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Xuanyuan Che: "..."

    He really wanted to drag her out and beat her.

    Only, looking at the hand on the chest, his eyes fell on her cheek along her arm, flashing the beautiful eyebrows, and finally fixed on her lips.

    Xuanyuan Che's throat rolled.

    Bei Mingmo is still aftertaste: "I just don't know what it feels like that little brother just took off?"

    The tone is very regrettable: "Well, can't you touch it in the future?"

    It was just that she hadn't finished speaking, and suddenly, her lips and flaps were blocked by someone, and the words that she owed behind her were sealed directly into her belly.

    Xuan Yuan Che held Bei Mingmo's tumbling hands and lifted them directly over his head. He pressed the whole weight on her and felt her soft body. At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind: deep possession !

    The clothes were even more messy in the friction, Bei Mingmo didn't realize the danger was coming until she heard a man whisper in her ear: "Beijing Mingmo, don't think about other men in the future!"

    After all, she felt a sharp pain.

    The pain made her tears almost come out, and she reached out to grab the man, and grabbed his back with red marks.

    As for the things that followed, Bei Mingmo became even more confused.

    The whole night seemed sore so much that when she woke up the next morning, her brows were all frowned.

    The eyes were still swollen, Bei Mingmo yawned, rubbed his heavy head, and opened his eyelids.

    Her brain still had a daze after a hangover, until she felt her freedom seemed to be imprisoned, and a man's arm wrapped around her, keeping her from moving.

    This cognition made her brain instantly sober, she suddenly raised her head, and suddenly her forehead hit Xuanyuan Che's chin.

    He was awakened by her, and she was shocked to find that it was not a dream!

    The man in front of him, whose face is more familiar, is Xuanyuan Che.

    And neither she nor he, hugged tightly together without any traces.

    She was sore all over, especially somewhere, she felt bloated.

    So, what happened is completely self-evident.

    Bei Mingmo's heart sank all at once, and the footage from last night returned to memory.

    She and Dr. Song were drunk. Afterwards, it seemed that someone came to pick them up, and then?

    Later, she remembered that she seemed to have met a younger brother. Afterwards, she tuned the other party, put her hands up and down, and then, she could n’t remember ...

    And now, Xuan Yuan Che has scratches on their bodies, they sleep together, obviously, she is the one who tunes in.

    I have never met this kind of thing in my life, so that I can calm down like Ruby, and I am still embarrassed and regretful.

    There was a moment of silence in the room, and then Xuanyuan Che also reacted. He looked down and looked at Beiming Mo and said: "Mo Mo."

    Her heart snapped, pursed her lips, and broke away from his arms: "I was drunk last night."

    What she said seemed to mean that men did not want to be responsible afterwards.

    However, she is a girl, and it is also her to say that she is suffering.

    Bei Mingmo was a little bored. She didn't want to be so ambiguous, but she had already become a boat, and she could only accept it if she regretted it.

    Xuanyuan Che heard Bei Mingmo's words, but his heart was a little funny.

    He said: "So ..."

    She pursed her lips and turned quickly to find clothes.

    When he saw her not talking, she panicked to reveal her emotions, and she was suddenly delighted, reaching out to hook her back: "Momo, I didn't drink last night."

    He means that he is sober, so he can be fully responsible for his actions.

    She nodded, knowing that she played a bit too much last night, and seemed to be greeted and kissed by him. He is a normal man, how can he bear it?

    "Hmm." Bei Mingmo had a complicated mind, too late to think about anything, just nodded, and then began to look for clothes again.

    The headache after the hangover made her unable to concentrate, and she didn't know what to do between them after this night.

    Last night it seemed that the fighting was so fierce that Bei Mingmo found the coat, but only the inner one was gone.

    She barely put on clothes for herself, opened the quilt, and finally found the underclothing in the bed.

    She picked it up, and when she was going to wear it, she saw Xuanyuan Che's eyes falling on a trace, motionless.

    Bei Mingmo looked down, and his heart beat a bit faster, but when he was about to take his gaze back, his heart suddenly sank.

    Because the trace is not red.

    Her eyes froze there for a second, and then remembered that she really hurt when he went in last night.

    But why didn't it fall?

    She was clearly the first time, but it did not represent the first time.

    So, he suddenly looked there silently and coldly for a long time, is it because of this?

    Suddenly my heart seemed to be poured down by a basin of ice water. In addition to being cold, there was an unspeakable mockery.

    Bei Mingmo suddenly raised his eyes and looked at Xuanyuan Che: "What are you looking at?"

    He quickly withdrew his eyes and felt a little embarrassed: "It's nothing." To conceal the embarrassment of his heart, he pursed his lips and twisted his eyebrows slightly, a little more indifferent.

    She saw his expression, and her lips could not help ticking: "Is it, I think it is not the first time, so there is no blood?"

    Xuanyuan Che froze for a moment, then looked at the bed sheet again.

    Indeed, there is no trace of redness.

    His heart shrank, and he didn't speak.

    She reminded him that he suddenly remembered that she had so many boyfriends.

    So, she and one of them are still a few ...

    The uncomfortable feeling exploded in my heart, blocked my breath, and made my body and mind very uneasy.

    He found that he was so jealous! Even, I wish to kill them!

    Bei Mingmo saw Xuanyuan Che's reaction, her smile deepened: "Do you care?"

    Xuanyuan Che struggled to suppress the sourness of his heart. To be honest, thinking that the girl he liked was once as intimate as others, he felt that there were thousands of insects in his heart.

    He really does, very much.

    He couldn't lie, he just nodded: "Well."

    Bei Mingmo suffocated his breath, and his heart seemed to be stabbed fiercely.

    She did n’t know what kind of mood she was at the moment, and she was clearly the first time, but his cold attitude gave her even no desire to explain. Instead, her heart was filled with rebellious psychology. Intentionally, she had had with others.

    "Since you mind, then when you suffer, are you a man anyway?" She said lightly: "For me, there is one more man and one less man, there is no difference anyway!"

    He turned his head suddenly, locking her eyes in disbelief.

    "I'm sorry, I touched you last night." She said casually, reaching up to pick up all her clothes, jumping directly out of bed, and quickly walking towards the bathroom.

    Behind him, Xuanyuan Che squeezed the bed sheet fiercely and looked at Bei Mingmo's back. His heart felt only burning and pain, and the intense emotion made him almost breathless.

    When the reaction came, he had chased into the bathroom, grabbed the clothes in Beimingmo's hand, and threw it outside, with a bit of teeth clenched: "Since you are so casual, then I will sleep with you again, do you mind? "

    After all, directly sealed Bei Mingmo's lips ...