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Give her a birthday gift?

    The Song Yi people couldn't help but start, saying: "I can't have such a big house ..."

    Gong Lingye already took her inside: "In the future, you can ask your little sister to come over. If I am busy at work, or if I have no time to accompany you, I can ask your female friends to come over."

    Song Yiren laughed: "Can't male friends?"

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes: "What do you say?"

    Entering the room, Song Yiren looked at the living room. The completely modern open space design, a few tall green plants were placed in the center as a partition decoration.

    Many living rooms are made of linen, although there are many beige and gray elements, but it makes people feel particularly comfortable and relaxed.

    Gong Ling night saw Song Yiren still standing in the porch, not walking in, could not help saying: "Don't go in and see?"

    The Song Yi people reacted, changed their shoes and walked in.

    "There is a small hot spring pool behind." Gong Lingye said, leading the Song Yi people through the living room to a room in the back.

    Open the wooden door, and immediately there is a breath of air, which is a hot spring pool of more than 40 square meters in size.

    "This is a small hot spring pool?" Song Yiren couldn't help crying: "It's already big, okay?"

    After all, she leaned into Gong Lingye's ear; "You are extravagant!"

    "Nuan Nuan, not me, but you." Gong Lingye turned around and took a document: "Signed the name, and tomorrow I will ask Pei Jun to get a real estate certificate."

    Song Yiren saw the above full purchase contract and could n’t help saying: “I ’ve seen you give someone a birthday present. The first time I gave Gong Mochen a car, this time gave me a suite. Then the cheapest , What is it? "

    Gong Lingye thought about it and said, "Car, Mo Chen gave me a 3 million car for his 18th birthday."

    Song Yiren: "Really local father!"

    Gong Ling's throat rolled in the night and leaned into Song Yiren's ear: "Warm warm baby good!"

    "You—" Song Yiren knew that he was taking advantage of her, and she couldn't help but push Gong Lingye.

    He took her whole body in his arms: "Dad takes you upstairs to see?"

    "Are you still addicted to acting?" Song Yiren couldn't help crying and laughing.

    Gong Lingye simply crouched down in front of her: "Come on, dad's back!"

    Song Yiren looked at Gong Lingye's back, and his heart was also playing tricks, so he lay on his back in the past.

    He stood firmly behind her and stepped up the steps step by step.

    She leaned over to his ear and spurted heat on his pinna: "Daddy--"

    Gong Lingye breathed tightly, only thinking that Song Yiren had deliberately prolonged the tail as if with magic power, straight into the cochlea, making him feel like he was overcharged and his scalp tingled for a while.

    Almost two seconds later, Gong Lingye put the Song Yi people down and kissed her lips with her head down.

    She whined: "How can there be such a dad?"

    "Here." He pointed to himself: "You can call again."

    Her lips and petals were empty, and she looked up at him, the light at the bottom of her eyes enchanted: "Dad, meow--"

    Gong Lingye: "..."

    Does this little woman know his danger or wants to be punished on the spot?

    However, just when he picked her up and walked into the bedroom in a big step, she hooked his neck, lips and petals were red and her eyes were smug with proud light: "Dad, your wife's elder sister is here . "

    Gong Lingye froze for a moment and instinctively asked: "What?"

    "Dad, do you think about your wife's elder sister who is your daughter?" Song Yiren blinked, his eyes full of cunning light.

    Gong Lingye: "..."

    He tried to smooth the breath that had been picked up by her, squinting and panting: "Nuan Nuan, Dad will make you remember today."

    Song Yi was shocked, thinking of the 'long memory' he once said, he couldn't help but shrink into the bed.

    He did not want to let her go at all: "I can still joke, it seems that today's hands are not tired enough."

    She begged for mercy, it was useless, some tossing, at the end, it was exactly 12 o'clock.

    He pressed her into the bed, and his voice was very low, but he was extraordinarily scared: "Baby, happy birthday."

    The next day, the Song Yi people had an advertisement to shoot on the Unique side. As soon as they finished shooting, they received a message from Gong Lingye: "Warm warm, I am waiting for you outside the studio."

    Song Yi people changed their clothes and Gong Lingye had come over.

    He wore a long down jacket. Others wore bloated and ordinary styles, but he wore a catwalk on the catwalk.

    Song Yi people looked around and couldn't help being attracted by Gong Lingye's gaze, could not help but flick his lips, someone really beckoned butterflies everywhere!

    He came to her with sunglasses and a mask, frowning when he saw that her down jacket was unzipped. "Aren't you afraid of the cold?"

    After all, squatted down to help her unzip.

    The Song Yi people looked at the man in front of them, and suddenly there was an unspeakable warmth in their hearts.

    When she was young, someone helped her dress like this.

    Unbearable, she bowed her head as he was about to get up and printed a kiss on Gong Lingye's lips.

    He raised his eyes, smiled at her, and got up again, helped her put on her down jacket and buckle, and then pulled her forward: "My car is parked opposite, there is a big traffic jam here It's estimated that we can't get through in half an hour, let's cross a flyover by ourselves. "

    Song Yi nodded, suddenly enjoying the feeling of being side by side with Gong Lingye.

    Last night's snow hadn't stopped, and there were so many snowflakes flying in front of them. She held out her hand and picked up the snowflakes with her fingertips, watching Jingying melt away at her fingertips. Hand, through the bustling.

    Gong Lingye took the Song Yi people to the parking lot opposite, he helped her pull the car door, and flicked the snowflakes on her hat, the two people entered the car together.

    When the car started, Lie Xiaoruo leaned out of the car behind them and looked at Song Yiren's profile, squinting his eyes.

    "Lao Huang, help me check the woman." Lie Xiaoruo said to the co-pilot's assistant, but suddenly remembered something.

    She took out her phone and opened Unique's promotional page, and could not help but sneer: "It turns out to be her! Oh!"

    Why should a little star under their group compete with her? Moreover, such a little star, except for a face, where is it worthy of Gong Ling Ye? !

    In the car in front, Song Yiren didn't even know that she was being stared at. Today, she asked Bei Mingmo to see her new house, and Gong Lingye also said that when she arrived at the hot spring villa, there would be surprises.

    Because of the snow, the road was a bit blocked. When the Song Yi people arrived at the villa, it was getting dark.

    Lao Yuan, she saw two things standing at the door, a little vague, and could not see clearly.

    After stopping the car, the Song Yi people were shocked as soon as they walked in!

    "Hello lady!"