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#133 Seven years ago

After listening to Gong Lingye, the Song Yi people slowly turned around.

    To be honest, she didn't think he would be hurt, but she came to her thousands of miles away; even more, he would talk to her in such a low voice.

    He was always high in her heart, no matter what he faced, he planned everything.

    Maybe it ’s getting out of control now because she is a rare accident in his life?

    She didn't cling to him like other women, nor did she obey him, so many of her words and deeds subverted his perception of women, he just thought that she was special?

    Because it is special, it must be won. And he has no choice whatsoever to do, so even if the dignity is laid down at this moment?

    And because it was only special, he was at the most critical moment, every time he thought of and protected another woman.

    After all, this is the difference between really liking and just being prey!

    However, no matter what, everything seems to be irrelevant.

    All she had to do was to recognize her goals. The things on her were too heavy and too heavy, and she really had no energy to distract or craze the roadside scenery.

    Although this splitting is a bit painful, but the habit is just fine, she is not without pain.

    But no matter what, she should make it clear to him after all.

    So, Song Yiren said: "Let's find a place to talk!"

    Gong Lingye saw her calm look, her heart shrunk slightly, but nodded: "Okay."

    Aside, Bei Mingmo has endured the limit.

    She felt the same thing about Li Xiaozi and Luo Tianqi, but it was not a matter of being hugged by her brother-in-law or brother-in-law!

    She stepped on Luo Tianqi again, this time very hard and stepped on Luo Tianqi as a whole.

    Taking advantage of this effort, Bei Mingmo slammed Luo Tianqi abruptly, and raised his hand to hold his face, saying one by one: "Handsome guy, look at me, am I your wife?"

    Luo Tianqi was startled, and his eyes fell on Bei Mingmo's face.

    He wanted to say that she was Azi, but with the same facial features, her temperament and figure were completely different.

    Moreover, her expression of speaking or expression is clearly another person.

    However, he really missed Li Xiaozi, so he couldn't bear to look away.

    Although I felt that they were not alone in the bottom of my heart, he was still stuck in despair, stuck in the deep eyes, locked Bei Mingmo, with a smile on his lips, but his voice was sobbing: "Azi, You look very good, a little fatter, look healthy, I am very happy. "

    The surroundings were quiet, and the Song Yi people wanted to remind, but when she saw Luo Tianqi like this, thinking of the wedding that day, she even couldn't bear to break his fantasy.

    Only, a male voice suddenly sounded, it was Gong Lingye's voice: "Tianqi, she is not Azi, just a bit like it."

    Early this morning, when I saw Bei Mingmo, Gong Lingye felt familiar. Later, I thought that Beimingmo and Li Xiaozi looked very similar.

    However, in this world, there are many people who look alike, not to mention Li Xiaozi's life. He also investigated before, there are no siblings, so all this is just a coincidence, Gong Lingye is not interested.

    In fact, if Bei Mingmo was not a friend of the Song Yi people, he would be too lazy to take a look.

    Gong Lingye's voice was particularly penetrating, as if a bell struck his ear, Luo Tianqi took two steps back, and the whole person was still struggling in the mud.

    Aside, his assistant saw the time was tight, hesitated or stepped forward: "Mr. Luo, boarding soon ..."

    Luo Tianqi glanced at the assistant, then at Beimingmo, hesitating for a moment, and handing the handbag to the assistant: "You go first, I will take the next flight."

    The assistant had no choice but to leave.

    Behind Gong Lingye, Pei Jun, who was in a wheelchair, played the rounds: "It's not convenient for everyone to stand here and chat. Let's find a place to sit?"

    Bei Mingmo also knows that Luo Tianqi also expects to see him sooner or later, so it might as well solve the trouble at once.

    So she nodded: "Okay, let's find a place to talk."

    The crowd drove to a cafe near the airport and asked for two private rooms with good privacy.

    In the first room, Bei Mingmo Chong Luo Tianqi said: "I just saw it, you should also know that I am not Azi in your mouth, but you are not willing to admit it."

    Luo Tianqi squeezed his lips tightly and didn't speak. He held the cup tightly in his hand, and his heart was indescribably sad and lonely.

    "I think if she is spirited in the sky, she can't accept you trusting her affection on another person? After all, I should just look like her." Bei Mingmo took a sip of coffee: "Just It seems like drinking coffee, I do n’t know what she likes, but my taste is to add only milk and no sugar. "

    Luo Tianqi didn't speak. After a long silence, he said: "She likes to add milk and sugar."

    Silently, he said again: "Can I know your name?"

    Bei Mingmo said: "Sabrina, or, you call me Momo like a warm baby."

    "Okay." Luo Tianqi smiled and held out his hand: "Momo, I'm glad to meet you."

    Bei Mingmo shook hands with him, and then withdrew each.

    "I'm sorry, just abruptly." Luo Tianqi said again.

    "You're welcome." Bei Mingmo actually wanted to know more about her twin sisters, so she asked, "Can you tell me something about your story?"

    Luo Tianqi was slightly startled, and began to speak.

    Many things, he also wanted to talk to someone, especially, the girl in front of him looked exactly like the one in his memory.

    He sipped his coffee and said in a low voice: "She is my wife. I have known her for seven years. When she left, it was at our wedding."

    "The first time I saw her was in the library of Ningcheng University seven years ago. At that time we all saw the same book, and it happened that there was only one book, but our hand touched that book at the same time, but she I closed my hand and gave me the book. "

    Luo Tianqi's eyes were all memories: "I remember the sun was very bright that day, and it fell on her face. I could see the small fluff on her cheeks. She gave me the book and left. Calling her from behind, she didn't respond. "

    He recalled carefully: "Oh, yes, she seemed anxious to call another girl, a girl of" Yi ", and the two said with a smile and left without looking back."

    "This is the first time I have been so completely ignored!" Luo Tianqi smiled: "At that time, she was like you, looking very healthy ..."

    He continued to speak, but Bei Mingmo was puzzled.

    Ningcheng University Library? "Yi"?

    Why did she feel like she was talking about it?

    She carefully recalled that it really seemed to have happened. Bei Mingmo looked at Luo Tianqi, and suddenly, he remembered a picture.