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Chu Mingyao froze and raised his eyes: "Tiangong Group has released a new car? Or is it a driverless car? Didn't they say that they are still researching and developing? !! It was released today suddenly ?!"

    Wang Xin took out his mobile phone and handed it over: "Yes, Mr. Chu, you are watching the video! I am printing the performance information of the other party, and I will send it to you immediately!"

    "Parameters are not needed!" Chu Mingyao didn't understand this aspect. He frowned at the economics and management classes he studied in college. "They have just studied for one year, what technology can they have? So, let the technical department know Check the specific performance of the other party and prepare for a meeting in half an hour! "

    He did not believe that the car released by Tiangong Group could be stronger than the upgraded version of YR-07!

    Everyone knows that this AI technology must also be accumulated and precipitated. He does not deny that Tiangong Group has a wealth of wealth, but it is not that the new car can be researched immediately if there is money.

    After all, there are not many technical talents. He also inquired before. Is n’t Tiangong only one Chi Jingyu? Is it their technical director?

    Chi Jingyu no matter how strong he is, he is only good at one of them. No one else in other fields, he ca n’t afford any splash!

    Chu Mingyao thought of this, calmed down and continued to work on the file.

    Half an hour later, he appeared in the conference room, glanced at his eyes, and found that everyone's expressions on the scene seemed a bit wrong.

    He was a little bit calm, and he sat down and said, "Director Xu, please explain the specific situation!"

    The technical director Xu looked a little hesitant, but he still said: "Mr. Chu, we have downloaded the parameters of TG-01 for the first time and compared it with ours. We found that the TG-01 published online is indeed better than ours. The configuration of YR-07 is more optimized, and their navigation and radar systems are among the first in the world ... "

    He gave Chu Mingyao a careful look and saw that the other person did n’t speak with his lips closed, so he replied: "But this is only based on online parameters. Is there any fraud? I have asked our technical department to go to Tiangong The group's distribution site was tested on site ... "

    After he finished, the meeting room suddenly fell into absolute silence.

    Everyone knows that since the other party dares to publish such parameters on the Internet, it is naturally impossible to be a fraud.

    Therefore, even if you try the car on site, you should get the same result!

    At the moment, Chu Mingyao's hand on his knee was already prickling in the palm of his hand.

    In recent months, he has not been perfect!

    Song Ziheng disappeared; the conference was broadcast live Cuckold; the stock price fell sharply and was impeached by the shareholders meeting; Su Yunfei was taken away ...

    Now, Tiangong Group has even developed a more advanced driverless car!

    Just after his YR-07 affected sales due to the press conference event, a critical moment of sales rebound finally appeared!

    Chu Mingyao felt the blood flow in his chest and abdomen, but he still survived.

    In the strangely strange silence, the meeting room door was knocked. The assistant went to Chu Mingyao's ear and lowered his voice: "Mr. Chu, our stocks have started to fall."

    Chu Mingyao's face changed.

    Before he promised shareholders, he would guarantee the interests of Haisheng shareholders. First of all, he would make some achievements, increase the stock price, and increase the confidence of shareholders.

    But just a few days later, the stock price fell again? !

    The assistant put the pad in front of Chu Mingyao and said, "Mr. Chu, it was fairly stable at the beginning of the opening. As a result, at ten o'clock, after the release of Tiangong Group's TG-01, ours began to fall. Now, more and more Come on, you see— "

    Chu Mingyao's chest was undulating and he glanced at the technical director present: "Don't think about it yet! How much time did Tiangong spend on the technology they can develop? You can't? The money I spend on your technical team every year is Raising a bunch of waste ?! "

    He rarely gets angry, but at this moment, it is indeed beyond his control!

    The technical director nodded quickly: "Mr. Chu, let's go back and find a way!"

    However, R & D is not a matter of two days a day. What should they do? !

    As the technical director left, Chu Mingyao held another high-level meeting. In the office, the atmosphere was suppressed.

    However, thousands of miles away, the Tiangong Group is full of people.

    Since the release of TG-01, the group's stock price has risen all the way, and, at noon, the sales department received orders to receive orders.

    All the employees were happy and picked up the circle of friends to forward.

    For a time, whether it was a financial channel or a technology channel, it was all about TG-01.

    However, what everyone does not know is that as the biggest hero of TG-01, Song Yiren's entire team is now sleeping.

    They had been upside down day and night before, and they were so excited last night. Everyone celebrated the New Year together, so that they all fell into the operation room at midnight.

    Gong Lingye was interviewed separately after the press conference, and when he was busy, he drove to the northern suburban base.

    Song Yi people are okay, sleeping on the sofa in the lounge, others lying on the ground in a mess.

    Even Xiao Pei, who usually pays attention to the image, sleeps in the doorway of the operation room without any image.

    Gong Lingye was crying and laughing, but she was a little bit emotional. When the Song Yi people worked with them, did they not wash their heads for a few days?

    He went to the sofa and picked up a thin blanket to cover her.

    She just snorted and continued to sleep soundly again.

    Time passed bit by bit, Gong Lingye did not look a little impatient, but only gazed quietly at the sleeping Song Yi people.

    The sun was setting, and the Song Yi people slowly opened their eyes. Seeing Gong Lingye, she suffocated her throat: "Why don't you wake me up?"

    "Looking you are tired, you don't want to wake you up." Gong Ling night said: "Are you still sleepy?"

    "If you don't go to sleep, it will really turn black and white upside down again." Song Yiren smiled and leaned on his shoulder.

    "I brought you the dessert you like, which was originally intended to be a snack after lunch, but you slept to the present." Gong Lingye said, taking the dessert out of the bag.

    The Song Yi people were really hungry and ate in a big mouth. Gong Lingye saw her mouth was covered with cream, so she picked up a tissue to help her wipe it off carefully.

    Laughing ghosts and others also woke up, seeing this scene, and quietly left.

    "At night I called Tianqi to them." Gong Ling night said: "Do you want to call Momo?"

    Song Yi nodded: "Okay! Then I call Chi Jingyu all of them, everyone get together?"

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Okay, I'll book a big private room."

    The Song Yi people came to the bottom and went out to the crowd and said: "Brothers, to celebrate our TG-01 starter, how about I invite everyone to have a good meal tonight?

    ow, the lady boss treats, must! "J smiled and whistle."

    So, the Song Yi people and everyone together, took their TG-01 and went to Phoenix together.