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"Xiao Nuan." Chu Mingyao's voice was difficult.

    Song Yiren seemed to hear his tone wrong, so he quickly said: "Brother Chu, are you uncomfortable?"

    Chu Mingyao coughed, but the voice was still hoarse, but he said: "It's okay, just a little pharyngitis."

    Song Yiren immediately wanted to laugh when he heard this. She asked: "Brother Chu, are you in country Y? It's cold there? Is it uncomfortable to go to the hospital!"

    Chu Mingyao's eyes were hot, and he responded: "Okay, I'll settle down here and go."

    This person is obviously dying for face, since she wants face, then she will cooperate! Song Yi said: "Okay, Brother Chu, I haven't been to Country Y. Wait for you to settle down. Send me the photos over there!"

    Chu Mingyao felt sore all over, and even his heart started to tingle.

    He continued to respond: "Okay."

    Song Yiren raised his lips and said: "Brother Chu, take care of me, I won't talk anymore, you remember to go to the hospital!"

    She hung up the phone and looked at the calendar.

    In a few days, Gong Lingye will send out the most direct evidence of the video. At that time, the Ning Guo police will also formally arrest Chu Mingyao.

    However, before the arrest, Chu Mingyao should always retrieve some of the ‘interest’ that year!

    That night, Chu Mingyao had been dreaming.

    In his dreams, he always felt a pair of eyes watching him.

    Ears, the girl's voice is familiar and distant: "Brother, my parents and I are so good to you, why are you killing us?"

    "I was burned to death by you, you said, I burned you to death too, could I be in a better mood?"

    Then, Chu Mingyao felt burning pain all over his body. He struggled on the hospital bed, and then suddenly fell to the ground.

    He woke up suddenly and was shocked to find that the handcuffs on his wrists were gone and he was free!

    If the heart beat like a drum, Chu Mingyao got up quickly and ran out quickly.

    It was dark all around. He was on the cruise ship. He didn't dare to turn on the lights. He could only open the door and ran towards the deck.

    But just when he was about to see him again, as soon as he looked up, a woman appeared in front of him!

    "You—" Chu Mingyao's heart almost flew out of his throat because he saw that the long hair of the woman in front of him had been tied up, revealing a face destroyed by concentrated sulfuric acid, exactly the same as before Song Yiren died!

    The woman sneered, holding a needle in her hand. When Chu Mingyao was shocked by her appearance, she suddenly plunged into his flesh.

    The cold liquid pushed in, and Chu Mingyao began to twitch, then, starting from the toes, numb by inch.

    He was still standing originally, and then, with his legs weak, he just sat down on the ground and twisted into a weird shape.

    "Brother, you have today too!" The woman leaned close to the man who was distorted by pain: "Tell me, do you regret it?"

    Chu Mingyao gritted his teeth and said nothing.

    "Don't you say it?" The woman narrowed her eyes, took out an alcohol barrel from behind, opened it, and poured it down to Chu Mingyao!

    "I just need to turn on the lighter now-" the woman said coldly.

    Chu Mingyao cried in horror: "Yiren, I was wrong! I regret it!"

    The woman didn't move and watched him perform.

    Chu Mingyao ’s legs had just returned to consciousness. He still maintained a kneeling posture, begging for mercy in his mouth: "Yi Ren, please let me go, it is my fault, I will make up later! I am your big brother, It ’s your fiance too. In the future we will ... "

    Just when he said this, he shot suddenly, using his elbow as a fulcrum, and twirled abruptly, driving his body to hit the woman in front of him!

    However, the woman seemed to have expected it in general. She directly shrugged away from Chu Mingyao's attack, then turned back a scissors leg and invaded Chu Mingyao's left leg.

    Only one obvious bone displacement sounded. Suddenly, Chu Mingyao's left thigh was dislocated!

    The huge pain was accompanied by the effect of the drug just now. Chu Mingyao was shocked to find that the joint vein of his left leg seemed to start to break. Then, the body completely lost the control of the left leg!

    Surrounded by fear and panic, he didn't even have time to think about the other, but just thumped his leg with his hand.

    However, there is no consciousness!

    Is he paralyzed? !

    He collapsed on the ground and could not accept it.

    "Do you know now, did I feel that way?" The woman in front of her had a undulating chest, and her eyes were stained with red bloodstains: "I was scrapped by your legs. I lay here for three years! Your love. I was blinded by concentrated sulfuric acid! I do n’t think you are enough! Before you burn me, you still have to sever my dexterity! "

    She approached Chu Mingyao step by step, her voice was cold and full of hate: "Now, I have just started, why can't you bear it? When you did this, did you ever think about how painful and desperate I would be? ?! "

    Chu Mingyao shook his head with a hoarse voice: "Yiren, Brother really knows wrong this time, I shouldn't treat you like this! You give Brother another chance, OK?"

    "Okay!" The woman approached Chu Mingyao: "Tell me, who is the person you often contact?"

    Chu Mingyao understands that he is alive now, and the only value is that Gong Lingye is still using him to find the people behind the scenes.

    Therefore, he must not say! It is absolutely impossible to say, in fact, every time the person behind the scene contacted him directly, he could not find the contact person, and he did not know who the other party was!

    He just wanted to avenge his father. He did n’t know why a person suddenly appeared to help him. What is the purpose of that person ...

    "I can't reach him!" Chu Mingyao's voice was hoarse: "You have seen my call log and you should know."

    "So, you were abandoned." The woman sneered: "Then it seems there is no value in keeping you!"

    She said, picking up the knife and slamming Chu Mingyao's ankle in the other leg!

    The heartbroken roar of the man echoed in the cruise ship, while the woman hooked the corner of her lips and turned directly to lock the only passage.

    The wind on the deck made her hair fly, and she tore off the mask on her face, revealing a small and pure face.

    She picked up her phone and called out: "Little Uncle."

    Gong Ling night said: "Well, what happened to the fire?"

    "Uncle, I think Chu Mingyao really doesn't know who is behind the scenes." Li Huo threw away the blood-stained gloves. Some regrets: "We will send him to the trial seat? There is no need to shut him for three years. Is it? "

    Gong Lingye sighed, if he could, he really wanted to shut down Chu Mingyao for three years, and let Chu Mingyao have enough time to experience what the Song Yi people had experienced.

    However, he is running out of time, and he has to finish some things quickly!

    Therefore, Gong Lingye said: "Let's go, you forgot that the plan to abolish the death penalty proposed by the Member of Parliament we supported was just passed in Ningguo. , It will definitely be 'comfortable'! "

    "Yeah, why did I forget this?" Li Huo laughed: "Okay, uncle, I will play with him again tomorrow, let him out!"