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#3 Burn her!

With that said, Chu Mingyao turned around and quickly pushed a wheelchair in from the outside.

    When seeing the person in the wheelchair, Song Yi's blood and tears came out at once: "Dad!"

    Her voice was ruined and she couldn't hear the softness of the past, and the man in the wheelchair shivered when she saw her.

    It was such a small reaction that Chu Mingyao saw it.

    His pupils shrank, and he suddenly grabbed Song's collar. He slapped it in the palm of his hand, and the soft eyes on weekdays were all vaginal and ruthless: "Old and immortal, you really pretend to be crazy!"

    Every time he abuses the Song Yi people, he will show the video to his father, but he always prefers to pretend to be crazy rather than hand over all the property and documents of the Song family!

    In the past, the Song family had made a will and notarized it in law. If the Song family, including the four immediate family members of the Song father, Song mother and Song Yi sister, died, then all the property will be donated to the international charity organization.

    Because of this, Chu Mingyao did not dare to actually kill all the Song family members, but every time he went crazy and forced his father to confess.

    Seeing her father being beaten, Song Yi struggled so that her hands were shackled with shackles, and she shrieked sharply: "Chu Mingyao, you stop!"

    At the moment, Father Song, who had always been mad, also stood up from his wheelchair. His legs were trembling, but for three years, he had swallowed all the style of this surgical expert. He seemed to be an old man who was about to die. At the last moment of life, to take the knife in Su Yunfei's hand.

    However, Chu Mingyao was still a step faster than him. He kicked his feet to Song Father, took the knife from Su Yunfei's hand, strode to the Song Yi people's bed, and slammed it down against her wrist. !

    He was in the Song family for 20 years and was influenced by his father. Naturally, he knew how to sever the human tendons without hurting the arteries.

    So, three or two times, the Song Yiren's hand fell down weakly, she mourned in pain, blood dripping down the ground along her fingertips, shocking.

    The slender fingers used to be so beautiful and dexterous, but at the moment they seemed to be declining like dead branches.

    Over there, Father Song saw this scene, and somehow his strength came. He climbed up again, looking for Chu Mingyao desperately.

    However, he was kicked again and fell to the ground, and he soon lost his breath.

    On the hospital bed, Song Yiren's voice seemed to be the last roar of the beast, her relatives were humiliated in front of her, but she was scrapped, so she just watched, but couldn't do anything!

    "Hey--" In the room, Chu Mingyao sighed: "Yi Ren, you said that money is nothing but what's outside of your body. Why does your dad think so much? It seems that we can only use the last method ..."

    That way is to leave Song Ziheng and wait for Song Ziheng's adulthood, even if he can't find the relevant documents, Song Ziheng can directly inherit the Song family's property according to his will.

    By that time, it was not easy for Chu Mingyao to kill Song Ziheng! It's just that he has to wait for another 4 years, he is very suffocated!

    Chu Mingyao thought of this and gave Su Yunfei a wink.

    Su Yunfei immediately brought in an oil drum from outside. When he saw the oil drum, the Song Yi people immediately understood what they were going to do!

    They will burn her and her father and destroy all the evidence!

    Believe that as soon as they die, the news for tomorrow morning will be written like this-

    [Song Yuncheng, an expert in Ning Guoshen Surgery, died of a cruise ship fire during his vacation on the sea, and his personal nurse died at the same time ...]

    Gasoline poured on the face and body, and the moment the fire ignited, Song Yiren said to herself, if there is still an afterlife, then she must let the enemy bloody and bloody!

    It's just that her brother, Song Ziheng, who was 11 years old when he was separated, fell into the hands of the enemy, and now he can't speak anymore. How much will he suffer?

    The tongue of fire licked the whole body, the pain piercing the soul spread throughout the body and mind, Song Yiren ’s tears rolled down, and when the consciousness was scattered, she gently said to the overwhelming fire: "Zi Heng, sister Mom and dad can't accompany you anymore, you have to live well, there is still hope ... "

    The fire on the cruise ship ignited all night. The next day, the cruise ship had already sunk into the deep sea. The waves were curling up with charred wooden boards. The tide was rising and falling, and soon there was only white foam.