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#445 You killed your son

Bei Mingmo looked at Beiming Kun, who was awake suddenly, shocked, and could not help but step back.

Who knows, the man who opened his eyes just now is faster than her, and grabs her wrist with a slam.

He was very strong, and for a moment, she felt that her wrists were about to be broken.

He still kept his eyes fixed on her, and his voice was hoarse for days. "What are you saying? What happened to Axiao?"

Bei Mingmo resisted the pain and looked directly at Beiming Kun's eyes: "He failed the operation and died."

Bei Mingkun's entire expression froze for a moment, and then shook his head: "Impossible!"

Bei Mingmo passed the photo of the death notice issued by the hospital directly.

Bei Mingkun let her go this time and took the phone.

A moment later, he slammed his phone on the ground with a slam: "How can Axiao die? Quack doctor! Quack doctor!"

"Oh, it's not a quack, hasn't you been killed by your own hands?" Bei Mingmo didn't pick up the phone, but looked at the man in front of him: "If you didn't kill Song Yuncheng, if you didn't treat Gong Mochen Set the bomb..."

Just now, Beiming Kun heard it. At this moment, listening to Beiming Mo repeat again, the expression on his face suddenly solidified, and his face faded to pale.

There was a moment of silence in the room, and then the doctors and nurses rushed over and looked at the suddenly awakened person in shock.

"Mr. Bei Ming, let's come over and check your body—"

Before the doctor had finished speaking, he was suddenly snarled and yelled by Beiming Kun: "Go!"

The doctor looked at each other and hesitated: "You need to check again..."

"I said get off! Otherwise, I will kill him directly!" Bei Mingkun's words suddenly let the doctors and nurses go clean.

Bei Mingmo looked at him with a sneer, thinking that this man was going crazy, but suddenly he saw him leaning against the bedside.

The room was exceptionally quiet. For a long time, this ruthless man who had been ruthless in the mall for a long time suddenly had red eyes.

He turned his head and looked at Bei Mingmo: "So, Axiao is really dead?"

Bei Mingmo nodded.

It was as if he finally accepted the news, and there was light flashing in his eyes.

He murmured: "You are right, he was killed by me."

Bei Mingmo froze.

Bei Mingkun again said: "I always hope that he can come back to help me with A Shen. He likes acting. I think this is nonsense, so I deliberately made him always not red. I thought, he was lame to 30 years old, It should be given up!"

Bei Mingmo looked at the other party angrily. Although she had some guesses before, she still felt very angry when she learned the truth!

She still remembers that Bei Mingxiao told her that when he was ideal, the light under her eyes.

Every sincere dream deserves to be respected. Bei Mingxiao debuted for ten years, but still does not forget his original intention, but his original smooth road was cut off by his father!

"I sent someone to make trouble on the set on purpose. I was thinking that he was a little injured this time and could not act as the actor, he would come back to me, but I didn't expect..." Bei Mingkun said, suddenly choking .

Bei Mingmo's eyes widened suddenly: "So, Brother Xiao's accident was caused by your own hands?"

Beiming Kun has been speechless.

Bei Mingmo's tears burst out: "Hehe, you killed your son with your own hands, three times!"

Bei Ming Kun shook his body heavily, and then spit out a blood.

"What's wrong with her killing the Yiren's family? What's wrong with her parents? The one who hated you is the Rong family. They have changed their name and surname. They have nothing to do with the original Rong family, but you still have Don't let them go!" Bei Mingmo's chest undulates: "And what about Gong's family? Gong Lingye's brothers, they don't even know the grievances between you, and they are equally innocent!"

"What did they do wrong? Why did you hurt them?" Bei Mingmo wiped the tears from his face: "Now, I have to blame the innocent Xiao brother!"

Beiming Kun coughed violently, for a moment, as if ten years old.

Outside, the doctors and nurses were coming, but they were frightened by the gun he suddenly touched, and they dared not move at the door.

He looked at Bei Mingmo, and it took a long time before he finally took a breath: "Where is Axiao?"

"It has been cremated," Bei Mingmo said: "He asked me to scatter his ashes where he most wanted to go! And you, let his dream become a last wish!"

Bei Mingkun smiled, but his smile was worse than crying.

"Hahaha, he's dead, my son!" Bei Mingkun murmured: "When he was young, he looked white and pure, like a porcelain doll, everyone who saw him wanted to hug him . A Shen has a calm nature, but A Xiao is lively and has a sweet mouth. The neighbors all like him very much..."

"He didn't study well when he was a kid, and he was always more worrying than his brother, but I actually always liked him..."

"I know, in fact, he is also very motivated and wants to get my praise. But for so many years, I have never praised him!"

Speaking of here, Beiming Kun suddenly couldn't speak anymore.

He spit out blood continuously in his mouth, and life continued to flow through his body, and he clearly felt his end.

"Momo, you take me there, I want to say something to him." Beiming Kun said.

Bei Mingmo looked at the man in front of him. Suddenly, the anger in his heart also disappeared, leaving only endless sadness and sigh: "I brought him over."

Having said that, she turned around and came over holding the blue and white porcelain bottle.

Beiming Kun shook his hands, and finally shrank back: "I'm afraid of breaking... He didn't say that he wanted to go there most? Hold it well, don't spill it."

Having said that, he looked at the blue and white porcelain vase, and seemed to see Beimingxiao, who was still a child, in a trance.

At that time, Bei Mingxiao was still very close to him. Every time he saw him, he would rush to his arms and shouted: "Dad! Dad!"

"A Xiao, Dad is sorry for you! Dad is wrong! If there is an afterlife, I will not..." He emptied the ‘person’ in front of him, and shed tears, and then, forever stopped at this moment.

Bei Mingmo stood in the room, unable to calm down for a long time.

In the event of the death of the head of Beiming, although Beimingmo tried to suppress it, he failed to suppress it in the end.

Therefore, when several families from J country called in succession, she simply asked Wang to arrange a large-scale funeral for Beiming Kun.

In Beimingxiao, she knew that he didn't want those disturbances, so she didn't even set up the tombstone in his family.

On the day of the funeral, almost all the upper class nobles of country J arrived.

Xuanyuan Che stood in the middle, saw Bei Mingmo's red eyes, and wanted to walk over and talk to her.

It was not until Bei Mingmo began to greet the guests that he finally had the opportunity to stand in front of her.