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#70 Red wine

Song Yi ran to the bathroom, and saw Li Xiaozi holding the toilet vomiting badly, and quickly took the paper and passed it.

    Her eyes were fixed on Li Xiaozi's cheeks, her eyebrows were as impressive as she remembered. After three years of absence, she seemed to have lost a lot of weight, and the whole person was so haggard that her eyes were extraordinarily large, so thin as if a wind could blow her away.

    Some ears were buzzing, and my heart was beating like I could jump out of my throat. Song Yi's brain had a short blank space.

    While Li Xiaozi was still vomiting, the Song Yi people reacted and quickly went out to find a waiter and asked for a glass of warm water before they re-entered.

    "You rinse your mouth first." Song Yi handed the water over and handed the paper to Li Xiaozi.

    The ‘Momo’ sound just could n’t help but at the moment, Song Yiren realized that she was not what she was now, so ...

    Li Xiaozi was still a little uncomfortable. She rinsed her mouth and slowly, then wiped her mouth and stood up straight and said to Song Yi: "Thank you."

    Song Yiren looked into her eyes and asked her: "What's your name?"

    "My name is Li Xiaozi." Li Xiaozi lowered her eyes and lowered her voice a bit: "Here they call me Azi here."

    "Azi?" Song Yiren looked at the girl in front of her in confusion. She was close at the moment. She could clearly see the facial features of the other party and Bei Mingmo, but she also found that the girl was shorter than Bei Mingmo. Some, moreover, there were no moles on her earlobe.

    In the past, Song Yi people often scratched the mole on the ear lobe of Beiming Mo. Beiming Mo was sensitive, so he shrunk his neck. When she came to a halt, she attacked Song Yi's chest, and said that Song Yi's chest was rubbed by her. As a result, the two clashed together, laughing while rolling.

    And the girl in front of him not only has no moles, but also has no Beiming Mogao, so ...

    Song Yiren's original turbulent heart sank in an instant.

    It's just that there are a lot of people in the world who are similar, but they look exactly the same and are intriguing.

    Song Yiren knew Beimingmo from an early age, naturally knowing that she had no twin sisters, and did not listen to her saying that she had missing sisters, so the girl in front of her ...

    And when she was in doubt, Luo Tianqi's voice came from the outside: "The performance is over? Give it out immediately after the performance!"

    Song Yi frowned slightly when he heard his words. Li Xiaozi beside him seemed pale again.

    She went out and came to Luo Tianqi's side.

    Luo Tianqi looked at her clean face, and the cynical face on weekdays was covered with a mocking smile: "What are you still doing? I don't know if you are a big lady!"

    After all, he picked up another glass of wine that had just been poured and handed it over: "Drink."

    Song Yiren was about to speak, and Gong Lingye on the sofa was the first to speak: "Tianqi, enough!"

    Luo Tianqi turned his head and looked at Gong Lingye: "Brother Ye, you know--"

    Four years ago, what Luo Tianqi looked like, Gong Lingye knew. However, he got up and walked over: "Tianqi, if you care, then fight hard; if you don't care, just treat her as a stranger. You are targeting her like this now, and you are only watching your own jokes."

    Luo Tianqi was in the heart of Gong Lingye's words, his hands holding the glass could not help but clenched, in a flash, the glass shattered, red wine bloomed in the palm of his hand, and the sharp crack of the glass cut his palm , Blood spilled.

    As a result, his palms were all red, and he could not tell whether it was red wine or thick blood.

    In the private room, there was a sudden silence, and even Chi Jingyu who was playing cards with the two girls came over.

    "Brother Ye, you're right." Luo Tianqi's eyes were scarlet, and he said to Gong Lingye, but his eyes fell on Li Xiaozi's body: "There is nothing to care about, she is just a princess in a private room, nothing more. . "

    After all, he took the tissue that He Wanshuang gave him and wiped his hand. When the wound was no longer bleeding, he threw the tissue aside and said to Li Xiaozi: "Beauty, let's go, play cards!"

    Song Yiren also wanted to say something. On the side, Gong Lingye took her hand and took her to the sofa area: "He will handle Tianqi's affairs, and our intervention will only add to his chaos."

    Realizing that she really does not have any position, Song Yiren can only take Gong Lingye to take her to sit down, but her gaze falls on Li Xiaozi over there from time to time.

    Thinking for a moment, she turned her head and looked at Gong Lingye: "Can you do me a favor?"

    This is also the first time the Song Yi people have spoken to themselves. Gong Lingye looked at her with interest: "Well, what do you want me to help Nuan Nuan?"

    Song Yiren's eyes were a little hot because of his burning eyes. She really asked him for help for the first time. She was not used to it, but she really wanted to know the situation of Li Xiaozi, so she really couldn't wait. Night is the fastest way.

    So, Song Yi took a deep breath and said: "Can you help me check the information of that girl, Li Xiaozi, I think I have seen her before."

    "It's that simple?" Gong Lingye leaned into Song Yiren's ear: "Nuan Nuan, what do you reward me for?"

    Song Yiren knew that it would not be so easy to find him, but he still asked: "What do you want?"

    "This request is very easy, so just kiss me." Gong Lingye pointed to his face: "Now."

    Song Yiren's eyes swept the crowd and found Luo Tianqi and Chi Jingyu playing cards with the girls over there. He Wanshuang was talking to the mixed-race handsome guy. Both Amian and Pei Jun were talking on the phone and seemed to be busy working. .

    So, no one seems to be watching here?

    Gong Lingye in front of her looked at her in her spare time, and seemed to be waiting for her to honor her reward at any time.

    Song Yi took a deep breath, approached him, closed his eyes quickly, and kissed his lips.

    When she left his lips, suddenly the atmosphere on the scene was strange.

    Song Yi people's hearts snapped and looked around and found everyone watching her.

    Especially Chi Jingyu raised her eyebrows at her: "Little beauty, you can't see it, it's hot!"

    Song Yiren was half kneeling on the sofa next to Gong Lingye at the moment. Even, her hand fell on his shoulder. He leaned on the sofa, an innocent look that had been punished by her strong wall.

    Song Yi people only felt a burst of heat in the brain, and blood seemed to rush to the scalp. How does she know that people who are just busy will pay attention to their corner? !

    At this moment, she could only hope to find a ground seam to get in!

    In front of him, Gong Lingye smiled at her: "Well, since Nuan Nuan is so enthusiastic, then I will help you."

    Song Yi let him go and sat down aside. Now she really doesn't want to say anything!

    However, after the corner of her eyes, she found a round metal object beside her. She picked it up and pressed a button, and saw a very obvious colored light beam shot from the small object.

    In a flash, Song Yiren understood everything. No wonder everyone looked over. It must have been that when she was close to Gong Lingye, he pressed the button!

    He was deliberately calculating her, let everyone turn to see her take the initiative to kiss him!