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On the same day, Gong Lingye took Gong Mochen back to the old palace.

    Yue Wenqing was distressed by his son and walked around Gong Mochen almost all the time, while Gong Lingye went to his mother's room.

    "Mom." He poured water to the grandmother Gong, and said a few words before turning the topic to the topic: "You used to say that our family wasn't in business before, why did we start business suddenly? "

    Mrs. Gong drank tea and said, "It's not because of those things that the ancestors said, it is safe to do business, and the people do not fight against the officials, so ..."

    Gong Lingye knew that the ancestor of the Gong family was actually a generation, and it was only after his grandfather that he started to do business.

    "Did something happen, so Zu Shang chose to do business?" Gong Lingye asked.

    "I can't remember the specifics. Listening to my father-in-law, it seems that someone offended." Mrs. Gong said: "In fact, neither your father nor I know about this matter, but your grandfather mentioned it In the past, the palace family offended the unbelievable people, and came to the imperial city for escape. "

    Gong Lingye sighed, caught something, could not help asking: "What is the name of offended people, are they also in China?"

    "I really don't know this, even your father!" Said Mrs. Gong: "In the beginning, your grandfather was drunk and mentioned, but later we did not ask how he asked! But once again, he said something. , We can rest assured to do business, because the Qiu family is dead. "

    Gong Lingye asked: "Nothing else?"

    Mrs. Gong nodded, but wondered: "Ling Ye, why did you suddenly ask this?"

    Gong Lingye was afraid that the old lady was worried, so she said, "It's just curious to ask."

    Mrs. Gong was not at ease: "Mu Chen's explosion, you said it was because of an operation error on the base, is it artificial?"

    Gong Lingye smiled and said: "Mom, this is really artificial, because someone took the wrong thing, it caused an explosion. Don't worry, it's just a coincidence!"

    "Hey, I really can't bear to lose anyone anymore!" Mrs. Gong thought that her sons had left one by one, and then looked at Gong Lingye in front of her, and when she was 30, she sighed and held Gong Lingye. The palm of your hand: "Ling Ye, when will you marry a wife back to mom?"

    Gong Lingye's heart moved, and was planning to talk about him and the Song Yi people at this time, but he saw that Mrs. Gong suddenly stood up.

    He was puzzled and asked, "Mom, you want--"

    Mrs. Gong turned around, took the key, and opened a wooden cabinet.

    She flipped something out of it. It was wrapped in a handkerchief and opened layer by layer. It turned out to be a pocket watch.

    Gong Lingye had never seen this pocket watch and couldn't help wondering: "Mom, what is this?"

    "Ling Ye, let me tell you a past!" Mrs. Gong said, and began to talk.

    "In the previous dynasty, the Gong family was not the surname Gong, but the surname Shangguan. At that time, when the foreign country had just invented the pocket watch, the Gong family owner and the Rong family owner specially customized two identical foreign funds."

    "Behind the dial of the Gong family, there is an inscription" official ", while the Rong family has an inscription of" honor. "

    "Later through the war, although the two generations have made good friends, they are also separated. Plus what your grandfather mentioned, who offended someone, so I guess that the name change began from that time."

    "I don't know what happened to the Rong family now. However, there was an agreement on the first ancestor. If future generations hold this pocket watch, it will be our closest person!"

    Mrs. Gong sighed: "I originally planned to tell you these things a few years later, but I am not in good health now, and I worry that I will suddenly disappear, so ..."

    Not waiting for what Gong Lingye said, the old lady said: "Ling Ye, my son is the only one left. I have always hoped that you can get married and have children early, but you said that you would wait until after 32. I give you the pocket watch today, I hope you can let me hold my grandson earlier, and pass on this pocket watch. "

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Mom, actually I--"

    The old lady Gong waved her hand: "Mom is tired, so why don't you talk about it later?"

    Gong Ling was very tired when she saw the old lady at night. If he talked about the Song Yi people now, his mother might have mood swings. In short, as the Japanese plan, according to the original plan, it is not too late to wait until Chu Mingyao is arrested.

    So he squeezed his pocket watch and left his mother's room.

    Today, Gong Lingye went to pick up Gong Mochen, and Song Yi went to the northern suburban base.

    Because everyone comes from all over the world, for those who have a family, such as Lao Song, Hua Ge, etc., they must be ready to go home.

    So, everyone had a meal together that night and had an appointment to meet again after the New Year.

    That night, according to the plan, Song Yiren sent a message using an account provided by the old ghost--

    [According to reports, three and a half years ago, the death of Mrs. Song and Song Qianjin of the Song family in Ningguo had other secrets, and they were suspected to have been killed by people close to them]

    After she posted the post, she directly asked Gong Lingye to top it.

    She didn't deliberately put the post too far, but she just hung in the tenth position of the hot search.

    Chu Mingyao has just completed the handover in the past few days.

    A moment left from Hai Sheng, his heart was tearing hard, only to feel lonely never had before.

    He picked up his phone and habitually sent messages to the Song Yi people.

    However, he found that someone on his private Weibo had sent him a message.

    He frowned slightly, and he didn't know much about his number because, although he had been registered for seven or eight years, it was also used for occasional brushing, and there had been no dynamics for several years.

    It can be said that the person who knows his number is probably only his old classmates.

    He had an uneasy hunch in his heart, so click to see.

    That Ait is a comment, the content is: "Is it? Thinking very scared!"

    Then he looked at that Weibo.

    Suddenly, his face faded to pale, and his phone could hardly be held!

    It has been more than three years. At first, he did it seamlessly, and all the evidence has been destroyed. Unless the person comes alive, who will testify against him? !

    Therefore, for so long, he has been okay, standing safely in the spotlight of the media, accepting the baptism of everyone's eyes, and deepening his deep feelings day by day.

    And now, when the old things were turned out, who knows the insider, besides Su Yunfei and Bei Mingmo, who else? !

    Su Yunfei couldn't find it, Bei Mingmo was protected by Gong Lingye's people, and he was inconvenient to do it. After all, once he started, as long as there was any evidence left, the police might know him.

    After all, once Beimingmo had an accident, how could Gong Lingye not know that he did it?

    Moreover, there should be no evidence in Beimingmo's hands, even if he grabbed her, at most it was used in exchange for Song Ziheng.

    But now, who sent this news?