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The surroundings were very quiet, and the Song Yi people looked at the man who was kneeling on one knee in front of him, only to feel that his heart was rolling with crazy and fiery emotions.

    He even proposed to her!

    Before watching TV, when men and women proposed marriage, she also thought about whether she would be proposed.

    At that time, because there were no people I liked, it was not expectable, and it was not completely without thought.

    And now, the candlelight around was beating beautiful light and shadow. He stood in the circle of light and shadow, and his handsome eyebrows seemed to invert all sentient beings.

    She felt her heart beating too fast, and the frequency of beating with candlelight, the chest was numb with impact, all emotions condensed at one point, leaving her brain blank.

    It was in that gap that her ear echoed what Gong Lingye had just said—

    "I will use all my life and wisdom to protect you, whether I am in this world or not, so that your future life does not need to compromise for reality. Every decision I make is based on my heart."

    She felt that there should be no better promise than this.

    I cried too many times today, and the Song Yiren no longer wanted to cry anymore. Although the tears were swirling at the bottom of my eyes, although the eyes were hot, and although the man in front of me became blurred and clear sometimes, she still tried to raise her head and will just gush The tears held back again.

    As Gong Lingye said, let her warm, because she hopes that she will spend the day in the warmth in the future.

    Just as the Song Yi people were about to speak, the two robots who had been silent on the upper layer of the cake spoke.

    es said: "Marry him, let him be your God of War forever!"

    hara said: "He is so good to you, promise him!"

    After all, the tears of Song Yiren couldn't hold back, and she rolled down again. She cried and laughed again, and nodded: "Okay, I will."

    Gong Lingye seemed to be relieved finally. The tension he had been lifting finally disappeared. He took out the women's ring in the ring box and raised Song Yiren's hand to wear it to her.

    Song Yi raised his lips and picked up the men's ring and put it on Gong Lingye.

    She picked him up, he stood still, stretched his arms to hug her, and for a long time, bowed her head and kissed her again.

    Until released by Gong Lingye, Song Yi talent realized that everyone was there.

    She turned hot with some face, and found Bei Mingmo crying.

    Seeing her coming, Bei Mingmo stretched his arms and hugged Song Yiren: "My dear, I'm so happy, you finally found your happiness!"

    Song Yiren was also very emotional. Yes, her best friend finally witnessed her happiness.

    Waiting for Gong Lingye to get busy, she took him to see Song Ziheng and told Song Ziheng that she was taken care of in the future and they could form a family again.

    It's just a pity that parents who love her can't come back ...

    On the cake, the candles had burned out, and Gong Lingye's smile on the corner of her lips had never been put away. He leaned into Song Yi's ear and said, "My wife, my birthday wish has come true!"

    Hearing that he was called ‘wife’, Song Yiren felt that her heartbeat missed a beat, she smiled at him: “Your birthday wish is so simple?”

    He raised an eyebrow: "So you can't wait to marry me?" Therefore, this desire will be 'simple'.

    Song Yi was annoyed and pushed Gong Lingye.

    He smiled and turned to cut the cake.

    On the side, Luo Tianqi, who always laughs and laughs, seems to think of the past, and the whole person becomes a little silent and trance, until Song Yiren put the cake in front of him, he raised his eyes and smiled at her: "Thank you sister in law."

    "It's really fast to change!" Bei Mingmo couldn't help it.

    Song Yiren handed the cake to He Wanshuang, she also raised her eyes and smiled brighter than ever: "Thank you sister-in-law."

    Beside, Luo Tianqi said: "Why do you learn from me?"

    He Wanshuang grabbed the cream and pressed it directly on Luo Tianqi's face.

    Luo Tianqi screamed, and jumped to chase Heshuang: "Look at me and repair you!"

    He Wanshuang is a girl after all, and Luo Tianqi is caught up after three or two.

    He also pressed the cream on her face and rubbed it randomly. Suddenly, He Wanshuang's face became a palette.

    There was cream on the lips, He Wanshuang took a sip, the sweet taste, but the emotions in the bottom of her heart were suddenly touched. She only felt a bit of sourness in her heart, and suddenly her eyes turned red.

    She tried hard to put away her emotions, but she didn't know why, but she couldn't control it at all.

    She loved the man for so many years and got engaged to others.

    Although she hasn't received the certificate yet, although she hasn't told the world, she knows that he has always promised and will do what she said.

    Just now, the candlelight is very beautiful, the whole world is quiet and romantic, he knelt on one knee to the other girl, his expression is affectionate and pious.

    It was a scene she didn't dare to dream about, and it was also a scene she couldn't imagine anyway.

    At this moment, close at hand, his promise to others is still ringing in his ears.

    She sounded abruptly. Many years ago, he took her out of the ruins, and when she looked up at him, the sunlight outlined him.

    At that scene, she remembered for many years, dreamed countless times, could not touch it, just like she was tearing her heart and tears at this moment, she could only smile and bless, and could do nothing ...

    Luo Tianqi saw He Wanshuang suddenly stopped moving, did not speak and did not make trouble with him, could not help folding over, approached her: "Xiaoshuang, why? I was just kidding, wouldn't you be angry?"

    He Wanshuang's fingernails were almost embedded in the palm of her hand, and she didn't know how much effort she used to finally relax from the emotion just like that.

    She did not speak, fearing that her voice would reveal her gaffe.

    "Tianqi, Xiaoshuang is a girl, you are too much of a joke." Gong Lingye said, asking the maid to bring a towel and hand it to He Wanshuang: "Is the eye uncomfortable? I'll call the doctor."

    He Wanshuang shook his head, his voice was low: "It's okay."

    Luo Tianqi also blamed himself, so he took the towel in He Wanshuang's hand and helped her wipe it.

    Her eyes were a little red, but everyone thought she was just because the cream got into her eyes, but she didn't think much about it. Pulled by Luo Tianqi, it was a good coax.

    Over there, Bei Mingmo ate a piece of cake and began to admire the Song Yi people's ring. While watching, he sighed: "Oh, I think I want to get married!"

    Luo Tianqi, who just coaxed back He Wanshuang, said: "Hehe, you still use Azi's ID card. I think I am still alive. Who can you marry?"

    Bei Mingmo turned his head: "Brother-in-law, are you eager to accompany you all over the world?"

    "Good boy, call your brother-in-law!" Luo Tianqi tilted Erlang's legs: "I'm so long a year old!"

    Bei Mingmo didn't want to let it go: "How about one year older than me, you haven't obediently called my family warm baby is sister-in-law!"

    Luo Tianqi shrugged: "That's because her husband is older than me, and you have the ability to find someone older than me now!"

    He Wanshuang needed to use other things to distract her. At this moment, she was eating a cake while pointing at Xuanyuan Che, who was always silent: "Hey, is n’t Che who is here single? Momo found Che. If you do n’t, you may not call your sister-in-law right away! "