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#134 instinct

The boys are wearing a limited-edition sportswear, and their hairstyles are also very fashionable. At first glance, they are the kind of dudes.

    I didn't remember what it looked like, but I felt pretty handsome at the time.

    However, she grew up, and the most indispensable thing in the circle is this kind of image, which is almost aesthetically exhausting. Especially, this kind of acquaintance with the same book, Bei Mingmo even finds it troublesome to disassemble.

    Therefore, seeing that the Song Yi people took the book, she hurried away with the Song Yi people. Anyway, she is not a school bully, and she is too lazy to read books.

    I just didn't expect that the person I met was Luo Tianqi in front of me?

    Bei Mingmo couldn't help crying and laughing, what is this fate?

    However, Luo Tianqi began to tell other things later, and those stories, Bei Mingmo was completely strange.

    Hearing what he said, in her heart, the image of her twin sisters she had never met had gradually become plump.

    Sadness filled her heart, but unfortunately, the deceased was already carried away. The only thing she could do was to visit her in front of the tomb.

    The next door, Bae Jun exited after sending Gong Lingye into the private room.

    In the private room, Gong Lingye looked at the Song Yi people opposite and said, "Warm warm."

    After all, he reached out to grab her hand.

    The Song Yi people immediately shrunk their hands back and said, "Let's talk directly about the subject."

    Gong Lingye nodded and said immediately: "I admit that since I was a child, I have been accustomed to listening to snow, just because of a passage."

    "This past has to be traced back to the last dynasty. The Gu family was originally a family of Chinese medicine, while the Gong family was the era."

    Gong Lingye said: "Nuan Nuan, you see, my wounds generally heal faster, not because of anything else, but because our grandfathers have always taken a Chinese medicine given by Gu's family."

    "This medicine was stopped in my father's generation because of blindness of the medicinal materials. With the grandfather's generation, we started business, so when we stopped, we stopped. But, in my body There may still be some medical effects. "

    Song Yi people frowned as they heard this.

    If this is the case, then, this generation of Gong family can't live up to 32 years old, will it be related to this?

    Gong Lingye apparently also guessed her thoughts, so he said: "Nuan Nuan, do you suspect that Gu's medicine was stopped? In fact, when my brothers passed away one after another, I also doubted it."

    "However, it was my father who took this tonic. He inherited it from us and should also pass it to several of my sisters. And my sister is fine, so I also checked the Y chromosome, but I found that we have no problems. . "

    "Actually, since my third brother, I have been checked every six months, but I still can't find any problems." Gong Lingye frowned: "I even suspect that the 32-year-old ridge may be a coincidence. "

    He paused: "The origin of the Gong family and the Gu family is like this, and the matter of listening to Xue is because we owe the Gu family."

    "Twenty-three years ago, my mother suddenly became ill, and her problems could not be cured by Western medicine. She could only use acupuncture from Chinese medicine. At that time, Tingxue ’s mother was pregnant in August. She heard that my mother was in critical condition, and she rushed to the palace. , Took back his mother's life, but on the way home, he encountered a car accident. "

    Song Yi was stunned. Although he was not a party, he could also imagine that when the incident happened, the people of the Gong family would be guilty.

    Only Gong Lingye said: "Xing Xue's mother couldn't do it at the time. When she was sent to the hospital, she was dead. The doctor had an emergency caesarean section, and Xue Xue's life was saved, but because of premature delivery and some suffocation in the womb After she was born, she stayed in the incubator for three months. "

    "Normal children will walk when they are more than one year old, and she will not be stable until she is six years old. Others' childhood is full of laughter and laughter, and almost all of her childhood was spent in the hospital. The doctor concluded that she could not live 20 years old, and now she is barely It ’s hard to reach 23 years old. "

    "I was seven years older than her. When I was young, my mother told me that if Xue Xue lived for a day, I should take care of her for a day. This is not only a responsibility, but also a habit."

    "So, for so many years, I have been protecting her as my own sister. Just like that time, she drank alcohol, and I was so angry. It was like the attack on the island that time. I know if she and I was caught together, she could n’t be as responsive as you are, and all she waited for was death, so she chose to let you face danger with me. ”

    "Warm and warm, the earthquake happened the day before yesterday, I wanted to save you, but at that time, Xue was choking because of drinking tea, and her heart was suddenly uncomfortable. She held me so tight that I could n’t move, and I just saw things moving towards me. You hit it down. "

    "I admit that when something fell over our heads, I did protect her again. Because of the habit and because I did pity her, protecting her has become an instinct."

    Gong Lingye looked at the eyes of Song Yiren: "However, this pity is not love, but a kind of affection."

    "Wan Nuan, I know that caring for you like this is very unfair to you, but I can guarantee that your love for you is complete and unreserved."

    Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren: "Nuan Nuan, that's all the reason. I don't like lying, I don't bother to lie. I said I like you, I really like you, I don't think of you as a plaything. I really intend to marry you in love. I have no relationship with her, but I have a responsibility. Even if I am with you, I cannot leave this responsibility. So, I will compensate in other ways. You, make you feel my sincerity. "

    Song Yiren finished listening to Gong Lingye, she slowly took a sip of coffee, and she had no doubts about Gong Lingye.

    Yes, she knew his pride and disdain to lie, so all he said was heartfelt.

    Mind if he cares about Gu Tingxue?

    If she started to mind, but now she listened to those past, she doesn't mind.

    A girl cannot walk until she is six years old. She grew up in a hospital when she was a child. Others run in the sun, but she can only lie in a bed and receive treatment.

    Moreover, the reason for her is that her mother wants to save Gong Lingye's mother.

    No wonder, at the corner of the banquet at that time, Gu Tingxue was in front of Gong Moyan.

    Song Yiren sighed in his heart and thought for a while before saying: "To be honest, when I was with you, I also had problems."

    She weighed her words and said: "I have difficulty in believing in someone because of some things and I feel insecure. So, I promised you at that time and I really used a lot of courage."

    "But these two days apart, I carefully considered, I may really not be suitable for love." She looked directly at Gong Lingye's eyes: "I have psychological problems, you have seen it, I don't like many things I ’m telling you, just because my psychological defense is too deep, I ca n’t convince myself to break it, and I do n’t know how to break it. ”

    "So I think that being with you will only hurt you, you will feel tired and frustrated, and I will feel embarrassed. Instead of that, we might as well return to each other's safe distance, and you will meet a wholehearted believe in you Your girl, and me, have something to do by myself. "

    "I'm sorry, it's not that you're not good, but I don't want to fall in love and not suitable for falling in love. It's my problem." She finished speaking in one breath, and then drank the coffee without milk and sugar.