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#154 Embracing each other

After hearing Gong Lingye's words, Song Yiren's tears rolled out again.

    Gong Lingye acted rudely but gently wiped away the tears on Song Yi's face, and squeezed her face again: "Obey, wash your face again, I'll cook the noodles."

    Song Yi nodded and got up to wash his face, while Gong Lingye went to the kitchen.

    Song Yiren didn't know if he would cook, after washing his face and rubbing skin care products, he quickly went to the kitchen quietly.

    The kitchen is still in a mess. The shovel seems to have fallen to the ground in the end, so the clean tiles are covered with oil.

    Gong Lingye was packing, and the eggs in the pot seemed to be cooked by oil, but the color on the top was still very light.

    Song Yiren saw Gong Lingye cleaned up the ground, turned on the fire again, and flipped the egg.

    His movements are not skilled, nor unfamiliar, it seems to be a little better than her.

    The eggs soon cooked, and the water beside them also boiled. He lowered his noodles and sautéed the tomatoes. The soft light fell on his head. The whole person seemed to be coated with a warm color.

    In the previous life, Song Yi people had imagined what the future would be like.

    At that time, Chu Mingyao had not revealed his true face, and she always felt that Chu Mingyao was a gentle brother.

    So, when her parents presided over their engagement, she also thought about how they would get married, cook a meal, and wash the dishes ...

    It's just that every time she thinks about it, she feels so bland as to live with her brother, so much so that she feels repulsive when she thinks of holding hands.

    But now, when Gong Lingye is cooking in the kitchen, Song Yiren suddenly feels that something in his heart has melted away, warm and sweet, as if he looks forward to the future.

    After she saved Zi Heng and let Chu Mingyao pay for her blood, she could also learn to cook, and then commute with Gong Lingye and go home to eat what they like. At night, if he is busy, she will go Reading in his study, waiting for him ...

    The more I thought about it, the more the Song Yi people forgot what day and night tonight, and even the corners of their lips could not help overflowing with a light smile.

    Gong Lingye had just finished the braising, turned off the fire, and turned his head, he saw a corner of fabric beside the door.

    It seemed to notice that he saw it and the corner of the fabric disappeared immediately.

    Gong Lingye's mouth twitched, and suddenly, he felt his warmth seemed like a shy kitten.

    Although she didn't tell her all about her, she said it was half difficult for her.

    He wouldn't force her, and he believed that she would tell him someday.

    In fact, just in the kitchen, when she was afraid, she placed all her survival hopes with him. Isn't it a kind of subconscious absolute trust?

    He did not know why she apparently looked the same as Yu Ruonuan, but it was not the original Yu Ruonuan, but what he believed was her, nothing else.

    Gong Lingye fished out the cooked noodles, put them in brine, and took out a bottle of spicy sauce from the cupboard. Then he came out and went to find Song Yiren.

    "Nuan Nuan, you can eat." Gong Ling night saw Song Yiren pretending to be sitting on the sofa unmoved, could not help but laugh.

    He reached out to pull her, she pretended to be silly, and blinked: "Are you really going to cook noodles?"

    Gong Lingye took Song Yiren and brought her to the table. After thinking about it, she couldn't help crying: "Nuan Nuan, if you aren't the original Nuan Nuan, are you a kitten demon?"

    Song Yiren was teased by him: "Why not a vixen?"

    "If it's a vixen, do you still want to sleep with me every day?" Gong Lingye handed the chopsticks to Song Yi.

    The Song Yi people acted suddenly.

    Gong Lingye laughed: "So, it's not a vixen or a snail girl. A snail girl can cook. Nuannuan can only make robots and driverless cars."

    Song Yi's eyes were round, he used "only"?

    Does he know that making robots and cars is much harder than cooking? !

    Song Yiren was complaining, and he felt a shadow fall from the top of his head. The next second, he felt a kiss on his side, and then the man ’s low magnetic voice rang in his ear: "A good cook will be ten a month. Ten thousand, but a top AI talent with a maximum annual salary of ten million. "

    He said, lips and petals slipped over her pinna, and her eyes locked her: "So I married Nuan Nuan, I just made it."

    "When did I say I would marry you ?!" Song Yi jumped anxiously.

    Gong Lingye laughed and looked at Song Yiren's cheek: "Warm warm, you blush."

    Song Yi was angry: "Gong Lingye, where did I blush?"

    "Good, no redness, I was wrong. I haven't proposed it yet. I'll wait until I ask." Gong Lingye scraped the tip of Song Yiren's nose: "Eat noodles first."

    Song Yiren also felt that he had just reacted a little bit, as if he was annoyed by being said to be the central thing.

    Annoyed, she picked her face and tasted it.

    Gong Lingye's craftsmanship is decent, at least the taste is salty and moderate, although it is not too delicious, but it is not unpleasant.

    Opposite, the man asked expectantly: "Warm warm, how are you?"

    Song Yi people raised their eyes: "Fortunately."

    "I haven't cooked before, then I will practice later." Gong Ling night said: "Otherwise, I will still ask the cook to do it at home."

    Does he seem to be planning her future life with her? Song Yiren took another bite and felt like it was better than the first bite.

    After the two had finished eating together, the Song Yi people were going to clean up. Gong Lingye said that her hand was injured and pressed her into the seat.

    When he was ready, he took her to the bedroom: "Warm warm, it's not too early, we sleep."

    He lay down and circled her in his arms. There was no light in the night. Although Song Yiren was not asleep, he still closed his eyes so that Gong Lingye could not find that she was actually pretending to sleep.

    However, the sense of smell is surrounded by the familiar breath of peace that the man is familiar with, and the Song Yi people gradually relax, and their sleepiness invades, unconsciously falling asleep.

    Hearing the gentle breath of the little woman in her arms, Gong Lingye bowed her head and kissed her heart.

    Song Yiren seemed to feel it, and unconsciously arched into Gong Lingye's arms, sticking tighter, as if looking for a sense of security.

    He suddenly thought of the huge reaction when she was burnt in the kitchen, and, with tears in her eyes, he grabbed him and said she was afraid of fire.

    His heart twitched abruptly, with astringent pain.

    She also said that she had been burned by fire.

    Did she get burned by fire in the past, and then went to the hospital for a facelift to look like Yu Ruonuan?

    Where did the original Yu Ruonuan go? And no matter how you look like a person, you ca n’t tell your father and the people around you, right?

    Gong Lingye couldn't think of such an unthinkable thing, but he was sure that he liked the people in his arms.

    It does n’t matter whether it ’s Yu Ruo Nuan, or Cat, anyway, he likes it enough.