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#83 Slap properly

Three days later, the results of the team and individual competitions of the robot contest were released, and the three words "Yu Ruonuan" were impressively included in the list of knockout tournaments.

    On the same day, the result of the competition was a list-listing system, so the huge LED screen displayed a list of all the advancers.

    When I saw the name of Yuruo Nuan, many of the students discussed the following. In the end, the voice became louder and louder. Some people even shouted directly: "A classmate who can't even recognize the code is also eligible to advance? This is the case, so where are the other students who have stayed for ten years? Since then, what is the significance of such a contest? "

    The organizer seems to be seeing things get bigger and bigger, and even some reporters have begun to report it, which really cannot be suppressed. Only then did a staff member come to the scene to placate everyone: "Dear students, we have notified this matter After the above, it was finally decided to conduct a special defense contest for Yu Ruannuan on the spot. Write code on the spot, make robots on the spot, and conduct real-time confrontation. Do you agree? "

    When everyone heard it, they immediately responded: "Okay, but the proposition cannot be given by the organizer, but by the teacher of the University of Astronautics!"

    The organizer nodded and asked Song Yiren: "Yu Ruannuan, do you agree?"

    Song Yi nodded slightly: "Yes."

    The organizer again said: "Then students, choose one of your representatives, and Yu Ruannuan will have a live match!"

    In fact, after this week's competition, everyone's overall strength is almost counted. Xiao Pei is considered as the top three contestants of this competition, but because he is a gang with Song Yi, so everyone naturally filtered him out and chose A boy named 'He Rang' from the Polytechnic University.

    The teacher of the University of Aeronautics and Astronautics wrote a proposition: making light-sensitive robots, that is, highly sensitive to light sources, able to complete different instructions according to different light sources, and taking reaction time and accuracy as a measure of victory or defeat.

    The staff provided all the materials for making robots, as well as computers and some basic tools and instruments.

    Because it is a single robot, it will not take too long to make.

    Moreover, as a comparison, in fact, you can see the level of the two people at the beginning.

    Song Yiren and He Rang were sitting on both sides of the test bench, back-to-back, in front of them was a rather large workbench.

    In the surroundings, several cameras live in all directions, and the large LED screen is divided into two halves, which is a shot of the two-person match.

    In the stands, Xiao Pei yawned. He took out his mobile phone and glanced at it, and found another harassment text message on the mobile phone: "There are wood in the mountains and branches in the wood.

    I do n’t know who this number is. I send him a sour poem from time to time, but he never says who it is, nor does he reveal any purpose of cheating.

    Xiao Pei found that he followed this number and learned a lot of Fengyue verses.

    For example, ‘May I be like a star king like a moon, and the stream of light will be bright and clean at night. ’

    There is also ‘the two-faced method of peace in the world, not to be disappointed, but not to be disappointed. ’

    He took his phone and continued to watch this unsuspecting game.

    Around, there was a sound of discussion: "Look, that Yuruan Nu is funny, right? What has she been tapping at the computer? Is there such a crackle that you can change the code?"

    "Oh, don't you know? This is a dead pig not afraid of boiling water!"

    "How can I say a dead pig? People are so beautiful! In other words, I like her so much, if she is willing to be my girlfriend, I will die even if I die!"

    "Fuck, pervert. Wolf! And, Yu Ruan Nuan has a boyfriend, okay? He is a man from Gong Mochen. No one is handsome, no one is rich, Yu Ruo Nuan may look at you ?!"

    "However, rich people do not like to find student girls, but they will not be divided for a few years together? Anyway, I am willing to be the pick-up guy! Just face her!"

    "She is also very good, I like it too!"

    "Don't you question her achievements before? What do you mean now?"

    "We are questioning her ability, and we are very opposed to such behavior, but as a man who appreciates women, she satisfies all my aesthetics!"

    "And, she lost so badly for a while. When she comes down, she may cry like Ehhua with rain. If I take the opportunity to comfort, maybe ..."

    "Brother Wang, you and your mom are sinister. I remember you were the one who did n’t even understand the code. You turned out to be this kind of idea. Just rush to this, and my mom and I will tell you later she was!"

    When everyone was talking about it, the Song Yi people had stopped the crazy percussion.

    She seemed to have some sore hands, so she moved her fingers, her movements were elegant, and her lips were slightly tickled.

    On the stage, the men inhaled as they watched.

    "Fuck, so many beautiful! Damn, I regret to follow them and coax her!"

    "Me too, why did you follow her back then? Such a beautiful woman, can't code what happened? Hey, what if it seems to comfort her?"

    In the tangle of emotions, Song Yi people have begun to assemble robots.

    Chips, photosensors, and circuits are connected. Soon, under her flexible fingertips, a round-headed and round-headed robot is suddenly formed.

    She stood up and said to the audience: "My teachers, my photosensitive robot has been completed."

    Where she turned away from her, Xue Ba, who was chosen by everyone, turned her head inexplicably and saw the robot in the hands of Song Yiren.

    He frowned, looking at his screen. He had a code he was just thinking about. He just had a direction now, but there was still a long way to go.

    How could she finish? He does not believe that her robot can really complete the instructions as required by the teacher!

    The staff member was also surprised when he heard Song Yiren's words, but he still came over calmly and said, "He let the classmates pause for a while. Now we turn off the lights and start testing the robot of classmate Yu Ruonuan."

    Suddenly, the playing field was dark.

    Then, a light source fell on the robot's head. At the moment when the light fell, the robot raised its right arm according to the instructions previously written.

    Opposite, He Rang looked at this scene in disbelief.

    The white light source disappeared and the robot dropped its right arm. The red light source lights up, and the robot immediately turns his head. His movements are fast, and the reaction time is already less than 0.1 second.

    Next, blue light, strong light, weak light, and low light, all the light sources were tested. The robot did not make any errors in every movement, and it was perfect as a textbook.

    "The test is complete." As the staff spoke, the scene lights turned on. All the students who saw the reaction in the field were shocked to aphasia, and the scene was silent.