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At this moment, in a small town in Ningguo, Shen Yu was telling his daughter: "Qianqian, let the kitchen boil two buckets of boiling water!"

Shen Qianqian heard the words and agreed, and walked over to give orders.

And Shen Yu looked at the black medicated bath in front of him, and took a deep breath.

This is the Rong family's prescription, which is extremely useful for burns. Bei Mingshen's wound is in a state where the old flesh is a little pus, and the new flesh has not yet grown. Now the medicine has the best effect.

Moreover, today’s moon is very round, and late at night, the full moon’s effect can also enhance the efficacy of certain mysterious methods.

The water over there was already boiled and poured into the soup medicine in the wooden barrel. Soon, some of the black coagulum melted.

Shen Yu asked Shen Qianqian to put the boiled water in a thermos, then let her go back to the house, saying that no matter what happened, she was not allowed to come out.

He then went to call Bei Mingshen, buttoned the door of the room, and said, "Sir, you can start medication."

Bei Mingshen walked out and saw that several servants had lifted the big wooden barrels out of the room.

He wondered: "Doctor Shen, this is..."

"Today happens to be fifteen, and taking a medicated bath in the moonlight is the best effect." Shen Yu said, "Sir, let's start!"

Bei Mingshen glanced at Shen Yu, then at several male servants, and said, "Doctor Shen, you need to take off the bath..."

"You can't wear anything." Shen Yu seemed to be unaware of Bei Mingshen's embarrassment, and said naturally: "It's almost 12 o'clock, sir, don't miss the timing and the effect of the medicine."

Bei Ming took a deep breath and waved at several people.

Only then did Shen Yu come back to his senses, and quickly made the servants turn their backs.

Bei Mingshen only feels that he has never been so embarrassed. However, although his wounds have been treated, it may be because he is usually too busy and always wears a mask and gloves. Once the weather is hot, the wound will easily recur.

Therefore, those burns have never been better.

He took off his clothes one by one, looking down at the scars that could be said to be even a little hideous, and finally took off without wearing anything, and was about to step into the barrel.

And at this moment, Shen Yu suddenly turned around and said, "Sir, remember to bury your face in..."

Then, his gaze inevitably moved from Bei Mingshen's face to the bottom.

Bei Mingshen's hand tightened suddenly, and he only felt that if the man in front of him could heal him, he would really hit him.

I heard Shen Yu sigh: "Fortunately, the key place is okay... In fact, I still think that if something really happens, maybe the Rong family also has a prescription for symptomatic treatment."

Bei Mingshen felt that his temples jumped suddenly, and he deeply felt that the old Chinese doctor in front of him must have regarded him as a test object.

However, he had no choice but to move on.

As soon as he stepped into the medicinal soup, Bei Mingshen even felt that Gong Lingye might deliberately set up a situation to kill him.

Because, in that moment, the burning pain was a thousand times more painful than the feeling he felt on the edge of an explosion that day!

"It will hurt. The prescription of the Rong family back then was to take a break-through method!" Shen Yu said: "That's how the former emperor and noble concubine got through."

The implication is that a weak woman can survive, why can't he Bei Mingshen?

Bei Mingshen stepped in his legs completely, and then his body sank suddenly.

It's because he has always been so able to bear the pain, at this moment, he finally couldn't help it and let out a roar.

The voice echoed in the small courtyard, and Shen Qianqian was startled in the room, and couldn't help asking, "Grandpa, are you okay?"

"It's okay." Shen Yu said to Beiming, "Hold on for three quarters of an hour. After three quarters, I will call you."

Bei Ming suppressed the pain deeply, and replied, "Okay."

He didn't know how he got over it. In short, the pain was almost in a trance, but he felt vaguely that his ulcerated skin had really begun to regenerate.

At this moment, a piano sound came from my ears.

It should be a guqin, with a low, slow and distant voice, as if it had come from a thousand years ago and broke into his ears, making him distracted for a moment.

But, just for a moment, the pain once again swept through his nerves, making him feel that his flesh and blood seemed to be cut apart by the burning knife again.

However, at this moment, the long and long sound of the piano in the ears has become rushed and killed, as if the two sides on the battlefield are confronting each other.

Immediately afterwards, Jin Ge Iron Horse, with a cheering in his ears, made people's blood boiled by such high-pitched piano sounds unconsciously.

The sound became more and more urgent, as if someone had cut down countless boulders from the mountain wall of the line of heaven, and then crashed down continuously, making people awe and despair.

Bei Mingshen was unconsciously immersed in the sound of the piano again, and he unexpectedly thought of the invisible wars during his years in Country J, but they were also full of the sharp cutting edge of the golden horse and iron horse.

However, when the sound of the piano is getting sicker and sicker, and it makes people feel that the strings are about to break, the sound of the piano suddenly turns around.

Jumping brisk notes flowed out from the fingertips of the piano player. At this moment, Bei Mingshen seemed to see a clear spring in the mountains and forests, with fish and shrimps playing in the spring, the sun pouring down overhead, and the birds singing in the light.

His heart has never been at peace before, and even the pain deep into his soul at this moment seems to have become distant.

The sound faded away, as if someone was leaving on the beat.

At this moment, Shen Yu's voice sounded from the barrel: "Sir, the time is up, today's treatment is over."

Bei Ming regained his senses, only to realize that the time with the sound of the piano behind this was much easier than before!

He came out of the barrel, and a servant had already put clean clothes on him.

Shen Yu said: "Today's medicinal juice is temporarily left on the skin, and after three consecutive days of soaking, you can take a bath.

Bei Ming nodded deeply: "Okay, thank you Doctor Shen."

I don't know if it was his illusion, or because it was too painful just now, he didn't need to be Ling Chi at this moment, he actually felt that his skin was easier than ever.

"Get some rest early." Shen Yu said.

"Yeah." Bei Ming nodded and asked: "Who was playing the piano just now? I want to thank him."

Shen Yu smiled, "She is willing to come out, and she will come out by herself."

Although Bei Mingshen felt a little weird, he also understood that the Shen family had so many years of inheritance, so sometimes the behavior style was different from ordinary people.

He didn't delve into it, but went straight back to the room.

However, to his surprise, for the next two days, every time he took a bath, someone would play the piano.

The sound of the piano is different every time, but it can relieve him a lot of pain.

Until the third day, his bath was over, which was also the day when he was about to leave the Shen family.

Shen Yu opened his mouth and said, "Sir, have you not always wanted to see Fuqin? Tomorrow, when you leave, she will appear."