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#4 Rebirth

If life is a dream, and when you regain consciousness, Song Yiren only feels hot on her body, and there is a painful sound between her lips and teeth.

    And at this moment, a cold male voice over his head sounded: "Go!"

    Song Yiren suddenly opened her eyes, only to find that she was not well-dressed and hung on a man who had just taken a shower!

    The man's waist was loosely tied with a bath towel. The upper body had not yet been dried. The wheat-colored skin had a clear texture. The perfect body had no fat. The pectoral muscles were like beautiful chocolate cubes.

    There are drops of water converging into a stream of water, following the two mermaid lines, submerged into the depth of mystery.

    He is tall and tall, his face is exquisitely dusty, and his three-dimensional and deep facial features are like the most elaborately carved by God. At this moment, even if only one bath towel was attached, it could not hide the powerful gas field like the emperor.

    The Song Yi people reacted and quickly jumped from the man's body and took a half step back.

    Stepping on the luxurious wooden floor, the feeling of being down-to-earth caused her heart to shock.

    Can she actually walk? Isn't she crippled? Was n’t Chu Mingyao scrapping his legs and lying in the basement of that cruise ship for three years? !

    Song Yiren couldn't describe the horror in her heart, because she looked down and found her hands were white and fair, as if she were a fine jade, not like a dead branch in memory!

    Moreover, her tendons were not cut off, and there were no traces of sulfuric acid burning on her arms!

    Thinking of this, she suddenly raised her hand to touch her face.

    Her cheeks are smooth, although she can feel a thick layer of powder, but there are no scars, so smooth that she wants to cry!

    The man in front of him looked at the abnormal behavior of the Song Yi people, but his sneer voice was unexpectedly magnetically beautiful: "Yu Ruo Nuan, you are not so clever by chance!"

    Yu Ruonuan? Is he talking about her? The Song Yi people were completely shocked and only felt as if they were caught in a huge mystery.

    After the man in front of him dropped this sentence, he saw that Song Yi did not respond, and threw her into the bathroom, opened the shower, and then stepped away.

    The pouring of cold water eased the enthusiasm of the Song Yi people, and also made her brain gradually clear ...

    She looked up and her eyes slowly settled on the girl in the mirror.

    He was about 168 in height, and the makeup on his face was flushed with water, which looked a little like a palette that had been overturned.

    She has a slender figure, fair skin and fine skin, hands and feet intact, and no scars on her cheeks.

    Although the makeup is spent, it can still be seen that the girl is extremely young, but she should be in her early 20s, with a blue silk, like a good blue silk satin, in the water, if a black waterfall.

    Song Yiren covered his mouth and rolled his throat, making a very depressing sound.

    The person in the mirror did the same as she did. She raised her hand, she also raised her hand, she turned around, she turned around.

    She pinched her arm abruptly, and her arms were pinched out of the red seal, and she also felt obvious pain.

    The Song Yiren finally couldn't help but tears down!

    This is not a dream, she is not dead, and the soul is somehow reborn into a strange girl!

    Did God feel her unwillingness when she died? Give her a chance, a chance of revenge!

    As the water washed away, a spotless face gradually became clear.

    In my mind, memory gradually popped up, and it belonged to Yu Ruannuan, the master of this body.

    Yu Ruo Nuan, 20 years old this year, from China's Imperial City, is currently in his junior year, and is studying the most popular AI major, namely artificial intelligence. Because of his excellent results, he was selected into the most famous artificial intelligence laboratory in China, the MSRA laboratory.

    The man outside is the master of the palace, Gong Lingye.

    The Gong family is the largest consortium in China. Gong Lingye is less than 30 years old, and he has been in charge of the Gong family for only a few years, which has doubled the market value of the Tiangong Group.

    Moreover, I heard that he was fierce and iron-blooded. In this imperial city, it can be said that turning his hands for the clouds and raining for the rain, and stomping his feet casually, can make this emperor city shake like a king!

    Song Yiren knew from memory that Yu Ruonan didn't come to Gonglingye's bathroom on purpose. She liked Gonglingye's nephew, Mochen, so she came to find someone.

    Unexpectedly, he went to the wrong room and accidentally hit Gong Lingye who was taking a bath!