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#399 Other women

In the next few days, Song Yi's body finally recovered.

A lot of work was piled up at Starry Night. She went to the company during the day and took the documents home to read after get off work.

As soon as it arrived on Saturday, Song Yi opened the wardrobe and began to look for clothes.

With a quick glance, she saw the two sets of couple sportswear she had bought before.

She hooked her lips and took off her clothes. She first put on the women's suit, white and pink contrast color sweatshirts, and then placed Gong Lingye's black and yellow contrast colors on the bedside.

Gong Lingye walked into the room and saw Song Yiren's eyes lit up.

She wore a ponytail, a light-colored sportswear lined her skin more crystal-clear, and with a face full of collagen in her early twenties, she looked pure and full of vitality.

The corner of his lips raised, and he walked over and pressed her against the closet. The lips were covered.

Strongly kissed vigorously, he bit her neck: "Wife, you give me uniform to seduce again."

Song Yiren couldn't help crying: "This is sportswear, okay, where is the uniform?"

Gong Lingye's hand penetrated into her jersey and kneaded it all the way to the back. She really couldn't hold it and pressed the person directly on the bed.

Song Yi begged for mercy: "Well, the appointment with them is going to be late..."

"Everyone drove over by ourselves, we don't have to be late." He said, and began to attack the city.

Song Yiren glanced at the men's clothing beside the bed and couldn't help whispering: "Then why don't you wear what I prepared for you?"

Gong Lingye heard the words and swept his eyes, and saw his suit.

His throat knotted: "Wife likes this?"

After all, he took off his home clothes and put on his sportswear.

"So, is your wife satisfied?" he asked with a smile.

Song Yiren looked at it, the man was tall and tall, and when he put on his sportswear, he seemed to converge on the cold and cruel atmosphere of the weekdays. The whole person looked sunny and young, and it seemed that he could pretend to be inside when he walked into the university campus. student.

She raised her lips: "Senior—"

Gong Ling's eyes dimmed at once: "Fairies."

Just say, lean down...

This was the first time the Song Yi people were half-dressed and intimate with Gong Lingye. She thought she could finish earlier, but she didn't expect that he was still full of tricks, and tossed her to the end. She didn't even bother to lift her legs.

Gong Lingye seemed to be full, and the satisfied man was more energetic: "Baby, let's go green!"

Song Yi: "..."

Outing? Lying dead is almost the same!

Gong Lingye really was wearing that sportswear, holding the hands of the Song Yi people, and got into the car.

The destination of the trip is a manor in the northern suburbs of the imperial city. It is said that it is a manor. In fact, the entire mountain is the industry of the Tiangong Group.

Gong Lingye let Bae Jun close the tourist reception for two days earlier, so in this mountain, there are only staff and friends invited by Gong Lingye.

A Mian's injury has not yet healed, so this time he rested at home.

Before leaving, Bae Jun made a phone call to Wei Qianran in order to make up for the mistakes he had caused to disturb others' dating, and told her that A Mian was injured and was very serious and needed care...

After listening to Wei Qianran's tone of worry in the phone, Pei Jun sighed, what is a brother, this is it!

When Song Yi and Gong Lingye arrived at the villa, the others were there too.

Because the weather is good and neither hot nor cold, everyone almost drinks tea and chats on the grass outside.

Seeing the two, Luo Tianqi couldn't help but whispered: "Brother Ye, you, you... even wearing a couple with your sister-in-law, are you going to abuse our single dogs?"

After he finished speaking, when no one agreed, he turned his head and patted Xuanyuan Che's shoulder: "Are you, A Che?"

Xuanyuan Che's lips raised a slight arc: "Tianqi, single dogs do not include me."

"Fuck, is it not a brother?!" Luo Tianqi said, glancing around, and quickly locked on Bei Mingmo's body.

At this moment, Bei Mingmo is talking to Pei Jun.

"I just sent you a message saying that it doesn't feel formal, now..." She smiled and said: "Sorry, you help explain to Auntie."

"It's okay." Pei Jun's tone is natural: "Remember to please me and your wedding wine!"

"Of course!" Bei Mingmo whispered, "I need my sister to introduce you!"

"Then please." Bae Jun really thought about it seriously: "I like smart, cute and non-sticky people."

"Good." Bei Mingmo compared with an ok gesture: "Go back and pay attention to you."

She said nothing, and went next to the Song Yi people. The location happened to be opposite Xuanyuan Che.

He glanced at her, and immediately took a small dish, and then began peeling macadamia nuts.

After he peeled a small plate, he slowly pushed it across the table.

Luo Tianqi saw this and reached for it directly.

However, before he caught it, Xuanyuan Che took off his paw.

Bei Mingmo opposite smiled. In Luo Tianqi's mournful eyes, she placed the plate in front of herself, and then deliberately slowly picked up the nuts one by one to eat.

While eating, he also sighed: "It's still fun to eat without shells!"

Luo Tianqi was originally laughing, but at a certain moment, he was suddenly in a trance.

In fact, today is the anniversary when he and Li Xiaozi were together.

Suddenly, they have known each other for eight years, and she has been away for almost a year.

Although he knew that Bei Mingmo wasn't her, but every time he saw the same facial features, he still didn't consciously think of her buried deep underground.

He opened his eyes, picked up a glass of wine, and drank in one breath.

When he put it down again, he was still Luo Tianqi, who didn't care about anything in the past.

At this moment, Gong Lingye had already come to Lie Xiaorou.

Lie Xiaoruo was picked up by Bae Jun. Bae Jun is very good at taking care of people, so although she is not familiar with everyone, she doesn’t feel too cautious.

Gong Lingye reached out and took Lie Xiao's wrist, and then led her to the crowd.

Seeing this, Luo Tianqi couldn't help but stunned: "What are you doing, Ye Ye? Pulling another woman in front of the sister-in-law's face, is this the rhythm of kneeling and washing the clothesboard?"

Others looked at each other, only Pei Jun and Song Yi who knew the inside were relatively indifferent.

"This is Xiao Ruan, everyone should know it." Gong Lingye and Lie Xiao Ruo stood in the center side by side. He released her wrist and looked at her, saying: "She is my half-brother. Sister, since I grew up in country g, I am not familiar with the country of China.

The words fell, and He Wanshuang on the other side was shocked.

Lie Xiao's soft lips raised, smiled at everyone, and took a glass of wine generously: "I respect everyone!"

After all, just drink the wine from the glass.

At this time, Lie Yuan, who had just walked to the door, turned his eyes and moved away from Lie Xiaoruo, but he just happened to face He Wanshuang over there.