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What is the reason?

    Gong Lingye hardly needs to think about it, but also understands that Gu Zhiyun was not as generous as his grandfather thought.

    He blamed all the accidents on the Gong family. For these years, he has been dormant in order to avenge his wife and daughter!

    The Gong family has always felt guilty because of the events of those years. In these years, the various cares for the Gu family have not been able to exchange the understanding of the parties, but have become a weapon for the other party to kill themselves!

    Gong Lingye took a deep breath and asked Dr. Tan: "Dr. Tan, can I find this medicine now?"

    "Mr. Gong, I tested it with 0.05 mg of extract, and found that even if the extract is used, it may not be absorbed by the body, but must undergo relevant transformation, but the way of transformation has not been studied. "Doctor Tan sighed.

    Gong Lingye's heart sank: "That is, there is no other way than finding the owner of the extract?"

    Dr. Tan replied: "Yes, and, the sooner the better, otherwise, once the blood lesions start, even if there is medicine ..."

    "Okay, I know. You can find a solution as soon as possible." Gong Lingye hung up the phone.

    Opposite, Gong Mochen saw his expression dignified, could not help asking: "What's wrong?"

    "Mochen, let's start notarizing share transfers in the afternoon!" Gong Ling said at night.

    Since the Gu family has played a game of chess for so long, how can they change their mind?

    Since she noticed that the soil was wrong that day, Gong Lingye checked Gu's house again.

    Gu Chiyun is a Gu family biography, his parents are gone, his wife has passed away, and now he is only Gu Tingxue. If so, if Gu Tingxue can live for a long time, I am afraid that Gu Zhiyun still has spiritual support.

    However, Gong Lingye and Country M also confirmed that even if Gu Tingxue used the most advanced treatment method, he would only have six months of life.

    Presumably, Gu Zhiyun also knew about it.

    So, how could he hand over the antidote?

    And in just two months, can Dr. Tan really develop drugs that can be absorbed by the human body?

    It should be known that even the world's largest pharmaceutical company needs to develop a drug, often after several years or even more than ten years.

    Even if there is a direction, the cycle can take half a year.

    Then ...

    He never gave up hope, but he was not blind and confident.

    Opposite, Gong Mochen heard Gong Lingye's words, and his heart sank: "Uncle, you really don't have ..."

    Later, he stuck in his throat.

    Even though Gong Lingye told him about the disease that day, Gong Mochen was still holding a hope that Gong Lingye had erected in his mind for many years and blindly believed in Gong Lingye.

    But now, it seems to be ruthlessly broken by reality.

    "Let's go, I'll arrange a lawyer, and you'll prepare it." Gong Lingye patted Gong Mochen's back and took the lead.

    The equity transfer is completely secret. Gong Lingye was prepared early to avoid the accident of Tiangong Group. After the equity change, the management will also make some adjustments.

    Because the things involved are quite complicated, it is already evening to complete the formalities.

    The shareholding change is not effective immediately, but needs to be sent to the relevant department for record and registration.

    The lawyer took the transfer letter and related materials and left. Gong Mochen didn't know what mood he was going to return home.

    Today is the birthday of his second aunt. Although there is no big deal at home, a small banquet inside the palace was also held, and Gong Lingye was also invited.

    When Gong Mochen came back, the old lady couldn't help but ask, "Mo Chen, what about Ling Ye?"

    "Little Uncle has a dinner tonight and may not be able to come over." Gong Mochen said.

    In fact, Gong Ling said to him when he was leaving: "Mo Chen, I'm going to accompany Nuan Nuan. Other things, you help me block it." After that, I really didn't give him any room, just that gone!

    Mrs. Gong nodded: "Well, even if there is business, his second sister doesn't like to be too grand anyway."

    However, Yue Wenqing listened but pouted: "Mom, didn't you find that Ling Ye is now coming home less than before? I don't know if I thought he was too busy to even find time to come back!" But that day I met Mrs. Jiang, and I said that I saw Ling Ye and his few friends and got together a lot! "

    Since Gong Mochen's accident, Yue Wenqing has no good face for Gong Lingye.

    Now, although Gong Mochen can go to the ground, he can only go to the ground for a little while every day. As a rehabilitation exercise, it will take half a month for the distance to really recover.

    Every time he saw the appearance of his son's guilt, Yue Wenqing complained more about Gong Lingye.

    In the past, Yue Wenqing said this, Gong Mochen only frowned slightly, but didn't say anything, but at the moment, Gong Mochen thought of the transfer book signed by Gong Lingye and what Gong Lingye had done for the Gong family in recent years. There is also a problem with his blood, and there is a kind of depression in his heart that must be vented: "Mom, Uncle is really busy, not intentionally not attending the second aunt's birthday feast."

    Yue Wenqing was stunned. When did his son stand with Gong Lingye?

    She took a deep breath: "Mo Chen, I know that you have been dependent on him since you were a child, but some things are not your kindness, people will appreciate you, but instead, you will be bullied because of your kindness ..."

    "Mom!" Gong Mochen interrupted Yue Wenqing's words, and his tone increased: "That was just an accident!"

    Yue Wenqing's temple suddenly jumped angrily, but for a second, the old lady Gong was displeased: "Wen Qing, your two sisters are already at the banquet!"

    Yue Wenqing couldn't, but nodded: "Good mother, we're gone."

    This seems to be just an episode until everyone is at the banquet.

    The little ghosts are extremely happy today, and they all revolve around today's birthday star.

    The elders looked at the little ghosts and talked about getting married. Then, almost everyone looked at Gong Mochen.

    Or the old lady Gong said first: "Mo Chen, why haven't you seen Ruo Nuan recently?"

    Yue Wenqing also echoed: "Yes, Mo Chen, why didn't I see her after you left the hospital? Are you arguing?"

    She rarely saw her son like a girl, but now it seems that the two are no longer in contact with each other, and she just feels that she has broken her heart.

    "I have nothing to do with her originally." Gong Mochen's tone was a little blunt: "You will not associate her with me in the future."

    Upon hearing this, Yue Wenqing was anxious: "How did you break up? Mo Chen, don't you like ..."

    Before her words were finished, Gong Mochen interrupted: "She is not my type!"

    Yue Wenqing was suddenly speechless, opposite, the old lady Gong said: "Mo Chen, what kind of thing do you like? You are not too young, your grandfather is as big as you, and there are several children!"

    Gong Mochen thought of the Song Yi people, his heart was slightly restrained, but he also thought of what Gong Lingye said to him. In the future, his responsibility on his shoulders is not only to take care of the Gong family, to take care of the Tiangong, but also to pass on the succession to the palace.

    He said: "In the second half of the year, I will take one home."