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#142 Be jealous

Song Yi was shocked. Gong Lingye's reaction must have seen her sitting in Gong Mochen's car, so she was angry.

    So, will he expose it in public?

    Although it was just an ordinary contractual relationship with Gong Mochen before, there are some things that Song Yi people think it is better to have a transition time.

    After all, their ‘breakup’ did indeed pass the week.

    Obviously, Gong Mochen didn't know why Gong Lingye reacted so suddenly. He unfastened his seat belt, pushed the car door, and walked to the next door: "Little Uncle?"

    Gong Lingye also got off the car, glanced over Gong Mochen, and swept straight to the Song Yi who had just got off.

    His lips and flaps were tight and his eyes were cold.

    Song Yi's heart was tight, and he slowly walked over and said, "Mr. Gong."

    Gong Lingye's lips evoked a cool arc, and her voice was cold: "What do you do during office hours?"

    Gong Mochen spoke next to her: "She and I went out to do something."

    When Song Yi heard it, he thought it was over.

    Sure enough, in the next second, Gong Lingye's breath changed, and an indescribable depression emanated from his whole body.

    In the huge parking lot, the atmosphere instantly froze to the extreme, as if he would explode directly in the next second!

    Song Yi's heart beat quickly, and his brain turned fast, almost in just two seconds, immediately thought of a way.

    She whispered to Gong Ling night: "Mr. Gong, I'm sorry, I shouldn't escape from work. Today I was seen by Mr. Gong, and he brought me back halfway."

    In a word, set aside any possible intersection between her and Gong Mochen.

    Sure enough, Gong Lingye listened to this sentence and turned to see Gong Mochen: "Is it?"

    Gong Mochen frowned slightly, and didn't understand how Gong Lingye reacted so much. He said: "Yes, but it's not a big deal to go to work. I saw her in the mall and took her back by the way."

    Song Yi's heart slowly returned, but fortunately, Gong Mochen did not say the wrong thing.

    Gong Lingye was staring at Gong Mochen, and his tone was unquestionable: "For her, it must be strict, so today's affairs should be heavily punished."

    The words fell, and the Song Yi people could not help raising their heads, and Gong Mochen also hesitated after two seconds: "Uncle, she is just an intern."

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes, and when she saw Gong Mochen talking for the Song Yi people, his heart was extremely displeased, but the tone slowed down a little: "Mo Chen, be strict with her, you Know what I mean. "

    Gong Mochen understood it all at once, his eyes flicked away, and then it was a bit more complicated.

    Gong Lingye paused deliberately before saying: "If it wasn't for her identity, it wouldn't be so harsh ... Mo Chen, but I heard that you broke up, didn't you?"

    Gong Mochen only felt a moment of convulsion in his heart, a little dull.

    He glanced at the Song Yi person next to her, and she also just looked over, with a bit of pity in her eyes.

    A difficult problem lay ahead of him: admitting his relationship with the Song Yi people, then Gong Ling Ye would severely punish the Song Yi people. He always knew Gong Lingye's temper, saying nothing, it was useless to plead with anyone.

    And if you deny ... Gong Mochen feels uncomfortable, but after seeing the pitiful appearance of the Song Yi people, she seems to have to do it again.

    He said: "Uncle, I really broke up with Ruo Nuan."

    Gong Lingye's lips slightly ticked, looking at Song Yiren: "Hear?"

    Song Yi people understood at once that Gong Lingye made such a big circle just to force Gong Mochen to say to him in front of him that he broke up with her.

    Then, when Gong Lingye announced that he and Song Yi were together in the future, there was no need for a young uncle to snatch a woman from his nephew.

    Moreover, this can be regarded as Gong Mochen let go, and has nothing to do with him Gong Lingye!

    This man, in such an angry situation, has not forgotten to dig pits for others, step by step layout!

    Of course, the Song Yi people will not say anything, they can only nod.

    Gong Lingye turned to Gong Mochen: "Since this is the case, then I don't have to demand her strictly. After all, she is only an intern in our group."

    Immediately, he said to Song Yi: "You go upstairs with me and go to the personnel department to sign a word. This month's salary is gone."

    Not to mention, stride forward.

    The Song Yi people had no choice but to follow Gong Lingye.

    Behind them, Gong Mochen always felt strange, but he didn't think too much. When he stopped the car and walked to the special elevator, he found that Gong Lingye and Song Yi had long disappeared.

    At the moment, in the exclusive elevator, Song Yi stood behind Gong Ling Ye and saw him press two floors, one 18, which was from the personnel department, and then it was the top floor.

    She was a little puzzled. He asked her to go to the personnel department to tell her that she would not have a salary this month?

    However, her doubts haven't disappeared yet. With the closed elevator doors, she just felt a flower in front of her, and was suddenly imprisoned between her arms and the elevator wall.

    The familiar breath suddenly occupied the entire sense of smell, and there was a man's dangerous voice above his head: "Nuan Nuan, you said, I am angry, how can you make up for me?"

    Song Yi was in the midst of forcing, and the whole person could not move at all. He could only look up to see Gong Lingye's jaw line, because of the tightness, he seemed more angular.

    She said in silence, "You also heard that I was seen by him when I was away from work and brought it back."

    After that, he added: "Today Momo's perfume brand opens in Tianhe Square, I will go and see."

    When Gong Lingye was jealous, she could do everything. The Song Yi people now only need Shun Mao.

    "In the parking lot, am I not turning on the lights, he will kiss you?" His voice was cool, and the momentum of Qiuhou's accounting was not diminished even when he was just on the second basement floor.

    "How could it be?" Song Yiren shook his head quickly: "He has no meaning to me, he cannot kiss me. Even if I really want to kiss me, I will avoid it."

    Perhaps it was this answer that pleased Gong Lingye. The pressure on his body eased slightly. He lifted the Song Yiren's chin, and the finger was on her lips. The flap gently rubbed: "Warm warm, remember me in the cafe To you? "

    His voice was low-magnetic, and the tail picked slightly: "So, don't make me angry, eh?"

    Song Yi was in a fire, but at the moment in the elevator, she couldn't take him away, for fear that he would go crazy and expose their affairs, and she could only bear it temporarily.

    Gong Lingye's fingers were still on her lips and petals. He pressed down and breathed, but kept a half-inch distance from her.

    The feeling of going to kiss is inexplicably warming.

    At this moment, the elevator stopped suddenly, and a sound of ‘ding’ sounded. Obviously, it reached the 18th floor.

    Song Yiren pushed Gong Lingye in a hurry, and just when she was about to get out of his shackles, she suddenly felt the movement outside was wrong.

    "Palace, Palace President--" There was a trembling voice from the employees.