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#56 I finally saw Song Ziheng

Song Yiren responded to the sentence, and went straight to the bathroom.

    Later, when Gong Mochen left, she was not sure.

    Going to Ningguo soon, the Song Yi people are now devoting their energy to preparing the trip.

    On Friday, she greeted her teammates and completed her previous tasks in advance, before returning to the dormitory and sorting out her suitcases.

    Before leaving, she put Zahara into the box and said silently: "Zahara, I will take you to see your uncle."

    Residents between Huaguo and Ningguo are visa-free. From Dicheng to Ningcheng, the flight only takes two and a half hours.

    Song Yi's flight was on time, and Yu Xingfan was waiting at the airport for an hour before his flight had just arrived.

    "Sister, you are beautiful again!" Yu Xingfan carried a schoolbag and a baseball cap, a youthful look.

    Song Yiren laughed: "Little ghost, don't you have a premature love at school?"

    "Why is it possible!" Yu Xingfan whispered: "I look at you this big beauty every day, where can I still see other girls?"

    "In short, if you really meet a girl you like, tell me, don't just fall in love!"

    "All right, you can rest assured!"

    The two laughed and walked out of the airport and headed to the hotel.

    Perhaps because of the cheerful Yu Xingfan beside him, Song Yi people's originally tense and tense moods were relaxed a lot.

    That night, the Song Yi people forced themselves to sleep, and finally, they fell asleep in Zahara's music.

    Early the next morning, she woke up, and Yu Xingfan ate breakfast and went to the venue where the exhibition was held.

    They arrived a little early, and the exhibition hall just opened, but there were also many hand-held enthusiasts coming. If you do n’t have a ticket, just stay at the door and see if there are any open opportunities.

    After Song Yiren and Yu Xingfan checked the ticket, they walked in.

    The so-called private exhibition is indeed relatively small in scale, with only two exhibition halls and few things, but each piece is a meticulous work.

    There were already a few masters here, Yu Xingfan was very excited, and he took Song Yi to run there.

    At this moment, there was another movement outside, and as soon as the Song Yi people blinked, they saw the teenager walking through the crowd and walking towards a display cabinet.

    The boy she had been with since childhood, but hadn't seen her for three years, and was almost separated by yin and yang.

    Song Ziheng didn't have too many expressions on his face. At the age of 14, he had already reached 176, his body was thin and thin, and his cheeks were pale for years.

    His eyes seemed to be out of focus, looking at the display cabinet in front indifferently, and walked over step by step.

    Although his aura is not strong, but the boy's clean breath and handsome face immediately attracted the attention of many people.

    In addition, he has a different kind of atmosphere from the rebellious teenager, which is a feeling of decaying into the bones, and suddenly made him more eye-catching.

    But Song Ziheng didn't seem to notice anyone's gaze at all, and reached his own showcase. Then, he pulled open the drawer, took out the utensils, and began to draw the design draft.

    Song Yiren was five meters away from him, staring staringly at the teenager approaching and far away, and she quickly flooded other players in front of her, blocking her view of him and blocking her almost uncontrollable mood.

    Beside him, Yu Xingfan pulled the corner of Song Yiren: "Sister, look at that hand, I heard that the auction has reached a high price and was taken away by a senior player ..."

    Song Yi nodded mechanically, desperately controlling the tears that almost grabbed her eyes.

    She dragged her by Yu Xingfan, and finally calmed down her emotions.

    "Xingfan, I think there is a hand on the showcase over there. I want to see it." Song Yi said humanely.

    Yu Xingfan saw that her sister finally liked it, so she immediately responded: "Okay, let's take a look."

    Song Yiren brought Yu Xingfan to Song Ziheng. At this moment, Song Ziheng had already surrounded many players in front of the booth.

    "It turns out that you are Sands! I still have your hands in my house!" A girl said excitedly.

    ands, what are you painting now? "

    ands, can I take a photo with you? "

    Everyone, you kept saying me one by one, but Song Ziheng just buried his head to draw his manuscript.

    It was only at this time that there was a slight light in his eyes, focusing on the paper in front of him. The whole person seemed to be the only silence in the hustle and bustle of the world.

    And Yu Xingfan apparently recognized him and said excitedly: "Sands! Do you remember me? We took a photo last time!"

    Song Ziheng raised his eyes, glanced at him, nodded, and then continued his work.

    Yu Xingfan obviously didn't care about his indifference, and said: "My sister also read your work, I like it very much, this is my sister ..."

    Hearing the word "Sister", Song Ziheng paused slightly, but then continued to paint without raising his head.

    Yu Xingfan was inevitably lost, but he turned to comfort Song Yiren. Song Yiren smiled and said, "Let's look at his work."

    The hand-made models are all collected by the hands of the masters. Song Yiren has never played games and has little exposure to anime, but at this moment, she likes those fresh characters because of Song Ziheng.

    Song Ziheng is still painting the design draft. Song Yiren stared at him in front of the counter for a long time before saying: "Sands, remember Zahara?"

    Song Ziheng raised his head suspiciously and set his eyes on Song Yiren's face for the first time.

    His eyes are very quiet, there is still no focus, the whole person has a kind of indifferent from this age.

    Looking at him, Song Yi's heart shuddered, his throat seemed to be blocked, but his hand had taken Zahara out of his bag.

    Some players saw it and recognized it: "Hey, it seems to be the work of Sands! Sister, you are also a fan of Sands!"

    Song Yiren smiled: "Yeah, I have always liked Sands' works. I saved money and bought a lot of hands!"

    During her talk, the girl's slickness and undoubtedly revealed, coupled with wearing a navy skirt, looks like a high school student, it is easy to make people feel closer.

    And as the Song Yi people pressed Zahara's switch, Zahara lighted up, and then directed at Song Ziheng: "Hello, I am Zahara."

    Song Ziheng was slightly surprised. His eyes were fixed on Zahara's body, and he saw six black petals on his long black hair, Ruoxue.

    In an instant, his heart seemed to be hit by something, and he could no longer be quiet. He looked at Song Yi again, his lips and petals moved, but there was no sound.

    The Song Yiren knew what he thought of, and she touched Zahara again, so Zahara said: "Sands, I will tell you a story? But to say well, you have heard this story, do n’t ask anything, nothing. Do n’t be curious, okay? "

    Song Ziheng nodded.