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Song Yi was shocked, and then said: "She died? How did she die?"

    Bae Jun said: "This evening, the prison guard went to her room and found that she had no breathing. It was a sudden death!"

    The Song Yi people knew that the people in Gong Lingye used to make some confession in court, so they used some means and even gave some medicine.

    So, did those medicines work?

    She couldn't describe the mood at the moment. After hanging up the phone, she just said a few words to Chong Bei Ming Mo: "Su Yunfei is dead in prison."

    Bei Mingmo was also stunned for a moment, then she clapped her hands: "Oh, good death!"

    Song Yiren nodded: "Yes! At first she treated me so even if she confessed in court, it was because she knew that if she did not confess, she would be even worse."

    She sighed: "It's just a sudden feeling of emptyness, it seems that the person who has always wanted to disappear in this world has finally disappeared, and the feeling of some opponents is missing for a while."

    Bei Mingmo smiled: "Can she be an opponent? Forget it! If it weren't for Chu Mingyao's plan, what could Su Yunfei do to you?"

    Song Yiren nodded: "Yes! But it reminded me! There are too many things lately. When my wedding is over, I should go to prison and take a good look at my" Big Brother "!"

    "If he knows that you are married to Ye Shao, and also knows your true identity, do you not know if you will die suddenly?" Bei Mingmo said happily.

    Song Yi narrowed his eyes: "That bird. Beast, then kill my parents, I will never let him die easily!"

    "Yes!" Bei Mingmo's chest undulated: "It is better to die than to live!"

    The two chatted for a while, and Song Ziheng came back. After returning home, he chatted with Yu Xingfan about the game, just as if he was completely engaged in work.

    The next day, the bridesmaid's wedding dress had been airlifted, and Bei Mingmo tried on his own first.

    Light purple bridesmaid wedding dress, silk satin texture, modified her waist more delicate and elegant.

    She came and turned around in the mirror and smiled at Song Yiren: "Have you been turned by my beauty?"

    Song Yiren was teased: "I want to bend too, but I am afraid some people will kill me!"

    After all, she asked: "Mo Mo is right, to what extent have you and A Che developed? I only heard A Mian a few days ago that we were drunk that day, and you were picked up by A Che."

    Bei Mingmo heard the words, and the expression on his face paused for a moment, then shrugged: "Yi Yi, I have figured it out and decided to cut him completely!"

    "Ah?" Song Yi asked in confusion: "Why?"

    "We slept that day." Bei Mingmo said.

    Song Yi people jumped in shock: "Why did you say that! Then what? He eats and wipes the net and does not admit it?"

    "Yi, that ..." Bei Mingmo asked: "Did you bleed for the first time?"

    The Song Yi nodded somewhat unnaturally: "Yes, not many."

    "I didn't." Bei Mingmo bit his lip: "Then he thought my private life was chaotic."

    "How does he do this?" Song Yiren frowned immediately: "This is too annoying!"

    "He got up that morning and kept looking at the sheets, frowning and not talking, that cold look ..." Bei Mingmo thought of this, and his fingers unconsciously flexed: "Oh, in short, people think I am not clean. ! "

    "Then he didn't give you a chance to explain?" Song Yiren really got angry.

    "Who wants to explain to him? His attitude has already explained everything, and said he minds something! Do I still have to hold him and tell him that this is the first time I just don't know how not to bleed ?!" Ming Mo was a little excited: "There are more men with two legs under the sky. I want to find him again. I read the NND name backward!"

    "Well, baby, don't be angry!" Song Yiren quickly rushed back in Beimingmo: "I know that feeling, that is, I was wronged, but I don't want to explain, because that person wronged his This kind of thing can't bear it! He doesn't believe me first, why should I explain to him ?! "

    "Yes! That's how it feels!" Bei Mingmo said: "In short, where is he going to stay cool! If I'm with him in the future, my name will be written backwards!"

    "Okay, okay, you said that twice." Song Yiren poured a glass of milk to Bei Mingmo: "Then let's go back and find a handsome and loyal dog's small fresh meat, and he's mad at him!"

    "Yes!" Bei Mingmo adjusted the skirt and raised his chin: "At your wedding, remember to throw the flower ball to me! I'm looking for a 24 loyal dog husband, I will be the queen at home!"

    The two were talking, and Bei Mingmo's cell phone on the side rang, and she picked it up to answer: "Mom."

    "Momo, Mom is going to the imperial city today." Mrs. Bei Ming said.

    Bei Mingmo was surprised: "Ah? What are you doing here?"

    "Remember what I told you before, do you have a baby kiss?" Mrs. Bei Ming was obviously very happy: "I chatted with your Aunt Zhao last night, and her son has no target yet! He is older than you At the age of one and a half, I still fell in love when I was in college. I worked very hard after graduation and had been single. "

    Bei Mingmo: "..." This is called just dozing off, did anyone send a pillow?

    Just listen to Mrs. Bei Ming continue: "Last night your Aunt Zhao invited me to come, so I am ready to come today. It happens that you are also in the imperial city, we are here tonight to meet you two ..."

    Although Bei Mingmo was a bit guilty about blind dating, she seemed to prove that in general, she replied: "Okay, but I can't guarantee that I can see the other party, or let the other party!

    "It doesn't matter, it should be multiple friends." Mrs. Bei Ming did not put pressure on her daughter: "Then it will be done! I will be on the plane in a little while, and I will arrive at the airport at about half past noon.

    "Okay, Mom, I'll pick you up at the airport." Bei Mingmo said.

    Hanging up the phone, she told the Song Yi people, Song Yi people smiled: "See, Momo, your spring is here!"

    On that day, Song Yi people still went to the company busy. After receiving his mother, Bei Mingmo also went to the Unique side, just to see the counter on the Imperial City side.

    When she was busy, she saw it was 6 pm, not far from the 7 o'clock meeting. So Bei Mingmo went to the backstage to apply makeup and went directly to the meeting place.

    She arrived early, got out of the car, and went straight to the Italian restaurant.

    Just as she got out of the car, a car stopped slowly behind her.

    Bae Jun asked the driver to stop the car, and Xuanyuan Che in the car said: "Mr. Xuanyuan, I guess it is late today. If you have any questions about the project plan, please call me anytime."

    "Good." Xuanyuan Che's eyes fell on the door of the restaurant.

    Just now, he clearly saw Bei Mingmo getting off. Shouldn't it be wrong?

    "Is my hairstyle not messed up?" Beside, Pei Jun was about to get out of the car and looked at the rearview mirror in the car again.

    "No." Xuanyuan Che said lightly.

    "Well, the first blind date, it was a little nervous." Bae Jun was used to the big occasion, but the blind date was indeed the first thing.