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Thousands of miles away, in an apartment building in Dicheng, Lieyuan Shen received a call from Ling Shaofeng: "Third Brother, I went to check. Gong Lingye did not appear for several days."

    "Is he really sick?" Lie Yuan narrowed his eyes, wondering: "Gong Lingye is not in good health?"

    "I don't know." Ling Shaofeng said: "Although they blocked the news, haven't our people always paid attention to their movements? We found out that Gong Lingye had visited his imperial doctor Dr. Tan's Blood Research Institute, and , The guard there is very strict recently. "

    "Yes, if Gong Lingye is not there to cure the disease, it is estimated that not many people will defend." Lie Yuan Shen said: "The man said that Gong Lingye was going to die, and it seemed to be fine."

    "Third Brother, shall we act now?" Ling Shaofeng said: "Or, cooperate with that person?"

    Lieyuan frowned: "Shaofeng, you should use your brain more often."

    "What do you mean?" Ling Shaofeng wondered.

    "If Gong Lingye is really going to die, then why should we do it? The other party is just treating us as a gun." Lie Yuan said in a deep voice: "Reassure, if Gong Lingye has been around for a few days, then his Star Night Group It ’s ours, and now we just have to wait and see how it changes. ”

    He had just said that the door of the other closed room opened suddenly.

    He Wanshuang looked at Lieyuan Shen in shock, and his voice trembled: "Brother Ye ... Are you in danger ?!"

    Lieyuan stared at the horror and worry at the end of He Wanshuang's eyes, and his heart suddenly filled with displeasure. He quickly rushed to Shaofeng and said: "This matter, I will talk to you later."

    After all, he hung up the phone and looked at He Wanshuang: "You don't need to worry about things in the men's business field!"

    "You just said, he's going to be sick ... he's sick, is it true?" He Wanshuang trembles, unable to say the word "dead".

    "Yes, he is dying." Lie Yuan Shen leaned down, his eyes flush with He Wanshuang, his eyes were cruel: "It is estimated that these days."

    "Impossible!" He Wanshuang shook her head, she quickly turned around and rushed into the room to get the phone.

    Fingers were shaking, she called Gong Lingye's private mobile phone.

    There, the phone rings and no one answers.

    She called again, but it was Bae Jun who answered the phone, her voice was rather hoarse: "Miss He, the president is busy."

    "Pete Zhu, you tell me, what happened to him and Brother Ye ?!" He Wanshuang's voice was very anxious: "Why did someone say he was sick?"

    Pei Jun paused and said, "Miss He, the president is all right, those are just groundless."

    "Pete Zhu, then tell me, where is he? Let him answer the phone!" He Wanshuang spoke so excitedly for the first time.

    "Miss He, sorry, the president is in a meeting, inconvenient ..." Bae Jun said.

    However, He Wanshuang looked at the time. At this time, where is the meeting time?

    She hung up the phone and called Luo Tianqi again.

    There is only one female voice over there: "The owner has gone abroad. If you have anything, please leave a message after the sound ..."

    He Wanshuang hung up, and beat Xuanyuan Che again.

    However, Xuanyuan Che directly prompted to shut down.

    Everyone was not there. She thought that Lie Yuan had just said on the phone, her heart was tight, and a name came to her mind: Doctor Tan!

    He Wanshuang grabbed the phone and strode out.

    Behind him, Lie Yuan said coldly, "Where to go?"

    He Wanshuang turned his head: "I'll see him!"

    "If you dare to step out of this door, I will break your leg!" Lie Yuan Shen said one by one.

    He Wanshuang turned her head and red eyes: "Then tell me, are you going to take advantage of his illness?"

    Lie Yuan's eyes were terrifying, but his tone became playful: "He is going to die. I help him take over the group. His things are carried forward in my hands. He is underground, and he must thank me!"

    He Wanshuang's hand clenched into a fist, she no longer ignored Lieyuan Shen, but quickly walked out.

    She did not believe that Gong Ling Ye would get sick, but the facts she had just heard proved it everywhere.

    She has lost an elder brother. Now, will even this elder brother who can only look far away be lost?

    Panicked, He Wanshuang had already reached the elevator and pressed the ‘down’ button quickly.

    Behind him, the footsteps of the man came and said: "Go back to me! You forgot, who is your woman now ?!"

    She ignored, he reached out and grabbed her arm, she quickly hid, and it happened that the elevator arrived.

    He Wanshuang quickly entered the elevator and pressed the close button.

    The man's cold voice sounded: "He Wanshuang, you will regret your decision today!"

    She ignored it, and Gong Lingye was sick in her mind. In recent years, and not to mention that she has always liked him, it is said that he has already become one of her closest relatives. How could he still be safe when he heard that he was ill? !

    Another person got on the elevator halfway, and He Wanshuang was anxious.

    When she walked out of the elevator, Lieyuan Shen also came out beside the other elevator.

    "I said one last time, stop!" He drank coldly behind her.

    She had already reached the door of the corridor, and when she heard him, she did not look back.

    He looked at her leaving back, and the fire was crackling and burning wildly. Very good, she forced him to shoot! He really fell into the rock!

    Lieyuan Shen's hands clenched into fists, and since she is gone, don't come back in this life!

    But, when he was about to turn around and leave, suddenly, in the darkness, He Wanshuang exclaimed!

    Lie Yuan sank his head, and quickly passed, and saw that in the lights below the entrance of the corridor, He Wanshuang did not know if he stepped on it, and rolled down from the five or six steps!

    There was a sharp pain in the leg, and He Wanshuang was so painful that he could not speak for a while. Behind him, the man had reached her, and the tone was high and cold: "He Wanshuang, you successfully angered me."

    She bit her lip and tried to hold it up, but the next second came a sudden pain in her belly.

    This kind of pain is different from the last time when the mood was fluctuating, almost at the moment of coming, he took away all the energy of He Wanshuang.

    Her face suddenly turned white, but she felt that there was a knife suddenly in her body, which was suddenly stirred, and then, there was warm liquid flowing from her legs.

    Beside him, Lieyuan Shen saw that her expression was not right, her heart sank, and she immediately bent over: "What's wrong?"

    As soon as he lowered his head, he realized that a dazzling red flowed out of her body, and soon there was a large blood stain under her!

    His heart was soaked in coolness instantly, Lieyuan Shen picked up He Wanshuang, and felt the wetness on her body, his heart was violently pulled, almost at the fastest speed, he flew from the side passage Go to the underground parking lot.

    He put her in the co-pilot and drove forward quickly.