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Since there was a problem at the YR-07 upgraded version of the global press conference that day, negative news about Haisheng's driverless cars will appear almost every third on the topic of the financial version.

    At first, it was just because of the reasoning caused by the video that day. For example, Haisheng ’s confidentiality measures were not perfect enough. For example, the loyalty of Haisheng ’s employees was doubtful. For example, Haisheng ’s firewall might be vulnerable.

    However, perhaps because of these rhythmic topics, complaints about the upgraded version of YR-07 have appeared one after another on Weibo.

    A customer reported that she had originally bought the car for dowry, but there was a problem on the day of the wedding. Some romantic themes had not been realized. That should have been an important part of her wedding.

    Weibo revealed a snapshot of the customer crying while sitting in the car.

    What's more, after the hot search of this news, many people who claimed to be users came out one after another, saying that the car they bought was also a problem here or there.

    In the office of Ningcheng, Haisheng Group, Chu Mingyao turned over the sales data sheet in front of him, and suddenly the eyes were covered with haze.

    At this time, Special Assistant Wang Xin knocked on the door.

    Chu Mingyao said: "Come in."

    Wang Xin looked a little hesitant, but in the eyes of Chu Mingyao's inquiry, he still said: "Mr. Chu and Mr. Liu are holding a shareholders meeting inside."

    Upon hearing this, Chu Mingyao's pupils immediately tightened: "Who called?"

    "I don't know very well. President Liu seems to have made an appointment in advance." Wang Xin said cautiously.

    Although Chu Mingyao was usually gentle, even the most gentle people would be angry if they encountered such a thing.

    Although Chu Mingyao is the president of Haisheng, his identity is a bit awkward.

    He is the son-in-law of Hai Sheng, the mother-in-law who has passed away, and is the majority shareholder of the company.

    However, he did not receive a marriage certificate with Song Yiren, so he was just an unmarried couple.

    The Song family adopted him. Although he had favorable material conditions, he did not give him shares in Haisheng.

    In addition, Mrs. Song had notarized it in the law firm before, and her shares will be reserved for Song Yiren and Song Ziheng in the future.

    Only the legacy of the Song Yi father, Chu Mingyao, as the adopted son, inherited part of it.

    Therefore, strictly speaking, he is only the CEO invited by the shareholders of the Haisheng Group, not the substantial shareholder who really has the right to speak!

    However, the existing shareholders are also elite, knowing that Chu Mingyao and Song Ziheng have a good relationship, so Chu Mingyao will soon and later be the actual controlling shareholder of Haisheng.

    But now it is different, and it involves the vital interests of shareholders. How can they give up!

    Chu Mingyao's pen was almost broken by him. He stood up and rushed to Wang Xindao: "Go to the meeting room!"

    As soon as he walked to the door of the conference room, Chu Mingyao heard the conversation inside.

    "The stock has been falling recently. Who will pay for our losses? Is that the kid?"

    "No! He has been in office for three years, and he didn't have any outstanding performance. He thought he could increase the value of our holdings through YR-07, but he didn't expect ..."

    "Oh, what skill can he have? Even his own woman can't control it, and he was wearing a cuckold in public, it's really our Haisheng's face was lost!"

    "Everyone didn't come here to complain today. It's not a matter of market value so evaporating. That kid doesn't care if he doesn't have shares, but it's our money that disappears every day!"

    "So what do you think should be done?"

    "Now that the majority shareholder is absent, we vote to decide! The position of president, whoever has the ability to do it!"

    Chu Mingyao heard this, and the hand holding the door handle was suddenly hard, and there were raging fires in his chest and abdomen.

    He slammed the door in.

    When everyone saw him, some people laughed and said, "Yo, our President Chu is here!"

    "President Chu, we are holding an extraordinary shareholder meeting without inviting you."

    Chu Mingyao walked in step by step, and did not know how much perseverance was used. He did not get angry, but took the expressions of the people present in his heart, and then rushed behind Wang Xindao: "Show the documents to shareholders!"

    Wang Xin quickly took out the planning document just printed out and distributed it to everyone, saying: "Shareholders, this is the plan made by President Chu staying up all these days ..."

    "What is the plan?" Someone said: "Willn't our market value evaporate again?"

    Chu Mingyao's murderous spirit flashed away, and then said: "Everyone, we will discuss after reading!"

    He didn't want to stay in this meeting room for a minute, but he had to sit here and put away all the anger and dignity!

    After reading it all, some people raised their eyes: "Oh, this plan has to use a lot of funds, but this is our hard work this year! This year we have worked for a year, and we ca n’t even get dividends at the end of the year ..."

    Chu Mingyao heard a hint that he hated his chest, but his tone was calm: "Everyone, this start-up fund is first deducted from my personal account, and I lose it. If I earn it, I will deduct it. . "

    "Okay, if you say that, it's just that. As long as we see the dividend at the end of the year, it's real to hit the card!"

    Someone said that, everyone agreed, and then walked out of the meeting room slowly.

    When only Chu Mingyao was left in the conference room, he picked up the document in his hand and tore it apart!

    Up to now, he has not found Song Ziheng, the other party seems to evaporate on the earth, completely disappeared in Ningguo.

    And the person who did those things behind the scenes, he has not been pulled out. In all these things on Weibo these days, who is not that person? !

    The fire in my heart was getting worse and harder to control. Chu Mingyao quickly came out of the meeting room, took the key and walked to the elevator.

    He dialed a call: "Now, go to my villa."

    Su Yunfei has been kept under the bed for a week, and Chu Mingyao did not shut her down for 24 hours. He seemed afraid that she would die easily. He would only tie her hands and feet and seal her mouth when he had certain needs. Under the bed.

    Today, she was drowsy because of some fever. Suddenly, she heard a beautiful female voice: "Mr. Chu, people miss you so much!"

    "Me too." Chu Mingyao's voice: "I'm used to you."

    "I know I'm not as pretty as Yunfei's sister, but I love President Chu the most!" Female voice: "I'm willing to do anything for President Chu!"

    It was Su Mi's bitch! Su Yunfei shivered with anger, but her hands and feet were tied and the space under the bed was so small that she couldn't move at all.

    "I know, can I ask you to do something now?" Chu Mingyao said, having untied Su Mi's clothes.

    When the two fell together, Chu Mingyao said: "Oh, don't mention the old woman! I didn't want to touch her, she couldn't help but go out to find a man, such a woman, you compare her with you It's insulting you! "