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#100 100% sure

"If bridesmaids are needed, can I ..." Song Yiren asked actively.

    Luo Tianqi nodded: "Well, you and Xiaoshuang will come."

    He Wanshuang put down the cut apple and said: "Leave me the wedding dress and the dress."

    As he was saying, Li Xiaozi on the bed woke up.

    She opened her eyelids and saw that everyone was there for a moment, and she almost understood something.

    She is ill, I'm afraid she will ...

    However, she pretended not to know anything, and sat up under the support of Luo Tianqi, smiling: "All of you are here? Tian Qi has always liked to be busy ..."

    Luo Tianqi smiled and couldn't see the previous decadence on his face, as if he were still the sunshine boy: "Azi, I prefer the two-person world, they have to come!"

    "You Luo Tianqi, obviously you invited the old lady! Next time, the old lady will not accompany you!" He Wanshuang pretended to be angry, but put Apple Ding on a toothpick and handed it to Li Xiaozi.

    As if a certain valve was opened in the ward, the atmosphere suddenly became warm.

    However, the Song Yi people know that such a warm, but behind the desolation.

    Mrs. Bei Ming arrived early the next morning, and when she arrived, she came directly to the hospital.

    Song Yiren knew that Chu Mingyao was in the imperial city, so he was very careful, and only after confirming that there was no problem, Mrs. Bei Ming came to the door of the ward.

    At the moment, only Song Yi was in the room, because Luo Tianqi was called by the doctor to go through the renewal procedures.

    When Li Xiaozi saw a woman in extraordinary clothes at the door, she couldn't help wondering: "Auntie, are you looking for someone?"

    Mrs. Bei Ming looked at her daughter, the facial features similar to Bei Mingmo, but because of illness, her cheeks were thin, and her eyes were scary.

    She felt like she was caught in something, so sad that she could not breathe.

    Li Xiaozi saw her with red eyes and did not speak, and quickly said: "Auntie, are you uncomfortable?"

    Mrs. Bei Ming couldn't help but shed tears, she choked with sobs: "No, I just saw you and suddenly missed my daughter!"

    Seeing the other party so sad, Li Xiaozi almost guessed that the other party's daughter must be sick or no longer there.

    She felt a little distressed: "Auntie, don't be sad, otherwise you come in and sit down?"

    Mrs. Bei Ming heard the words, and walked in.

    She came to Li Xiaozi and hesitated to ask: "You are very similar, can I hug you?"

    Li Xiaozi was somewhat stunned by the other party's request, but nodded.

    Mrs. Bei Ming hugged Li Xiaozi, her tears falling.

    Song Yiren also only felt that her heart was suppressed by sad emotions. She took a deep breath and walked out of the ward, leaving space for the mother and daughter.

    She leaned against the door, she was sorting her mood, and the phone rang.

    Seeing that the second sister Yu Ruoxin called, Song Yi immediately answered: "Second sister."

    "Warm warm, I'm on a business trip!" Yu Ruoxin's voice was very excited, and he was several years older than Song Yi, but he seemed to be a child at the moment, and he was like a two-year-old smoker: "I'm traveling for the first time! ! "

    "Pingcheng? I heard that the scenery is good, you can take more pictures." Song Yiren said with a smile.

    "Yes, the scenery is beautiful, especially this clock tower!" Yu Ruoxin said: "Yes, I and you video, you see!"

    She said, really hung up the phone and opened a video with Song Yiren.

    "Is the scenery good?" Yu Ruoxin pointed the camera at the bell tower and square behind: "I got up early this morning. I went out for a walk first, and I will be busy working ..."

    She was talking, and Song Yiren, who was looking at her mobile phone, tightened her pupils instantly!

    "Second sister, you turn your camera to your right!" She said eagerly.

    Yu Ruoxin wondered why Song Yiren suddenly had a nervous and serious expression, but turned around.

    I saw in the picture that a girl was wearing a white T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and her hair was covered with long, wavy waves. She was quickly walking in one direction.

    Her movements were quick, almost just a few breathing efforts, and they disappeared into the picture.

    Song Yiren said anxiously: "Second sister, help me chase the girl in white T-shirt jeans!"

    Yu Ruoxin turned his head, wondering: "No, where?"

    Song Yiren also followed, but after a few laps of the picture, they could not see the figure of the girl just now, as if everything was just an illusion!

    However, she never believed in any hallucinations. Just now, she just saw Beimingmo!

    Although only a back view, but the Song Yi people can be 100% sure, that is Beiming Mo!

    She suppressed the frantic heartbeat, and Yu Ruoxin said: "Second sister, you immediately send me a positioning."

    She has never been to Pingcheng, it is located in the southeast of Ningguo, near the sea, why is Beimingmo here? Will she be controlled by anyone?

    Over there, Yu Ruoxin quickly made his position, and the Song Yi people leaned against the wall and booked a direct flight to Pingcheng, which was at 2:30 this afternoon.

    Just about to put away the phone, Weibo came a push——

    [Ning Guohai Sheng Group President Chu Mingyao suspected of arguing with his girlfriend Su Yunfei at the airport and left without a sleeve]

    Song Yi narrowed his eyes and clicked to see.

    The news was just released, and the photo was taken half an hour ago in the International Departure Hall.

    Therefore, the two should be back to Ningguo?

    Song Yi was relieved and he was gone, so Mrs. Bei Ming and Li Xiaozi were relatively safe.

    However, if they go back suddenly, will it be related to the sudden appearance of Bei Mingmo?

    Song Yi people thought of this, his mind began to tense again.

    She went in and said hello to Li Xiaozi, so she went straight back to the dormitory to pick up some luggage and carried her schoolbag to the airport.

    Because the Song Yi people booked tickets too late, only first class was left.

    When she just sat down, she saw a shadow in front of her.

    She raised her eyes and was a little stunned to the cold eyes of Mochen, Shang Gong: "Are you going to Pingcheng too?"

    Gong Mochen nodded lightly, put down his luggage and sat down: "Well."

    Song Yi didn't care about his indifferent attitude. In fact, she didn't even know anything to chat with him, so she might as well be a stranger.

    In short, as soon as the matter on Yu Chengzhi's side was investigated, they broke up.

    The plane quickly took off on time. After eating lunch, the Song Yi people began to close their eyes and relax.

    These days are indeed too tired. She hasn't been able to relax once. Although she is anxious to see Beimingmo in her heart, Song Yiren still slept in a slight bump.

    In a daze, she smelled a familiar breath, clean and cold, with a hint of mint fragrance.

    Song Yiren's head was planted, and he didn't know what to lean on. Suddenly, the familiar breath became clearer, which was the taste of Gong Lingye.

    She vaguely wanted to tell the man that she would call her when she was there, and then she fell asleep safely.

    Aside, Gong Mochen looked over his face and looked at the head on his shoulder, his whole body suddenly became stiff.

    He frowned and moved a little, but she seemed to stick to his shoulder. Not only did she not leave, but she also directly pressed the center of gravity of the whole body.

    At the end of the nose, there was a sweet smell belonging to the girl, and her soft hair was tickled on his neck.

    Her cheeks were clean, her sleeping appearance was soft and demure, and she was different from the youth flying on the podium that day. This time, Yin Hong opened her lips slightly, breathing lightly, cute and cute.

    Gong Mochen's breath stopped suddenly.