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#5 Took everything from her!

Song Yiren felt that his body was so hot and hot that he realized that it was a problem with the wine that Yu Ruonuan had drunk.

    A few months ago, the Song Yiren accidentally rescued the old lady of the Gong family, so today, Yu Ruonuan ’s father heard that Gong Mochen came back from a business trip, eager to have a relationship with the Gong family, and gave his daughter a bottle of wine to let her About Gong Mochen drinking.

    However, Gong Mochen didn't like Yu Ruo Nuan at all, and she only hated her. How could she drink?

    The wine was drunk by Yu Ruo Nuan herself, and before she was confused, would she crash into Gong Lingye's bathroom?

    Song Yiren did not know how long he rushed under the cold water before the restlessness in his body finally subsided. She found a large towel wrapped in her wet body in the bathroom and walked out.

    Gong Lingye was gone, and the Song Yi people asked the servant for a clean dress and went to the bathroom again to change it. This dried her hair and came out.

    All the way to the living room, there was only one mature and dignified woman downstairs.

    Song Yiren recognized that it was Gong Lingye's sister-in-law and Gong Mochen's mother.

    Song Yiren walked in front of Mrs. Gong and said to her with a smile: "Auntie, I'm sorry to disturb. I still have class today, so I'll go back first."

    The contempt in Mrs. Gong's eyes passed away, and the good rest made her not express half of her words. She was polite and alienated from the tunnel: "Let's go after dinner!"

    If it is Yu Ruannuan in the past, he will surely crawl along the pole and stay behind. However, Song Yiren smiled: "Auntie, thank you. The experiment tonight is very important. I have to go back to school first."

    Song Yiren is about to leave, but at this moment, the news broadcast on TV suddenly attracted her mind--

    [Ning Guohai Sheng Group President Chu Mingyao died of his adoptive father and kneeled at the beach for three nights. He was discharged from the hospital just three days ago this morning and attended the first test site of the Haisheng Group YR-07 driverless car. The first test of the car was a complete success. According to Mr. Chu, this is the most precious gift he mourns for the family of his late fiancee ...]

    The picture on the TV was a test scene. Chu Mingyao in a suit, his handsome face slightly haggard, is being interviewed by the media.

    On the other side, Su Yunfei, who is the model of this time, is wearing a red dress and is standing in front of a royal blue car, receiving the baptism of the media spotlight.

    Soon after, Su Yunfei left, and the driver started the car on the side. Suddenly, the unmanned blue car quickly completed 100 meters on the runway, and then passed through corners one after another, avoiding obstacles smoothly and elegantly. As flexible as a cheetah!

    Song Yi ’s eyes, staring at the two people on the screen, she tried her best to control her emotions, but her body still could not help shaking-

    No. 07 is a project that she participated in with the company's core technical team four years ago. If she was not locked up by Chu Mingyao three years ago and scrapped everything, maybe this car will come out two years earlier!

    Ha ha, Chu Mingyao will never know, in fact, Haisheng Group's AI Technology Department is more than just people in Haisheng Building. Because there is also a secret top team that is not employed by Haisheng.

    The Song Yi people are the engineers of this team, and the team members are all Song Yi people's "comrades". It was also because the Song Yi ’s ‘death’ three years ago led to the dissolution of the team. Since then, Hai Sheng has lacked the support of top technology, and it has led to the release of YR-07 now!

    Thinking of the fact that I had to stay up all night to modify various parameters again and again, the teammates of the team spent their hard work sleeping and forgetting food, and then looked at Chu Mingyao who was congratulating everyone on the screen at the moment, and Song Yiren felt a fire of hell was burning in his chest Burn down that clothed bird and beast!