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#28 Marry

Song Yiren suddenly understood what Gong Lingye asked.

    She looked at him directly, her eyes straight and straight: "It's true."

    Those are Yu Ruannuan's sincerity, without any adulteration.

    Song Yiren knew that when her soul was attached to Yu Ruo Nuan, Yu Ruo Nuan was already dead.

    Maybe it was because the drink made her heart rate rise, or she regarded Gong Lingye as Gong Mochen and felt that she finally came into close contact with the person she liked. In short, she was so excited that she died suddenly.

    And she finally helped Yu Ruo Nuan to send out the piece of sincerity, but she disappointed her wish.

    Therefore, every sentence she just had in the hall was true, and perhaps she was infected by this body. She spoke seriously and affectionately.

    Although it is known that Gong Mochen will not respond to Yu Ruonuan, or even if it does, Yu Ruonuan will not return.

    However, she also wanted to speak for Yu Ruonuan, not asking for results or Gong Mochen to stop, only asking him to know, nothing more.

    Gong Lingye saw the seriousness from the eyes of Song Yiren. His lips twitched a slight arc, and the air pressure suddenly cooled down: "That's what I looked away from before."

    Song Yiren naturally knew what he meant, because, he said before, she didn't really like Gong Mochen.

    But now, should he believe that he made a mistake before?

    The two didn't say anything, and the Song Yi people didn't know whether it was because there was an extra person around them, the energy was dispersed, and the uncomfortable energy was also dispersed a lot.

    She was puzzled, why didn't Gong Lingye go inside to accompany his confidante named Gu Tingxue?

    Not long after, as the cruise ship sailed into the deep sea, the surrounding view was wide and the scenery brightened. Therefore, the handsome men and women on the ship also came to the deck, for a time, it was particularly lively.

    The destination of the Gongmochen cruise ship is an island three hours away from the pier. When everyone arrived on the island, it was already close to noon.

    Zhang Mingyu arranged the BBQ on the island in advance, so he had already trolled many fish during the cruise.

    The cruise ship stopped at a certain distance from the reef, and everyone went ashore in a small kayak.

    On the cruise ship, there is a chef who is in charge of lunch. After the lunch is cooked, everyone will be invited to dine. On the coast, everyone uses the prepared BBQ ingredients to start making some appetizers.

    After the Song Yi people got off the boat, they felt much better, so they took off their shoes and walked along the beach.

    Many bikini beauties have already started swimming and taking selfies. Although Song Yiren wears the name of Gong Mochen's girlfriend, he hasn't even integrated it.

    Plus, she is in a complex mood today, so she has no desire to chat with people at all.

    Seeing a large reef in the distance, the Song Yi people walked over and sat on the reef.

    Her white skirt was blown up by the sea breeze, and her figure was extremely small on the black reef.

    In the distance, everyone gathered together, laughter spread from a distance, but made Song Yi people feel more lonely.

    In fact, she was just a wandering soul here, leaving her home, leaving only her younger brother, and even her best friend's life and death ...

    For a time, the mood was so low that it couldn't be added.

    On the other side of the beach, the young men gathered around Gong Mochen and chatted while firing a barbecue. When they were almost ready, someone asked Gong Mochen a sentence: "Achen, what about your girlfriend? Why didn't you see it when you landed? Holding her? "

    Gong Mochen glanced at the beach, and really didn't see the figure of Song Yiren, he frowned slightly: "Maybe I went for a walk."

    Someone smiled at him: "Ah Chen, the little girl likes you so much, she looks so beautiful, and you are too careless! You are not afraid when they will be chased away by other handsome guys?"

    "Che, that girl is not stupid. Who is better than our grandfather in this single man in the Imperial City?"

    "Uncle Achen doesn't--"

    Before the man had finished speaking, someone interrupted him: "Who dares to climb Yege high? And Yeye has Gu Tingxue, how can he be in love with others?"

    After such a chat, the topic suddenly turned its direction.

    Someone asked: "Ah Chen, your uncle and Miss Gu have been dating for several years, why didn't you get engaged?"

    "They are really dating?"

    "Aren't they dating? How could they not even pull their hands when they were dating! I think Liu Shao only regards Miss Gu as her sister."

    Gong Mochen heard this and looked away: "They are not boyfriends and girlfriends, only because of the origins of Gu and Gong's family some years ago, so my uncle Guan took care of the younger lady more. And, the uncle said he was 32 I will not talk about marriage before. "

    "Ah?" The person who asked was surprised. "Is it because of the rumor that he can't live up to 32 years old?"

    But, what else did those people want to ask, they saw the two protagonists they discussed came over.

    Gong Lingye helped Gu Tingxue take a grilled fish, and sprinkled the seasoning very well, but it was not spicy.

    Gu Tingxue took it and threw out his tongue: "Brother Ling Ye, my dad won't let me eat spicy food, you still control me when you go outside!"

    Aside, the younger brother of Song Yi, who was shocked by Ruwa, opened the palace and said: "Chen, you see that the uncle will take care of the girl. Why don't you give your girlfriend food?

    Gong Mochen's expression under his eyes was slightly slack, and he ignored the little fan's words.

    On the shoal, many girls found that the BBQ was cooked, so they ran over to eat. Suddenly, the ingredients on the grill are decreasing at a rate that is visible to the naked eye.

    With only two grilled fish left in front of him, Gong Mochen was about to leave, but his eyes inadvertently glanced at Ruwa in Gu Tingxue's hand.

    His eyes paused for a moment. Somehow, he suddenly thought of the big paragraph that the woman said when he gave him a gift.

    The brows frowned immediately, and Gong Mochen didn't know why he was upset when he thought of the name Yu Ruo Nuan, especially recently.

    And just for a few seconds, only the last grilled fish was left on the grill in front of him. He seemed to be trampled on by his feet. He picked up the grilled fish and put it in the plate. Walk in a certain direction beautifully.

    Just now, someone said that she was seen over there.

    Sure enough, not far away, I saw a white figure on the reef in the distance.

    She was sitting alone on the reef, her hands clasped her knees, her hair fluttered in the wind, and she was there quietly, and she faded the strength that he normally hated, which he had never seen before.

    When Gong Mochen walked on the reef, Song Yi people didn't find him.

    He stared at her back for a few seconds and went around to Song Yiren.

    She didn't seem to expect that he would come, as if she didn't know him. After looking at him, her eyes gradually recovered.

    Gong Mochen handed the plate in front of the Song Yi people, with a cold tone: "You sit here alone, in case of a tide and a prodigal son will roll you down, I am also a suspect."

    The Song Yi people took the plate first, and just about to thank them, they heard Gong Mochen's words.

    Her consciousness was instantly pulled back, and her lips twitched a bit of self-deprecation: "You don't worry, Gongshao, I live very reluctantly, so I die if I don't want to!

    Gong Mochen was blocked by the Song Yi people, his expression was colder, and he turned and left.