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He Wanshuang returned to her seat and quickly took out her mobile phone to search for symptoms of pregnancy.

    "Drowsiness", "chest swelling", "nausea, especially in the morning."

    After reading the symptoms, she only felt that the whole world collapsed. Because it's all right!

    On the same day, she didn't know how she finished her day shift. On the way home, she seemed to be a thief. She went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick, put the money away, and even spared the change .

    She went home and tested all those pregnancy test sticks.

    The first one is very bright, and the second one is light pink.

    However, even if it is shallow, it clearly shows-she is pregnant!

    Do not know how to describe the despair and fear at that time, He Wanshuang looked at the two red seals, tears fell.

    Last night, she didn't sleep at night. After hesitating for a long time today, she finally decided to take the child to the hospital.

    Just about to go out, Gong Lingye called.

    I don't know if it was because of panic. He Wanshuang had to refuse, but said that he would go after a while.

    She took a taxi to the hospital and was registered downstairs. Luo Tianqi called again.

    It happened that the nurse asked her: "What subject do you hang?"

    He Wanshuang's face can almost bleed: "What should I do for abortion?"

    "Family planning department." Nurse said: "6 ordinary numbers and 18 expert numbers."

    He Wanshuang bit her lip: "Expert."

    She quickly paid the money and took the elevator to go upstairs.

    A lot of people sat in the rest area outside the department. He Wanshuang lowered his head and found a corner to sit down. When he needed to dial the number himself, he quickly got up and handed the registration strip up.

    The time became particularly painful, she was afraid Luo Tianqi called again, so she sent a message to Gong Lingye that she suddenly had a manuscript to catch up, so she turned off her phone directly.

    She was finally called, and the expert was a middle-aged lady. She raised her eyes and asked her, "What's uncomfortable?"

    He Wanshuang said: "I'm pregnant, I don't want to."

    The lady is also used to it and heard the words: "Blood test first, I will give you a note to confirm the pregnancy before doing B-ultrasound."

    He Wanshuang nodded and took over the bill.

    While drawing blood, she had been praying that the pregnancy test was wrong, but when she saw a positive result twenty minutes later, she still shattered her last hope.

    The B room is the other side. He Wanshuang holds the case and is queuing at the door. Suddenly, a slightly familiar voice sounds from his ear: "Hey, beautiful!

    He Wanshuang was shocked and turned around to see Ling Shaofeng dressed as a hippie.

    He walked out of the department next door and saw He Wanshuang whistling at her: "Beauty, why are you sick?"

    He Wanshuang turned pale and turned around, pretending to have never seen him.

    Unexpectedly, Ling Shaofeng was a very memorable one, and said with a smile: "We met in Phoenix, did you forget?"

    She ignored it, but she couldn't get in because the patient inside hadn't finished the examination.

    And at this moment, a deep male voice sounded: "Shaofeng, the old fault has been committed again?"

    He Wanshuang heard the sound, and the whole person seemed to have been acupunctured and could not move at all.

    "That little beauty, you have also seen the third brother!" Ling Shaofeng pointed at He Wanshuang.

    Liyuan Shen Wenyan turned his head and saw that He Wanshuang had just turned his back.

    His pupils shrank, and amber eyes fell on the list she was holding.

    Immediately, Lie Yuan's long legs moved forward, and he had strode toward He Wanshuang.

    The heart almost jumped to the throat, and He Wanshuang was shocked, almost didn't think about it, and ran away after pulling out his legs.

    However, she is a girl, where is Lieyuan Shen's opponent?

    She was quickly caught up, he had already clasped her arm, and he was at the top: "I'll see what list!"

    He Wanshuang hurriedly pulled her arm, but Lieyuan was so powerful that she couldn't move at all.

    She was anxious, and when she lifted her eyes, the water at the bottom of her eyes overflowed: "You let go!"

    Li Yuanyuan was originally only slightly curious, but when she saw such a big reaction, she could not help narrowing her eyes: "What the hell is that!"

    He said, raising her arm with one arm and directly taking things away.

    She squeezed tightly, so the test report and payment slip were torn in half instantly.

    However, even if it is torn, you can see that there are two clear words: pregnancy!

    Li Yuanyuan's pupil tightened in an instant: "Are you pregnant ?!"

    He Wanshuang's face was pale and he didn't say a word.

    "My child?" Lie Yuan said again, his tone almost certain.

    Aside, Ling Shaofeng's face was frightened: "Lying trough, Brother San, you made all your lives!"

    He Wanshuang shivered and looked at Lieyuan Shen: "It has nothing to do with you!"

    Lieyuan narrowed his eyes with a bit of playfulness: "Did Miss He forget, we were in the hotel that day, you seem to be the first time ..."

    His words, tearing her deliberate disguise mercilessly, and showing the painful past to her in front of her!

    She shook her head at him, and her tears kept turning: "Don't care about me, this is my business! It was just an accident that day, and we will not know anyone in the future!"

    Lieyuan Shen's tone became deeper: "So this kid, don't you?"

    He Wanshuang nodded: "Yes, I don't want it!"

    It was a mistake, she couldn't let it go on.

    Lieyuan stared at the determination of He Wanshuang's eyes, and his eyes were cold: "I thought Miss He was a kind girl, and now it seems that this is not the case. Even her own flesh and blood are willing to give up, Miss He is enough cruel!"

    The blood color on He Wanshuang's face faded suddenly. She lowered her head and her hands fell unconsciously on her lower abdomen.

    There is a little life there, her bone blood.

    There was pain in her heart.

    Are you reluctant? However, if the child is allowed to be born, she cannot face everything.

    She couldn't get through this hurdle herself, how could she be well educated and raised?

    She looked up: "Who am I has nothing to do with you, I hope you let me go!"

    "You don't want this child so much, is it because the child is not Gong Lingye?" Lie Yuan Shen said, bowing his head to He Wanshuang's ear, the voice was cold and cruel: "You said, if I told Gong Lingye , His good sister and I were in love with my child, what would he do? "

    He Wanshuang raised his eyes violently when he heard Li Yuanshen's words, his eyes were panic-stricken.

    He continued to laugh, and his voice was icy: "We can tell him about that day, but I don't know if he knows you so willing to go to bed with me, what would you think of you?"

    I just felt a cold rush straight from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head, and my limbs and bones were frozen like this. He Wanshuang looked at the abyss, and his voice trembled: "How are you going? How can you let me go?"

    Lieyuan Shen clasped her shoulders, saying one by one: "Birth the child!"