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Almost instantaneously, Song Yi was covered in cold sweat.

    She turned her head sharply, looking out of the glass door.

    Because of the frosting, she could not see clearly, but the voice just now was clearly Chu Mingyao!

    Song Yi quickly turned off his little safe, and then walked softly behind the glass door.

    Outside, the man said another sentence: "Do you have an account here ?!"

    Song Yi held the glass door handle tightly, but at this moment, a soft female voice came: "President Chu, yeah! I lived in nowhere after I entered the bank, almost all rented houses, so I opened a house here Do n’t lose some jewelry or something. "

    It's Su Mi's voice! Song Yiren realized that he had made a mistake and slowly lifted his heart back to his chest.

    Only listening to Chu Mingyao said: "It seems to have saved a lot? Continue to work hard."

    He's out there, all kind and kind but keeping a safe distance.

    Su Mi is obviously very self-aware, so she just politely said, "Thank you Mr. Chu."

    Song Yiren returned to the safe and tried the number just guessed.

    When she pressed the last one, her hands were sweaty.

    Only with the sound of ‘ding’, the safe door opened.

    She was stunned, it seemed that she could not believe that everything came so easily.

    There are many things in the mother's safe, divided into several layers.

    There are equity contracts, real estate, investment, and some overseas Jockey Club clubs and other investment contracts.

    Song Yi people quickly glanced over the top floor, did not find it, and then looked at the jewelry, collections, etc. below, still did not find a U disk or a mobile phone that can store videos.

    At the bottom layer, a pocket watch was placed.

    This pocket watch was seen by Song Yi. When she was a child, her mother often kept it at hand, and she almost lost it. After she found it, she never saw it again.

    It turned out that it was put in the safe by the mother.

    But, although the pocket watch seems to be an antique, why did the mother put it on a separate layer?

    Song Yi was puzzled and took a pocket watch to look at it carefully.

    The pocket watch more than a hundred years ago can still move around at the moment, Song Yi people looked at the time, and it was no different from the display on the mobile phone!

    However, the pocket watch is a pocket watch, and there is no trace of prying open on the back. How can it be possible to hide the video?

    She searched the safe and even flipped through every document, but there was still no video clue!

    Did Song Ziheng hear it wrong three years ago?

    Song Yiren only felt that a cloud of mist suddenly rose in his heart, but with the opened safe, it became stronger and stronger.

    She picked up her phone and sent a message to Song Ziheng: "Zi Heng, are you sure your mother told you three years ago that you put a video in her safe?"

    At this moment, thousands of miles away, it was early morning, and Song Ziheng was sitting in a quiet room.

    In front of him was a casually dressed middle-aged man. The man wore his eyes and said to Song Ziheng: "Come, read this to me."

    Song Ziheng shook his head and gestured with sign language, indicating that he still could not make a sound.

    The man smiled and said, "Then I read it to you ... I went home from school that day, and my mother suddenly rushed into my room ..."

    At this moment, Song Ziheng's cell phone rang.

    He picked it up and saw the news from the Song Yi people, asking what happened more than three years ago.

    He quickly replied: "Yes, sister, at that time my mother said that the video was released, but there was no time to say the password."

    Seeing him reply, the man on the opposite side continued to read again.

    Song Ziheng's hands began to hold the armrests of the chairs on both sides, and the whole person was surrounded by a strong fear.

    He thought of the nightmare more than three years ago. In the nightmare, his sister died and his mother jumped from the building in front of him. He was speechless overnight.

    Numerous chaotic pictures flashed through his head, and he covered his head in pain.

    The man in front of him continued to read the ‘story’ written by Song Ziheng before, as if a curse had been ripped off, and the fault was torn open for three years, showing the bloody passage in front of him!

    "Ah--" Song Ziheng screamed dumbly and painfully.

    The man did not continue any more, but held Song Ziheng's hand tightly.

    I only felt as if I had fallen into the abyss where I could not see the end. Song Ziheng breathed heavily, soaked in cold sweat.

    Just now, his brain even flashed a picture-

    In the picture, my mother and Ben were not what he remembered before. They came to him calmly and explained things like videos and passwords.

    Instead, his mother's face was covered with blood, and she fled in panic, panicked and fell in front of him.

    And Chu Mingyao was like a demon in hell, holding a bloody wrench in his hand, and hitting her mother fiercely. Then, carrying her mother's body, she pushed her heavily from the balcony!

    At that time, he looked at everything in horror and rushed up to fight Chu Mingyao, but he pushed him away and let him fall into the blood.

    He still has the mother's blood on his hand, and Chu Mingyao in front of him locks him scarletly, and Gao Gaolin said one sentence: "From today on, you will become dumb!"

    With a muffled head, Song Ziheng fainted before his eyes.

    Waking up again, it didn't take long for Song Ziheng to find himself still soft.

    The psychiatrist in front said: "You can speak, but you will be hypnotized when your consciousness is weakest."

    Song Ziheng looked at him, squeezed his lips tightly and said nothing.

    "Come here today." The doctor patted his shoulder. "Take your time, don't worry."

    Song Ziheng nodded, compared to a gesture of thanks, and left the psychological clinic.

    On the way back, he picked up his phone and saw the message from Song Yiren: "Zi Heng, you really remembered correctly? I guessed my mother's safe code, but I didn't see the video when I opened it!"

    Song Ziheng's hand trembled slightly, and he quickly typed: "Sister, I may remember it wrong."

    After sending the message, he looked at the gray sky outside and only felt that he had never been frustrated.

    Gong Lingye was right, he was very weak, so weak that he saw his mother was killed in front of him, but was successfully hypnotized, and it was recorded as his mother jumping off the building.

    He gripped his hair in pain, trying to speak, but still unable to make a sound.

    For a long time, the car stopped and someone patted him on the shoulder: "It's the end."

    Song Ziheng reacted and found himself in a completely strange place.

    The bleakness surrounded him tightly. He took out his phone and opened the address book.

    A name jumped into the eyes-Gong Lingye.

    He didn't know why he asked for this prospective brother-in-law who had only seen one side when he was hesitant, but he still sent a message to Gong Lingye.

    "I am Song Ziheng, you are right, I am very confused and do not know what to do."

    Gong Lingye responded quickly: "I'll take the nearest flight to find you."