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#29 This is inevitable

Song Yiren did n’t know if he was just because of the negative emotions just now, and all emotions were turned into thorns at this moment, just want to vent out: "Gong Shao specially came to send me fish, will not be touched by my confession, suddenly fell in love with me Is that right? You can rest assured that I will not laugh at you when I see it. I just think that Master Chen ’s way of expressing love is really unique! "

    Gong Mochen's footsteps when he had left suddenly froze. He turned his head violently, sneering as if he had heard a big joke: "I like you? Ha ha, Yu Ruo Nuan, your self-confidence actually struck me. ! "

    The Song Yi people stood up, and her bare feet were shorter than Gong Mochen, but she was still imposing: "Otherwise, how do you send roasted fish thousands of miles? Do n’t tell me that you are calling Hanako, I can remember, Young Gong, you have never seen charity like this before! "

    Gong Mochen's temple jumped with anger, his fists squeaked, and he felt that if it was not a woman in front of him, he would start!

    Seeing him so angry, Song Yiren suddenly found that her mood was really much better.

    She approached, stood on tiptoe, leaned into Gong Mochen's ear, her voice was sweet and soft: "Let's make a bet."

    Gong Mochen's cold eyes locked her, and her eyes were still her familiar aversion.

    Song Yiren smiled more and more brightly: "How long do you love me!"

    Gong Mochen stretched out his hand and pinched the Song Yiren's chin, he also approached her ear, the voice was cold and sharp: "Love you? Oh, it's impossible for a lifetime!"

    Under the reef, Gu Tingxue pulled Gong Lingye about to go up, and found that there was Gong Mochen above. Suddenly, she was a little embarrassed: "It turns out that Mo Chen is also here. We seem to hit them ..."

    Gong Lingye saw the two on the reef seemingly about to kiss, her eyes deepened, and her heart was inexplicably displeased: "Mo Chen did not show it on weekdays."

    It's just that the two on the reef seemed to be aware of their arrival and turned their heads together.

    When the eyes collided, Gong Mochen suddenly released Song Yi's jaw, then turned around without a word, striding away.

    Seeing Gong Lingye and Gu Tingxue, Song Yiren just smiled and greeted the two of them, and ignored nothing more, but sat directly on the reef with their backs to them and started to eat grilled fish.

    Her sadness is over, she has more to do, she only allows herself to get out of control this time.

    Gu Tingxue came over this time, originally looking for Song Yi people. She hesitated and let Gong Lingye help her up the rock and came to Song Yiren.

    "Miss Yu, in fact I always wanted to find a chance to talk to you ..." Her voice was soft, even though she didn't smile, her eyes were crescent-shaped, very pleasing kind: "I like Ruwa very much, so I want to ask you, can Can't help me make an intelligent robot? "

    After she finished, she added: "I know it's not easy to make one. I'm not in a hurry. You can do it when you are free ... I can give you a deposit. You can say as much as you want ..."

    Song Yiren glanced at Gu Tingxue, then glanced at Gong Lingye beside her, and smiled lightly: "Miss Gu, in fact, your boyfriend's company must have many such talents. It is estimated that they are more skilled than me. It will not take half a year ... "

    "He and Brother Ling Ye are not my boyfriends." Gu Tingxue explained with a blush, and said: "Because I think you are doing something very cute, their company feels like an assembly line ..."

    She hadn't finished her words. Suddenly, a strong wind swept in the direction of Gong Lingye.

    Gong Lingye seemed to have eyes behind his back, and when that thing was about to hit him, he rolled quickly and was able to avoid it.

    At the same time, something hit the reef, making a clear sound, and a clear mark fell on the reef.

    Song Yi's face changed, and his heart was alarming, but he didn't find out where the steel nail just came from.

    And just when she looked around to find a way out of the trap, Gong Lingye had bounced off the reef, rushing to Gu Tingxue quickly: "Listen to snow, no matter what you see, don't react. Just go forward and go in the opposite direction with us! "

    Having said that, he grabbed Song Yiren's wrist and led her down the reef.

    Gu Tingxue was thrown on the reef by him alone. Her face was pale for a while, and she wanted to chase Gong Ling at night. But when he asked him, she still didn't move her foot.

    But strangely, several steel nails were sent from that direction just now, but none of them hit her in the direction.

    She ran two steps, and worried about Gong Lingye again, hesitating, something flew into her body, she felt tingling for a while, and soon fell to the ground softly.

    At this moment, the Song Yi people had been pulled to a reef by Gong Lingye, and there were constantly sounds of steel nails hitting the reef. However, perhaps Gong Gongye's footsteps were fast, so they didn't really hit them.

    But, just before she heard the sound less dense than before, thinking they were about to escape, suddenly, a bullet came over, right in front of them!

    Gong Lingye's footsteps froze in a sudden, and the Song Yi people almost didn't stand still. He was pressed into his arms.

    At this moment, they had already reached the other side of the island. Therefore, no one could see the direction of the BBQ on the seaside. There was a speedboat approaching the side of the reef. Someone on the speedboat was carrying a gun and was locking the Song Yi people. .

    "Raise your hand!" One of them said.

    Gong Lingye and Song Yiren raised their hands.

    The man said again: "Gong Lingye, your woman's life is now in our hands. You just need to call your person and let Xiao Yuan's project out, and we will let her ..."

    At this moment, Song Yi people completely understood everything before.

    No wonder Gong Lingye is going to take her to run together, instead leaving Gu Tingxue alone in danger. In fact, he is saving Gu Tingxue!

    His choice at a critical moment made the other party think that she was Gu Tingxue, so he would not deal with that real Gu Tingxue at all!

    He pulled her to run, just to give Gu Tingxue a chance to fight for life!

    Ha ha, Gong Ling Ye, really ruthless enough! In order to save his own woman, she put the Song Yi people in such a dangerous situation!

    However, even if she understood Gong Lingye's approach, Song Yiren didn't feel that she could now escape from danger through defense. After all, no one can believe her.

    The only thing she can do is save herself!

    And after listening to the people on board, Gong Lingye also said: "The project is for you, but you have to guarantee that listening to snow is fine."

    "This is inevitable, we are also doing business, it is not a last resort, and we don't want to kill people." The man said that their speedboat had reached the edge of the reef. Someone jumped up, holding a gun, and the muzzle reached the Song Yi directly Back.