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#117 Already broke up

I don't know what other whispers were there, both of them lowered their voices. Soon, Gu Tingxue's mood seemed to adjust.

    Just listen to Gong Moyan's gossip: "Ah, listen to Sister Xue, you said who will get married first, Uncle and Big Brother? I will tell you, in fact, I think Big Brother's marriage with Sister Ruo Nuan is coming soon!

    "Ah? Really?" Gu Tingxue was obviously surprised.

    Gong Moyan nodded: "Yes! I will tell you quietly, don't look at how much sister Le has a relationship with my aunt. In fact, my elder brother doesn't like her at all! You are very polite to her! Instead, I asked my elder brother to borrow Ruwa a few times, and he did n’t borrow it! Hmm, obviously reluctant! I think she just likes Ruo Nuan sister! "

    Sitting behind the sofa and the Song Yi people can't cry and laugh, it seems that this little girl's judgment in junior high school is simply a little girl-like whimsy!

    Later, Gong Moyan and Gu Tingxue talked about something else, and then the two went to get a drink.

    The Song Yi people stood up from the green plant and saw that there was no one on the old lady's side, so they walked over again.

    "Grandma Gong." She came to the old man's side and opened her mouth bluntly: "I came here this time, in fact, I have something to tell you—"

    In the eyes of Mrs. Gong, the Song Yi people directly took out the card given to her by Mrs. Gong: "Grandma, I can't accept this. Brother Mo Chen and I have--"

    Mrs. Gong recognized the card she gave herself at a glance. She interrupted Song Yiren's words: "If it's warm, what are you?"

    After all, when Gong Mochen came over, he could not help opening his mouth: "Mo Chen, are you bullying Ruo Nu, or is it because of Haisheng's business ..."

    Gong Mochen looked at the Song Yi people beside him and almost immediately guessed her purpose.

    There was a rage in his heart, his hands clenched into fists, his thin lips squeezed, his eyes gathered with snow and wind, and his tone was weak and cold: "What are you talking about in front of your grandma?"

    Song Yiren ignored him and said, "The grandmother, the brother Mo Chen is also here. We can't hide you from this matter. Brother Mo Chen and I have broken up and have nothing to do with others. We have different personalities. "

    She handed the card over and said: "So I can't accept the card, grandma, thank you for your affirmation to me all the time! But I really have no honor to be your granddaughter!"

    After listening to Song Yiren's words, Gong Gong looked at Gong Mochen: "I want to hear from you, is it true that the girl said?"

    "Yes." Gong Mochen finished, and gave Song Yiren a cold glance, then turned around and left.

    Mrs. Gong sighed as she looked at her grandson's indifferent departure.

    She lifted her eyes: "If it's warm, Mo Chen is of this character, don't mind, I will persuade him again!"

    "Grandma, don't use it." Song Yiren smiled and said: "This kind of thing, we still have to be happy with each other, so we are also deliberate about this decision, don't worry about it! Mo Chen brother will meet the girl who suits him."

    When the old lady saw Song Yi insist, she accepted helplessly. After a few words of greeting, Song Yiren left.

    Her goal today has been achieved, so she doesn't want to stay longer.

    It's just that sometimes a person wants to go, but someone wants to leave her behind.

    When Song Yi came to the door, he heard a chuckle from behind him: "Yo, I think who it is, it turns out to be a woman that Brother Chen doesn't want!"

    When Song Yi turned his eyes, he saw a few girls looking at her with contempt.

    She recognized it, and there seemed to be a girl who was very close to Le Haisheng. She didn't know what her surname was Zhang.

    "You don't know, her dad has been investigated. It is estimated that she will go to jail in a few days. How can a daughter of this kind of life be eligible to marry into the palace?"

    "You didn't read it. Since Miss Lei came back, when did Gong Shou see her more often? A pheasant wanted to compare with Phoenix, hehe, I really laughed!"

    "Miss Renjiale is fluent in eight languages ​​and plays a good piano. Where is the daughter of a corrupt criminal comparable? This was originally a heaven and an underground!"

    "Moreover, Miss Jiale and Gong Shao are the best friends! From the beginning of love to the present, I have loved each other for more than ten years!"

    I do n’t know if the sentence of “I have liked each other for more than ten years” made Song Yi people think of Gu Tingxue, and her heart suddenly became irritable. Kneeling and licking others is because that person promises you that she will marry into the palace and you can become a girl in the house ?! "

    Several people apparently did not expect Song Yiren to suddenly speak so vulgar and unpleasant, and suddenly his face changed: "Oh, how do we matter, do you think Gong Shao likes you or Miss Le?"

    As we were saying, everyone really saw Gong Mochen and Le Haisheng coming together. All of a sudden, they were proud.

    As soon as the Song Yi people turned their eyes, they met Gong Mochen's eyes.

    She tickled the corners of her lips, her eyes were ironic.

    Le Haisheng smiled softly and dignifiedly, and said passionately to Song Yiren: "Miss Yu is also here, what are you talking about?"

    Immediately, Le Haisheng's kneeling licker said: "We were just talking about you and Gong Shao looking good today!"

    Le Haisheng pretended to be angry and smiled, turned to the palace Mochen and said: "Mochen brother, they just talk nonsense, don't mind."

    "Do not mind." Gong Mochen did not look at Le Haisheng, but instead looked straight at Song Yiren, said lightly: "Do you think too?"

    Suddenly, everyone looked at Song Yi people's eyes, full of gloating.

    Song Yiren had no thoughts about these dark surges. She looked straight at him and nodded: "I also think you are well deserved, so I wish you a happy night! I have something to do, and I will not be with you."

    She said nothing. Her eyes were not attached to anyone, so she took a step away.

    It was just that she had just blocked her sight and didn't realize that a lady was coming by with red wine. Suddenly, the two bumped into the front, and the red wine in the lady's hands spilled on their hands.

    Although both parties were wrong, the Song Yi people apologized very politely.

    However, the other party was particularly angry and spoke French.

    On the side, the girls who just ran into the Song Yi people have a little more good-looking laughs in their eyes. This woman they recognize is a famous jewelry designer in country G.

    Her status in the fashion circle is very high, and her personality is notoriously difficult. Moreover, although she also understands English, she insists on using French only in diplomatic occasions.

    Ha ha, Yu Ruo Nuan didn't understand French at first glance, now ...

    Aside, Le Haisheng walked over generously and said in standard French: "I'm sorry, Mrs. Deere, my friend, she didn't mean it ..."