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#448 Will you stay for me?

He is still tall and tall, wearing a suit and wearing a flying eagle mask on his face.

The symbol of the Beiming family, that flying eagle mask.

Bei Mingmo's throat moved, and quickly ran past: "Shen Brother!"

Bei Mingshen still stood there, watching her motionlessly before her.

Bei Mingmo has too much to say. At this moment, his throat is blocked, and finally said: "Xiao brother, I'm sorry, I didn't expect the operation to be unsuccessful, I thought there would be a miracle... I shouldn't promise him to go surgery……"

These days, such self-blame and remorse have been torturing her. As long as she closes her eyes, she will think, if she firmly opposes the Beimingxiao operation, if she drove the expert away?

In this way, Beimingxiao will not die.

Maybe, with the passage of time, the blood congestion in Beimingxiao's brain will automatically open, and he can recover the light again!

Maybe he can act again when he recovers the light, maybe he can really stand on the red carpet in the movie capital...

But the man died, and there was nothing. All the assumptions she had made were empty talk!

These words, she had no chance to tell Xuanyuan Che, and at this moment, Bei Mingshen stood in front of her, she could no longer suppress!

"When you left, let me help take care of him, but I..." Bei Mingmo's tears rolled out: "Shen, sorry..."

The next second, she was pulled into the arms by Bei Mingshen.

He tightened his arms and his voice was a little mute: "Momo, it has nothing to do with you, it is his life."

"But--" Bei Mingmo shook his head: "I have been playing with him for so many years, but I always treat him like a brother! You are all--"

Hearing this, Beiming deeply held Beimingmo's arm slightly stiff.

She didn't realize it: "Shen Brother, too much happened when you were away. Your father also..."

"I know everything." Bei Ming deep said.

Bei Mingmo took a deep breath, and then suddenly realized what.

She looked up suddenly and looked at Bei Mingshen's face: "Why are you wearing a mask? Are you..."

Bei Mingshen did not speak.

Bei Mingmo was fast, and went to reveal his mask.

However, Bei Mingshen was faster and grabbed her hand directly: "Don't look."

"So, you disfigured me because you saved me?" Bei Mingmo stepped back two steps, only to feel a burst of coolness from the soles of his feet, and immediately eroded the limbs and bones: "I hurt you."

"It has nothing to do with you, and I will find a way to fix it." Bei Mingshen's voice was stable, but it was obvious that his voice was also damaged, and his voice was dumb: "It's just a matter of time."

Suddenly, Bei Mingmo couldn't say anything.

"Momo, you asked me the question before, do you still want to know the answer?" Bei Ming stared down at her, under the moonlight, her face was clear, and the water on her face refracted the moonlight, like a pearl that was left behind.

Seeing her silence, he waited patiently, and then said: "Because I have no choice."

Bei Mingmo felt her throat was blocked for a moment, and she remembered what Beimingxiao was saying.

Suddenly, she understood.

Because they had no choice at the time.

"So how much did you do?" she asked, looking up carefully.

"The Gu family's explosives were sent by me." Bei Mingshen became cruel and calm again at this moment, as if there was no trace of temperature in his eyes: "Gong Mochen's explosives were arranged by my father."

Bei Mingmo felt his heart sink into the abyss little by little.

"I knew about Chu Mingyao before, but I didn't stop it, and I didn't notify the Song family. It was my father who set up the trap for the Song family and the Gong family many years ago."

"I know these traps. I thought about stopping them, but there was nothing I could do."

Bei Mingmo's hand is deeply embedded in the palm of his hand: "So, although you are not a planner, but also help to abuse?"

"Yes." He looked at her eyes with a calm and frank tone: "Momo, I never thought of arguing for myself. As you can see, I am cold-hearted and cruel, and only care about the people I care about, The life and death of other people has nothing to do with me."

"That Chu Mingyao forced me to jump into the sea, do you know?" Bei Mingmo asked with a trembling voice.

"I don't know." He looked at her, and his cold eyes suddenly began to warm up, and the tone became a lot softer: "I just thought you went to teach. During that time, I just took over the family affairs, So busy. When I went to Ningguo, your father told me that you did not listen to the dissuasion and went out to teach."

Bei Mingmo smiled, but his eyes were humid again.

"When I was busy, and I was going to find you, you were back. At that time, I realized that you were chased and killed by Chu Mingyao and forced to jump into the sea."

Bei Mingshen said here, looking at the girl in front of him: "I thought about killing Chu Mingyao, but I found that he was in a desperate situation. So, he asked me for help again, and I gave him up."

He said that, reaching for Beiming Mo's tears: "Momo, how could I watch you die?"

Bei Mingmo didn't open his face: "But the Yiren's family is also my friend! How can I watch her die! Do you know how sad I was at that time?! And Yiren, you have also seen her, she Although not very familiar with you, we grew up together anyway! How can you bear it?"

She said, finally unable to control her emotions, and reached out to thump Beiming Mingshen.

He stood there, thrashed by her, and although he was burned all over, he was still wrapped in gauze, but still motionless.

Until Beiming Mo suddenly found something wrong, because, through the moonlight, she saw Beiming's deep white shirt, blood stains had oozed out.

She quickly and quickly closed her hand, looking at him, almost lost her voice: "Why don't you say you are hurt?"

"I thought this would make you feel better." His tone was still calm.

But Bei Mingmo finally couldn't control it: "Beijing Shenshen, why are you doing this?!"

He saved her regardless of danger, she thought, maybe all his things are bitter, so, in fact, he never helped the abuse, but just forced it.

However, he said lightly that he was not a good person.

All the reasons for her to excuse him can't find a foothold!

"Momo, I know it's difficult for you to accept, but since you asked, I can't lie to you." Beiming looked at Beimingmo deeply: "You are my loved one, and I naturally want to protect you with life. But Others, I have no reason to pamper them."

"So it is possible to kill innocents indiscriminately?" She looked at him with a hoarse noise: "How do you let me face you in the future?"

How to face him who saved her, but regards his life as a mustard?

"Momo, I'm sorry." Bei Mingshen just raised his hand and wiped a tear from Bei Mingmo's face again.

Both were a little silent until Bei Mingmo asked: "Are you returning to the family?"

Bei Mingshen did not answer directly, but asked: "Momo, do you like country J? Will you stay?"