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The distant sound of the piano reverberated in the bamboo forest, green smoke curled up, and the girl's long hair was not tied up, but scattered around the back so casually, the whole person looked like a fairy who had strayed into the world.

At the end of the song, Song Yi finally recovered and pulled Gong Lingye towards He Lianqing.

He Lianqing also saw the two and stood up to say hello.

Gong Lingye said: "Miss Helian, this is my wife. We brought the prescription here. Please also help her to see her condition."

He Lianqing took the envelope in Gong Lingye's hand, but did not rush to see what the prescription was, instead let Song Yiren sit down and help her get her pulse.

Now that the distance is close, Song Yiren looked at the girl, and felt that she was getting close for no reason, which made her feel good.

Is it because of the light aura on the girl in front of me? It makes people unconsciously relaxed and comfortable, and wants to trust her completely.

"Mrs. Gong, your situation is more complicated." He Lianqing loosened Song Yiren's wrist and said: "Your original blood should be more nutritious than ordinary people, but after you donate blood, your body that adapts to this kind of blood is somewhat unable to Accept barrenness. It takes time for the human body to produce blood, and the blood just created replenishes body organs. Therefore, your anemia situation has not improved."

Song Yiren asked: "Then what should I do?"

"General nutritional products cannot be supplemented, because you cannot absorb it. Even if it is absorbed, it will not be transformed into the blood composition you used to." He Lianqing said: "If I am not wrong, your body should be inherited from the family. . So, if you want to make up, you need to use the recipe used in the family inheritance."

Gong Lingye's heart moved, and he immediately understood the reason, and couldn't help asking: "Miss Helian, what if the prescription is no longer found?"

After all, the things of Gu's family have already been destroyed. Although the recipe was originally from the Rong family, he and Song Yiren turned over the things left by the Rong family and they had never seen it.

"I can write a prescription." He Lianqing said: "The two of you wait a minute."

After she said, she took out the pen, ink, paper and inkstone she had prepared.

It was the first time that Song Yiren saw someone using the traditional inkstone. She was a little curious. She saw Helian Qingmo's ink. After that, she took a brush and dipped it in ink, and then started writing quickly on a piece of rice paper.

Her words are like her people, pure and beautiful, not stained with dust.

She wrote so well that she didn't hesitate to write it until after thinking about it for a while when she was the last two medicines, and then regaining the pulse of Song Yiren.

She waited for the ink to dry, and said: "Mrs. Gong has taken a course of treatment for 21 days, and she will find that she is no longer anemia. After three courses of treatment, her body will be better than before, and she no longer needs to continue medication."

Gong Lingye nodded, thought for a while, and asked: "Then if she and I want a child, does it take three courses to end? Will taking medicine affect the child?"

He Lianqing shook his head: "It won't affect the child, but I suggest two people wait until the three courses of treatment are over before having a child."

"Good." Gong Lingye nodded: "Thank you Miss Helian."

"You're welcome." He Lianqing said.

Gong Lingye and Song Yiren walked back and met Gong Mochen.

Gong Mochen frowned slightly: "Uncle, do you believe her that much?"

"Believe in a person, sometimes look at the aura." Gong Lingye said: "I don't think she has any special purpose, and I also believe that if it is true, there will be no storms."

Gong Mochen still had some worries, but listened to Song Yiren's words: "I think she is very kind, and it makes me feel that she is very reliable."

Gong Mochen gave Song Yiren a little helplessly, and then said: "Well, I will pay attention to her."

On the same day, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye returned to the villa, and Gong Lingye had already sent someone to prepare medicine for Song Yiren.

After the medicine that had been boiled up overnight, Gong Lingye asked Dr. Tan to confirm that it was not toxic before sending it to Song Yiren.

Looking at the dark soup medicine, Song Yiren pursed her lips and looked up at Gong Lingye: "I want to eat candy."

Gong Lingye touched her hair: "Okay."

He quickly turned back to the kitchen downstairs and took a bottle of honey.

As the medicinal soup entered his abdomen, Song Yiren's bitterness and astringency suddenly burst into the palate. Along with the bitterness, a sour taste surged.

Song Yiren really rarely took traditional Chinese medicine, and suddenly jumped: "Ahhhhh, I want candy!"

In the next second, her lips were sealed, and at the same time as the man's breath came, a burst of floral scent instantly invaded her sense of smell, and then, the sweetness spread between her lips and teeth.

He rolled her tongue and let her taste the honey on the tip of his tongue.

She unconsciously entangled with him, absorbed his sweetness, and neutralized the sourness in her mouth just now.

In each other's mouth, soon, the fragrance of flowers, each other's taste, sweet smell, and the long bitterness of Chinese medicine continued to brew, and finally turned into a slightly bitter fragrance.

It is like tea brewed in spring water. The entrance is sweet and sweet, and the interruption seems to be slightly bitter, but in the aftertaste, only a light fragrance remains...

Gong Lingye gave a deep kiss before letting go of Song Yiren for a long time.

On his lips, there was the sparkle just after kissing, and he lowered his head and asked her: "Nuan Nuan, am I sweet?"

Song Yiren laughed: "Sweet."

After that, she blinked again: "The grand president of Tiangong Group actually asked me, is he sweet?"

Gong Lingye was extremely proud: "I am only sweet for my wife."

Song Yiren felt warm and happy in her heart, she stretched out her arms to hook Gong Lingye's neck: "Then let me see, where is the sweetest?"

After she said, she pointed to Gong Lingye's lips.

He took her hand and dropped it to his heart: "Here."

Song Yiren felt that her heartbeat suddenly missed a beat. This man, obviously she has been married to him for so long, but she can still easily make her blush and heartbeat.

She deliberately touched it twice, and said misinterpreted: "The sweetest pectoral muscles? Really?"

Gong Lingye knew that she had deliberately unbuttoned it directly: "Or, wife, try it."

Song Yiren laughed: "Shameless."

"Well, don't that, just my wife." Gong Lingye said, pressing down directly...

After the two tossing, the sky was already dark.

Song Yiren’s cell phone rang. She picked it up and saw that Song Ziheng called her: "Sister, I have two weeks left for the official holiday, but I signed up for a project. I guess I will have to finish the project before I can come back."

Song Yi said humanely: "What project is it?"

"Just choose a place, then experience the local culture at the homestay over there, and write a summary of the operating conditions of the homestay." Song Ziheng said: "I chose the ear city of China."

"Ear City?" Song Yiren thought for a while: "That's okay. I flew here for about two hours, and we will arrive by another train. Then your brother-in-law and I will look back at you."

"Okay!" Song Ziheng responded, "I arrived at the hotel to send you a location."

"Well, pay attention to safety." Song Yi said humanely.

After hanging up the phone, Song Yiren turned his head, Chong Gong Ling Ye said: "Zi Heng is going to Ercheng B&B for a survey."

"What a coincidence?" Gong Lingye said: "Wan Shuang told me yesterday that she went to the bed and breakfast in Ercheng, then when Ziheng comes, we will stop by and see them."