, Gong Lingye sat three meters in front of Song Yi and sang to her.

    "Gently, it fell on my palm. Quietly, icing in my palm. Meeting is destined in the previous life. It hurts and tastes all happiness."

    The Song Yi people were a little surprised, it turned out to be this song.

    She couldn't help thinking of how she felt when she heard this song on the streets of Ningcheng.

    At that time, should it be considered the lowest mood?

    Gong Lingye's voice was a little deeper than the original singing. Under the effect of the sound, the whole room was surrounded by his stereo, as if singing in her ears.

    His eyes were deep and he stared at her so straight and firm in the rotating light.

    Song Yiren felt that his restless heart was slowly calmed down, and gradually, he was completely attracted to his singing.

    "I listened slowly, the sound of snow falling, closed my eyes and imagined that it would not stop. You can't get close, it's not too thin, just greedy outside the window, good scenery."

    The heartbeat became a little faster, and even the cheeks were a little flushed. Song Yiren watched the man on the bar holding the microphone and walked towards him little by little. Every step seemed to follow her heartbeat.

    At the moment, it happened to be the door between the two sections. Gong Lingye walked to Song Yiren, took her hand, and leaned into her ear: "Nuan Nuan, in fact, I was there when you went to Ningguo. You are listening to this I was watching you when I was singing the song. "

    Song Yi raised his eyes in shock and looked at Gong Lingye. Under the rather dark light, his face was a little blurred, but his eyes were extremely bright.

    She remembered the coin she put in the fountain at the time, the coin that helped her, and the blurry shadow that appeared when she went to the wishing bell to shoot the video.

    It turned out to be him?

    There was no taste in my heart. Some were sour and sweet, and the whole breath seemed lightened.

    At this time, Gong Lingye began to sing again.

    He took the girl's hand next to him and felt that her soft little hand was in his palm. The little one seemed to give him everything.

    She didn't know that, at the time, he also helped her to beat a few gangsters who wanted to follow her.

    He did a lot of things without actually knowing her.

    At the end of the song, Gong Lingye put down the microphone, and beside him, Luo Tianqi was still coaxing: "Brother Ye, come again!"

    Song Yiren turned to Gong Gongying and smiled blushingly: "So you sing so nice!"

    Gong Lingye rubbed her hair.

    At this time, Song Yiren's cell phone rang, she picked it up and answered: "Hey."

    There, the voice of the old ghost came: "Xiao Nuan, ok!"

    Song Yi took a breath, and the whole person seemed to be frozen, his hands shaking so badly: "Old ghost, you say—"

    "I not only completed the task you gave me, but also took the opportunity to make a vote!" The old ghost was also very excited: "Your brother's new passport will be delivered by courier in five working days."

    Song Yiren could not control the emotions on his face, and his expression appeared extremely stiff: "Old ghost, thank you!"

    "Okay, I'm not in vain, I feel too cool this time, and I have found my faith again!" He smiled and looked up and down: "The lidar system of our new car, I suddenly have inspiration, I want to immediately write it down……"

    Hanging up the phone, Gong Ling in front of him saw that Song Yi's expression was unclear, and he couldn't help asking: "Nuan Nuan, what's wrong?"

    Who knows, just after asking, Song Yi suddenly stretched his arms, hooked his neck at once, jumped up, and threw him full of arms.

    Her eyes are all excited: "Successful! Gong Lingye, we succeeded!"

    He didn't know anything, but he was afraid that she might fall, so he reached out and hugged her, and there was a smile on his cheek: "Well, let's celebrate!"

    "Uh huh!" Song Yiren excitedly wrapped around Gong Lingye's neck, just about to say something, and suddenly it meant that there were others in the room, and suddenly his face was hot.

    "I'll come down first—" She blushed heartily. Feeling a little annoyed, just how excited, just in front of others, fell to Gong Lingye?

    "It doesn't matter, they are not outsiders." Gong Lingye said, holding the Song Yi people into the suite of the private room: "Nuan Nuan, what's so happy?"